100 Degree Days Decreasing In Frequency At Sydney

The number of 100 degree days at Sydney peaked in 1926, and has been declining since 1980

ScreenHunter_6238 Jan. 19 20.29

ScreenHunter_6239 Jan. 19 20.40


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4 Responses to 100 Degree Days Decreasing In Frequency At Sydney

  1. sabretoothed says:

    Must be the volcanoes Gavin said so

  2. Marsh says:

    Then during the Winter months of 2014 : Australia received more SNOW in a decade with many towns receiving snow for the first time in near half a Century as per many news reports::
    ” Best snowfalls in a decade forecast for eastern Australia. Strap yourselves in for the megablizzard ” , 7 MONTHS AGO JUNE 25, 2014 5:46PM NEWS.com.au

    Australia has always had very hot summers but one has to balance that with the cold seasons.
    Difficult to imagine ; how 2014 could possibly be the hottest year when Australia received the most Snow coverage for this Century . Although Australia is known as a hot, dry & mostly arid continent, in total, it does however receive more Snow than the Country of Switzerland !

  3. AndyG55 says:

    Attention Steven.

    Did you know that since USCRN was started, USHCN is actually COOLING at about twice the rate of USCRN? (Calculated on monthly data)

    You may want to check this by getting the data from here.


    I know the time span makes it insignificant, but interesting nevertheless.

    I get USCRN trend 2005 to now of approx. -0.04F/yr
    and USHCN trend 2005 to now of approx. -0.08F/yr

    Against a 1895 – 2005 trend of + 0.01F/yr.

    If you wanted a bit of a laugh, you could say that its now COOLING at 4 to 8 times the rate of warming since 1895. 😉

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