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Evaluating California’s Carbon Tax

California passed a carbon tax at the end of 2006 during a wet period, and immediately launched an 8 year long drought. Apparently they just aren’t taxing enough.

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The Messiah At Year Seven

Seven years ago the Messiah spoke to us, and announced that in a hundred years or so he would sit his daughters on his knee and brag about his great accomplishments. I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able … Continue reading

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Wheel Of Subversion

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Electing People Who Want To Hurt You

President Obama’s energy secretary wanted to raise gas prices to European levels Obama energy chief recants statement about high gas prices President Obama’s science czar has believed for at least 40 years that cheap abundant energy is bad for the … Continue reading

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Near Record Snow Burying Greenland

The Greenland Ice Sheet is getting buried with snow again this year summit:status:webcam The ice sheet has gained a near record 350 billion tons of snow since August Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI All of this excess snow has … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Is A Thing Of The Past In Michigan

Like in Wisconsin, summers used to be much hotter in Michigan, and last summer was the coolest on record. In 1887, one day out of 10 in Michigan was above 90 degrees. Last year also had the highest percentage of … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Depravity At NCDC And NASA

2014 was nowhere near as warm as 1998, but in order to see just how spectacularly fraudulent the NCDC and GISS claims are, you really need to look at maps. 2014 was an ordinary year. October had the highest reported GISS … Continue reading

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These People Want To Raise Fuel Prices For The Poor

In order to save the planet from global warming, these people want you to cut back your lifestyle, and raise fuel costs for the poor and elderly. Al Gore Barbara Streisand Jeff Greene Barack Hussein Obama Prince Charles Leonardo DiCaprio … Continue reading

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Heat Is A Thing Of The Past In Wisconsin

Hot temperatures in Wisconsin used to be quite common, but have plummeted over the past century. Almost 5% of days in Wisconsin were over 90 degrees in the 1890’s. Long heatwaves used to be common in Wisconsin, but they almost … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

So no one takes me seriously, but I am going to destroy the planet by blogging about the climate crooks.

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