Latest Warming Evidence

The most compelling evidence of global warming presented by scientists last year, was record Antarctic sea ice and a brutally cold winter.

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9 Responses to Latest Warming Evidence

  1. How about all the doctored Temp data resulting in RED all across the USA… despite the obvious cold to anyone who lived… data tampering and infilling..

  2. emsnews says:

    It is even hotter this winter note the severe cold! And Antarctica’s ice is barely melting in summer there! So this means we will all die in California of thirst and heat if we can get there through the blizzards.

  3. Menicholas says:

    At the current rate of global warming, the entire ocean will be a solid block of ice.
    If we do not cool the planet down, and fast, we are all going to freeze to death.

  4. sabretoothed says:

    They scanned earth and guess what, they found a glacier that melted, but do we have any data from 1936? Lots of Coal there, good news!

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