Hansen Predicts 25,000 mm Sea Level Rise By The Year 2100

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Will oceans surge 59 centimetres this century – or 25 metres? — Department of Physics at University of Toronto

Tide gauges show about 8 mm since that prediction, so only 24,992 left to go.

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11 Responses to Hansen Predicts 25,000 mm Sea Level Rise By The Year 2100

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for your continuing effort to remind us of the discrepancy between government predictions and reality.

    Unfortunately, the supply of material is endless but the response is always the same – SILENCE !

    To the discerning ear, that response speaks volumes of the tyrannical one-world government that uses science as a propaganda tool to stay in power.

  2. emsnews says:

    This is why Al Gore bought an oceanfront home.

  3. Steve Case says:

    And Scientific American says methane has a global warming potential 86 times that of carbon dioxide.

    • DakotaKid says:

      Methane has so many organisms that feed on it and so many ways it can oxidize that it does not hang around. To have a surge in methane would take a cataclysmic event, one that indeed seems to have happened in the geologic past, where all the Arctic methane clathrates go through a shock dissociation. Such an event had a several degree rise in earth’s temperature until the methane was oxidized (a few years for such a big event). To prevent this from happening I suggest we mine the Arctic methane and use it for fuel.

  4. Greg says:

    Will, could, may

  5. smamarver says:

    You are right. Too many people are saying things about climate without having a clue of what climate is. And Al Gore was, at that time, the loudest of them all. Of course, he was a politician trying to gather more votes, but he doesn’t realize how dangerous that is. Then, I have a problem with the “predictions” made by some governmental officials, who are trying to influence the public in order to see their economical and political interests fulfilled.

  6. spangled drongo says:

    Back in 1946, the bay side house we spent summers in, in Australia, the king tides used to cover the flat lawn by about an inch and run into the well if we didn’t keep a levy bank around it. The lawn and well are still as they were in 1946. Guess where these highest astronomical tides come to now in this tectonically very stable area?

    After several recent years of checking, about 6 inches to a foot lower.

  7. Yo Momma says:

    Whoever wrote this is just a troll. Futurists don’t know anything, these predictions are all just a stupid hoax made by a bunch of brainless morons.

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