Settled Science At The University Of Alaska

This bibliography succinctly sums up the broken state of climate science.

ScreenHunter_6449 Jan. 26 06.00

News | Alaska Climate Research Center

ScreenHunter_6451 Jan. 26 06.01


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4 Responses to Settled Science At The University Of Alaska

  1. Funny list! But when you actually read them, the first paper is only about Barrow and the last says “Barrow [is] the only station demonstrating..warming”…

  2. knido says:

    I think I know what they are up to. We are witnessing how alarmists are becoming more and more aggressive. Obama declaired war on coal electricity production, they are mindlessly and shamelessly tempering with data, sustainable development is a top priority in the whole world, they are lying like crazy… I think they are going to completely knock down human CO2 emissions, and then they will start to report that temperatures are starting to drop. They will concoct a few studies which show how with human contribution CO2 level would rise at FASTER rate and because of that temperatures would rise dramatically to the point we are all cooked up. They will say that thanks to hibernation of the Sun and decreased human emissions we successfully reversed GW and everybody is saved. But danger will never be over because Sun’s activity could return to “normal” any time, so keeping human CO2 low will always be a top priority. They will use it as a proof to keep human emissions at some made up level and tax our very breathing. And to destroy industrialized world… Of course, they will make it all sound much more complicated and smarter then I wrote…

  3. Dave N says:

    Without “global warming”, it’d be -40 😉

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