Latest Imagery From The Hysteric Blizzard

Experts say that the hysteric 2015 blizzard is the most hysterical on record.

ScreenHunter_6459 Jan. 26 10.50


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49 Responses to Latest Imagery From The Hysteric Blizzard

  1. philjourdan says:

    It certainly is getting a lot of hype.

    • True, and well ahead of any storm. On the other hand, this actual situation between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair is hardly mentioned beyond local outlets:

      UPDATE: Ships could wrap North Channel ice breaking today
      Times Herald 10:08 a.m. EST January 26, 2015

      Ice breaking operations on the North Channel of the St. Clair River are expected to wrap up sometime today, said Commander Kevin Floyd, chief of the prevention department for the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Detroit.

      Floyd said five ships — U.S. Coast Guard cutters Mackinaw, Neah Bay, and Bristol Bay and Canadian Coast Guard ships Griffon and Samuel Risley — have worked since Sunday morning and all through the night to break ice on the St. Clair River.

      Floyd said a plug near Marine City was increasing the risk of flooding near St. Clair, and freighters trying to transit through the river were becoming beset in the ice.

      Floyd said breaking the North Channel is a last resort. It increases flow by allowing ice to transit through both the South and North channels.

      “It’s actually the worst ice conditions they’ve seen in over 20 years on the St. Clair River,” he said.

      About a dozen freighters are waiting to transit through the river, Floyd said. He hopes to have them moving through either tonight or tomorrow morning.

      Floyd said the Coast Guard contacted police, fire, EMS and the St. Clair County Emergency Operation Center to discuss the North Channel break and the disruption to transportation.

      I understand there were several freighters stuck in ice and blocking the shipping channel or unable to pass and waiting, among them the American Spirit, the Algomarine and the American Courage. The Canadians were working to free the American Spirit.

      The worst ice conditions in the river in 20 years. Did we not discuss the early ice buildup along the southern shore of Lake Huron in a thread last fall?

      Anyone here knows more?

  2. 1957chev says:

    I live in Canada…..we call that a “dusting”. It is not even considered mentionable.
    Is that gonna slow ya down? LOL!

  3. darrylb says:

    Getting up to 40 deg F today here in MN 🙂

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Use it to stock up for the next weekend. The high temps are heading down to frigid again there according to Weather Street. You might get highs in the 10 degree range and lows in the -10 degree range.

  4. omanuel says:

    Hysteria is all the Wizard of Oz has left to distribute now.

  5. Rud Istvan says:

    Perspective. The Boston blizzard of 1978 dumped 4 feet with drifts up to 15. Snow drifted up to my third floor balcony in Stoneham. So this is neither new nor historic. It will be a big mess for a while.

    • RossP says:

      I think it was 1978 when Chicago got similar dumps. We even got reports of it on the TV News in New Zealand. Ironically we were in San Francisco the next year and when we spoke about the storms our relations did not know what we were talking about.

    • hell_is_like_newark says:

      My dad drove us to Vermont in the middle of that storm. We had great skiing when we got there. Getting there was a bit of an adventure though (in a rear wheel drive car).

  6. Mohatdebos says:

    You are all missing the point of the hysteria — The Great Obamasiah has “saved our winters” through his war on coal and other forms of affordable energy. I think we should write letters of thanks to the congressmen and senators from the Northeast who have been at the forefront of the assault on global warming and celebrate that we once again have winters like we used to in the late 1970s. As for me, I am getting ready to join the stream of climate refugees heading someplace warmer. Brrr, its cold in Michigan, but thankfully not much snow./sarc

  7. Pathway says:

    Most of the snow will hit Boston tonight with winds to 40 mph.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      Try a foot of snow and 70 MPH winds, that occurred in the 70s in the Fargo area, the storm ran out of snow to move, so it spent that last several hours moving dirt. After is was gone the temperature was well below zero. My pickup park out side had no snow around it yet the cab and engine compartment were plump full of snow, shoveling out the cab was a treat, the engine compartment was a chore, I got some of it out but it was packed so tight I freed up what I could and then started it up. since I had no other way of clearing out the snow, scratch one battery and alternator. Across and a little south of where I lived at the time there was a baseball field the snow was level to the height of the fence sounding it, some poor guy had his car parked there, when the rotary plough out the street they left a notch where it was at, it had at least six foot of snow on top of it.

      If the idiots would do a simple web search they would find this:

      That storm would really make this country’s educated idiots squeal. Why is it people are so ignorant of history, worst of all the mayor of Ney York?

      • _Jim says:

        With pols not being noted for their rationality, nor their familiarity with history, it is incumbent on the ‘specialists’ e.g. meteorologists and climatologists to fill in those blanks, but, the science having been so thoroughly corrupted we are *all* ‘going down the well’ so to speak.

  8. Dave says:

    Our ancestors are turning over in their graves. A nation built by pioneers needs government officials to tell people to stay indoors during a storm as if we are little children in the care of government nannies.

  9. John Silver says:

    Here’s a better located webcam:

  10. Winnipeg Boy says:
    I hope that link posts ok. Solar cycle boys have my attention and apparently that of the IPCC.

    • gofer says:

      “If the current cycle follows past solar behavior then 2015 will see a steep decline in solar activity as it progresses toward solar minimum in the next five years or so.

      The current cycle (Cycle 24) has strong similarities to both the Dalton Minimum and Cycle 12 that peaked in 1883. Both time periods are associated with cold earth temperatures. Cycle 12 is more meaningful because it is supported by current United Nations IPCC data.

      That being the case, it’s time to start thinking about breaking out the cold weather gear.”


      • gofer says:

        “….low sunspot activity has already been identified by the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as one of the main causes for the 15+ year “hiatus” from atmospheric global warming.”


