Texas Having Their Coldest January On Record

January temperatures in Texas have been declining for 120 years, and this January is the coldest on record so far.

YearTDeptUS (8)

YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

ScreenHunter_6166 Jan. 18 09.42

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8 Responses to Texas Having Their Coldest January On Record

  1. nigelf says:

    This is good. With the MSM yapping like Chihuahua’s about how hot it is, Texans will trust their own eyes and many converts to reality will be made.
    Let the liars keep yapping.

  2. au1corsair says:

    News Flash: massive voter fraud noted. Democratic Party sweeps election. All-Democrat Congress holding hearings on criminal Republican party.

    Don’t forget–taxes are down, prices are down, employment is up, crime is absent (except political banditry), personal income is at an all-time high, and the President’s approval rating is 101%.

    If you can lie about weather, why not about secret ballot voting? What’s stopping the liars?

  3. Andy DC says:

    Ice coverage in the Great Lakes is 13% ahead of last winter’s record pace. All very consistent with catastrophic warming. (sarc)

  4. sfx2020 says:


    I wish to learn the source of the graphics you use. Like the one for Texas above. Are you generating them yourself from data? (if so, what data?)

    If you are grasbbing them from a web page, where is it? Science demands replication, and I am always fact checking everything I see these days.

    So what is the source? Obviously the adjusted NCDC data does not match that, but the previous adjusted data sort of does.

    Current NCDC

    Way to check the previous version

    I am curious as always.


  5. aeroguy48 says:

    Yep, it sure has been mighty chilly here in North Texas this January.

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