Visualizing NCDC’s Spectacular Malfeasance

NCDC has no thermometers in most of Africa, and nearly half of the rest of the land surface, so they fabricate fake land temperatures based on sea surface temperatures more than 1,000 km away


Global Temperature and Precipitation Maps | Temperature, Precipitation, and Drought | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

To show how fraudulent this practice is, let’s look at the US where they do have surface data. The Atlantic was warm, while the US and Canada were very cold last year. You can not extrapolate temperatures across land/ocean boundaries.

ScreenHunter_6267 Jan. 21 06.19

What they are doing is equivalent to measuring Death Valley temperature, based on the temperature of the cold water offshore in the Pacific.

But it gets worse – after making up these completely fake temperatures across vast swaths of the planet, they report a global temperature record of 0.02 degrees. This is scientific malfeasance – pure and simple.

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26 Responses to Visualizing NCDC’s Spectacular Malfeasance

  1. philjourdan says:

    You get snow, we get rain. And we are barely 100 miles apart. Yea, extrapolation over hundreds of miles works very scientifically – if your science was learned at Hogwarts.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Not only is the Krigging bogus but in the Africa map there are three readings where the dark blue (cold) areas are made much warmer.

    Frank Lansner shows you have to take the topography into account. The earth is not a featureless billiard ball without oceans or mountains and that is the primary ASSumption of krigging.

    • nielszoo says:

      It’s not a featureless billiard ball they model a lot of things as if it’s a perfect black body in the form of a homogenous flat disc that is perpendicular to the sun’s radius.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    The Climastrologists krig up to 500 kilometers.

    The straight line distance between Wilmington, NC and Asheville, NC is 447.26 km

    Asheville, NC = 35.0 °F
    Wilmington, NC = 40.8 °F

    And they can use that to estimate the global temperature to 0.01C???? RIIIIiiiight.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Speaking of Kriging…

    From the company selling the software:
    GEOSOFT:Topics in Gridding

    …..KRIGRID interpolates the data using kriging. Kriging is a geostatistical method that determines the most probable value at each grid node based on a statistical analysis of the entire data
    set. Based on Kriging statistics, KRIGRID is also able to produce an error grid, which gives an
    indication of the degree of confidence at each grid node. KRIGRID is ideally suited to geochemical or other geological sample-based data (as opposed to geophysical data). Because kriging can be very slow, the size of a data set may be a limiting factor in choosing to use KRIGRID….

    <b.The Nyquist frequency and aliasing</b.
    The terms “aliasing” and “Nyquist frequency” are often used to describe problems and limitations in gridded data sets. Anyone who creates gridded data, or who works with gridded data should understand what these terms mean and their importance in gridding.

    The Nyquist frequency is the highest frequency (shortest wavelength) that it is possible to measure given a fixed sample interval…….

    KRIGRID uses a statistical analysis of the data to predict the values at each grid node based on maximum probability (minimum error). Because of this, KRIGRID is ideally suited to data sets that have a statistical basis, such as geochemical and geological sample data. KRIGRID is rarely used with geophysical data, which tends to follow a natural smooth surface….

    Practical Notes
    The majority of geophysical data sets are statistically under-sampled, which means that the benefit of accurate statistical estimates is diminished. The under-sampling is most easily seen by looking at the range, is very often just beyond the nominal sample interval of the data. Because of this, it is rarelyworth the effort to accurately model the variogram for a given data set. The default linear model usually produces the same result as a carefully modeled variogram.

    The main application for Kriging is for gridding geochemical data, where statistical relationships are more common. However, as with geophysical data, geochemical data is rarely sampled to a sufficient density to justify the effort of careful modelling of variograms….

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Reading Tony’s articles is sometimes the scariest thing I do in the morning. But I have to say, Gail, that reading your well-documented posts is often down-right frightening. It paints a picture of a government that is not just out of control. There are people that are making decisions affecting our lives in all levels of government based on dark fantasies. There are practically no scientific or logical bases for decision making in any area of government. It is not that there is a conspiracy going on out there. Too many people in authority share common religious beliefs that have no grounding in reality and which give no benefit to the citizens of this country. That is frightening. Our government has a state religion, which is forbidden by the Constitution for a good reason.

  5. lance says:

    What’s the temperature in Florida, I need to tell those folks in Winnipeg it is actually a lot warmer there than they think.

  6. emsnews says:

    This definitely illustrates how oceans heat slower and cool slower than land. The fact that huge land masses are colder and colder while the ocean is ‘warm’ doesn’t mean the ‘heat is hiding in the ocean’ it means that heat REMAINS in the ocean but is dissipating. I am just gobsmacked how these ‘scientists’ don’t understand the simplest things about how heat cools down.

    • Gail Combs says:

      We need to take the heated homes away from our Congress Critters and give them Hot water bottles to place at the foot of their beds for the rest of the winter. Maybe then they would have an appreciation of the heat capacity of water.

    • Gail Combs says:

      What you just said EMSNEWS is why I think Frank Lansner’s work on whether the temperature is take on the coast or in an ocean influence area vs in the middle of a continent has a lot of merit.
      He and his buddies are putting together a data set
      RUTI = ”Rural Unadjusted Temperature Index”

      (English is not Frank’s first language)

      Final comment:

      When examining temperature data, very fast you become aware of the strong dependence of local geography on temperature trends. (see for example RUTI Coastal temperature stations) This should be considered to be a banal basic fact for all.

      Therefore, the only correct approach to explore temperature data is to map these areas of similar temperature trends, and then weight the local trends according to the sizes of each area – as normally done for RUTI results.

      Perhaps some will call my work for “banal amateur work” etc., but I hope some of you will realise, that these banalities should have been part of the basic methods for evaluating land temperatures done by GISS, CRU and others. Institutions like GISS and CRU have had every possibility to know and implement the above basic methods.

      But why do they use 1200 km zones (GISS) or just a scarce set of stations that do not represent the significant local differences in temperature trends (CRU) ?

      What is the scientific argument not to do temperature trend estimates absolutely best possible?

  7. A good map showing just how big an area Africa is.

  8. The Iconoclast says:

    They don’t have satellite coverage?

  9. omanuel says:

    There is little or no doubt:

    1. Government scientists hid, fabricated and/or manipulated data for seventy years, but
    2. “The UN’s Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015″ is now defunct (obsolete):

    Click to access Social_Experiment.pdf

    In seeking a realistic solution to today’s problem, we must keep in mind that our 2015 problem was once the solution to a largely unreported 1945 problem: CHAOS and FEAR of worldwide nuclear annihilation in AUG-SEPT 1945, as the crew of an American B-29 plane was held captive by USSR troops during negotiations to establish the United Nations in OCT 1945.

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

    May we find a realistic solution to today’s problem that will be as beneficial to society as was the formation of the United Nations in 1945, while restoring the integrity of government science and constitutional limits on national and international forms of government.

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