        What happened to the heat hiding in the oceans?

        • scizzorbill says:

          The heat is alive and well. It has divided itself up, and is lurking over geothermal vents keeping warm until the alarmists put it to use.

        • Close except we are not certain if it’s alive and well. It is Schrödinger’s heat. It’s represented by a grant wave function that means the heat simultaneously didn’t come and hid at the bottom of the ocean.

          It’s only when a climatologist with an approved grant application in hand looks out of his office window that the heat becomes either hidden in the ocean or not here at all because of sunspots.

          Then they put it to use. Is it clear?

          P.S. I like your “lurking over geothermal vents” very much and I think we should try to work it into the above IPCC paper proposal. There is no reason why the heat could not lurk whether it exists or not. This is climate science.

  11. Smokey says:

    The “Hysteric Blizzard of 2014” should be capitalized…

  12. Smokey says:

    …in the article. Sorry.

    This storm is amazing and unprecedented!

    …isn’t it?

    Winds of 40 mph and 40ºF, Oh My!

  13. Dave1billion says:

    I was thinking along the lines of hysteria myself.

    Temps in the 20’s, 9-15 inches of snow projected, sustained winds 20-30 mph?

    I’m from Louisiana and it doesn’t sounf so bad to me. That’s snowboarding weather.

    Look for a lot of self-congratulatory statements by the same politicians that issued the dire warnings.

  14. Ernest Bush says:

    Looks like Maryland is getting a little snow out of this, also.

  15. Don B says:

    “NEW YORK—As a major winter storm continued its advance toward New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio advised residents Monday to make peace with whatever higher power they call God, for all shall meet their death in the coming tempest. “The furious hoarfrost bearing down upon us knows neither mercy nor reason, and all within the five boroughs will perish, cowering in their brittle dwellings,” said de Blasio, adding that none would find succor from the gale save those favored by providence to pass quietly in their sleep. “This shall be a tempest the likes of which has never been glimpsed by man or beast. Clutch your babes close to your breast and take small comfort in knowing that they will howl for but a few hours before death becalms them forever.” De Blasio added that, barring an unexpected intensification in the storm, normal subway and bus service would resume Wednesday”,37850/

    • _Jim says:

      Onion parodies are looking closer to reality every day …

      TNX for posting.

    • Andy Oz says:

      If this blizzard was only happening in New Jersey, I doubt anyone would give a Jatz cracker. But New York? Centre of the universe!!
      If it goes, we are all doomed………..wait a minute.
      Maybe we should let that boat anchor sink underneath the snow and see what happens.
      I’ll miss the Giants and the Yankees, at least a little bit.

  16. SMS says:

    And Bill Nye is blaming the storm on……………. you guessed it. Global Warming!

    • Neal S says:

      I am continually amazed by the hubris of AGW believers and progressives. On a planet where the largest mountain ranges are but tiny ripples in the surface, these folk think that (short of unleashing our nuclear arsenal) man can do things that will have a serious long-term impact on the entire planet. This reminds me of primitives who when confronted with a total eclipse might sacrifice someone, and then when the sun returned would congratulate themselves for their success at bringing the sun back, thinking that it was a direct result of their actions. I fully expect when it finally becomes clear to most that there is no GW in AGW, that these folk will then try to take credit and claim that it was the measures that WERE taken that are responsible. To me this smacks of being a religion, and due to the establishment clause, it is unconstitutional for the US government to be pushing it upon us all at our own taxpayers expense.

  17. Psalmon says:

    4.5 in in Central Park at 11pm. 4 more expected. Governor warning New Yorkers they are criminals if outside, $300 fines. Mayor telling people to stay off sidewalks. Effective Martial Law for 8″ of snow. Met’s absolutely in denial mode when challenged. For them why the play the Super Bowl, just run some models and tell everyone who won. Oh the hubris technology has wrought.

  18. Psalmon says:

    Massive media cover up begins. Met’s saying, can’t get it PERRRFECT every time. MSNBC: Viewers expect us to predict to the inch in their backyard!

    Uh correction, Experts forecast “Life Threatening, Crippling Blizzard” for NYC — Not Even Close.

    Predict next message will be “better safe than sorry!” Tell that to all the people who’s car was towed for no reason.

    Real stories from this: 1. Models wrong again. 2. Christie NEVER right, again. 3. Whole thing provided cover for officials who have insufficient plow resources, but plenty of money for more models. 4. US population happy to march selves to Concentration Camps, if for a good cause.

  19. sabretoothed says:

    But but but the Media said this is coming, everyone is inside now FOR THEIR PROTECTION LOL

  20. Psalmon says:

    I95 web cams around NY and W CT show that travel bans were just a reason not to plow the roads. Real journalists would ask with no cars on the roads why were they not plowed?

    • Gail Combs says:

      No money to pay for salt sand and drivers. It all went for welfare freebies to bribe the useless eaters into voting Democratic.

      (I am not sure that is for real or sarcasm….)

  21. NancyG says:

    Apparently the blizzard of 2013 was named Nemo, and this blizzard was named Juno. When did we start naming blizzards?

    I scoffed at the use of “historical” in the media, I remember storms worse than this when I was a kid. My parents never panicked and we kids looked forward to school being cancelled. The hype is very tiring.

  22. NancyG says:

    OMG. Hubby just came home and told me this. We own a laundromat that is next to a deli. Our employee called hubby to tell him that a cop came in and said we, and the deli owner, were going to be fined $300 each if we stayed open! What the hell. The driving ban was lifted. Most of our customers walk to the laundromat anyway. But to be fined for being open?! What the hell.

    We’re in Nassau County, NY. We had the least snow here and the roads have been plowed. I can’t believe this.

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