Learning To Think Like A Progressive

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So no one takes me seriously, but I am going to destroy the planet by blogging about the climate crooks.


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47 Responses to Learning To Think Like A Progressive

  1. aaron says:

    I like Sam’s masculine side.

    • omanuel says:

      Was Stalin’s mush shaved off?

      Seriously, Stalin was a master at using groupthink to control the masses in the USSR, prior to WWII, and to control the rest of the world after the UN was formed on 24 OCT 1945.

  2. Laugh out loud funny.
    This is a product of modern pop culture.
    “A scientist said….”

    • Jason Calley says:

      Even crazier is that when the CAGW crowd says, “A scientist said…”, they are usually thinking of Bill Nye.

  3. au1corsair says:

    Some choice–either hop on the genocidal Global Warming bandwagon or be labeled “liar-denier” by people like Sam. Who the hell was Sam again? Sam is stumping for the murder of billions while whining about “millions” — it doesn’t get funnier than that!

  4. Never considered joining on to Twitter.
    Steven’s random posts make me happy with my choice.

    • rah says:

      I don’t tweet either. I love that woman’s attempt to look and sound intelligent. You can tell she is a poser just from her pic. Less between her ears than she realizes. What is so sad is she obviously thinks she’s fooling other people but the only one she’s fooling is herself

      • Some caution about the picture, rah. This twitterer first appeared as NotSheila @NotSheilaGunn here:


        The creature shapeshifted the same day into Samantha Desjardins @cuddledrops:


        Tony’s link to twitter was live (not a copy) and I think it originally pointed to:


        I didn’t spend a lot of time on the forensics and I don’t specialize in psychopathy but it’s possible that among other things the creature got a rise out of commenters talking about NotSheila who was no longer to be found anywhere in the actual post.

        Thing is, the shapeshifter’s mug shot didn’t change but it resembles the picture of this Canadian lady:


        This Sheila Gunn Reid looks like a real person and tweets things like:

        ”And this is why I fully support right to work legislation. Imagine being a conservative pressed into this union. Ugh”

        • rah says:

          So your saying “the creature” is not the one shown in the pic. Or at least you suspect it? She may be using another tweeters image? Now that is one sick puppy. Thanks for the head up! Sometimes the pure insanity out there just amazes me. Perhaps I just need to get my butt in bed after a hard stint the last six days. After all they’re predicting 6-8″ here in my neck of the woods for Saturday night into Sunday. So it’s going to be a SB Sunday with significant snow a flying so that means there is a 95%+ chance that I’ll be driving.

          I want to mention something to you weather/climate buffs that you may not realize. The reality is that the economic impact of a flawed forecast as we had for the east coast this week is almost as bad as if the forecast had been 100% accurate. That system was well east and about 10 hours behind what the NWS was broadcasting on the radio. I was there listening to it because I had a vested interest sitting at a dock in Ayre, MA at 14:00 Monday. I listened to the NWS forecasts regularly Sunday night and then Monday all day. They had a Blizzard warning out for all areas along I-90 from Albany, NY east to the coast by Monday morning. They were forecasting gusts up to 75 mph for southern NH and I was scheduled to pick up at North Haven, CN Monday afternoon until that load was canceled because of the forecast.

          Now understand that I’m not knocking the NWS. To be quite frank they have saved this trucker a whole lot of grief over the years and that is why I listen to them and take what they say to heart. But this time they were wrong for the majority of the area that they were forecasting such severe winter weather for.

          The employers from Philadelphia on north sent their employees home on Monday telling them they would be closed on Tuesday. Well there was no storm south of RI to speak of but literally millions of people didn’t show up for work on Tuesday. Several of my trucking buddies in NY, NJ, and eastern PA sat Tuesday waiting to be loaded or unloaded simply because the businesses were closed even though there was only 4″ in the NYC area and 2″ down towards Philly. Nor were the winds nearly as severe as they predicted unless you happened to be on the cape.

        • rah, the creature last known as Samantha Desjardins @cuddledrops meanwhile disappeared from Twitter as well. Tony’s “Whack-A-Doodle” is a good permanent name for this troll.

          I am not on Twitter and I came to my original conclusions the hard way via some dead reckoning as I was thinking about what _Jim said in a previous post.

          Meanwhile, I learned how to search twitter and find references to deleted accounts and identities. I found that some Twitter users were already talking about the creature’s slimy trail there:

          Jon Green ‏@jonfgreen • Jan 29
          @NotSheilaGunn u seriously created a creepy stalker account? How much spare time do u have? What a sad, lonely & depressing life – get help

          Jimmydubyyc ‏@jimmydubyyc • Jan 29
          @NotSheilaGunn @SteveSGoddard Everyone including you, knows who ‘Steve’ is & he isn’t ghosting the identity of a living breathing wife & mom

          More here:


          The slimy shapeshifter is assuming the identity of other people. You can see that certain warmist trolls who appeared here previously were joining up with the creature. They deserve each other.

          P.S. As always, I appreciate your road report. It’s a breath of fresh air from the real world.

        • rah: With the other hilarities out of the way, I want to return to the important part of your post, i.e. the economic damage caused by this interplay of faulty weather forecasting, alarmist media coverage and self-serving, alibistic governmental actions.

          It is clear that the losses are huge and a great deal of them preventable. I was curious how much reporting I could find. Here is a USA Today report:

          #blizzardof2015: How much did it cost?

          There were no immediate accurate estimates for how much this most recent storm has cost the government, local businesses and individuals, but many feel it was better to be safe than sorry when decisions were made to shut things down.

          The feelings of the “many” are represented by one Christian Chavez, a pedestrian in New York. The well-meaning Mr. Chavez opines that it probably cost a lot but it could have cost more if something happened to the pedestrians.

          Sorry for the inanity but that’s roughly what he said. Check for yourself.

          Daniel Christensen, the Copabanana restaurant owner in Philadelphia is suggesting very mildly, in a nearly apologetic tone, that they lost business and that he understands public safety concerns …

          Roy Hayes from Tyler, TX says they were in New York for a Carnegie Hall musical project. If their flight is cancelled, they will go back to the hotel and enjoy a few more days in New York.

          Meghan Mullan, a mother watching kids at a Bethesda, MD playground is wondering why the schools were closed when the roads are clear. She wonders if the roads could be worse elsewhere in her county.

          Clearly, for the caption writer Mr. Chavez carried the day. It doesn’t matter how much it cost. Better safe than sorry.

          CNN Money reports from New York:

          Blizzard of 2015: What was the cost of canceled flights?

          The economic hit taken by the Northeast this week is kind of like the storm itself: not as bad as it could have been.

          They toss around a few numbers that don’t add up. They hardly mention the preventable panic and certainly don’t link it to any unneeded costs and losses as they end the report with this pearl:

          “It’s actually a great opportunity to clear out winter inventory,” [Analyst Evan] Gold said. The smart ones “send out an email or text to say, ‘Hey, if you need boots, hats, gloves, sweaters — we’ve got them.”

          So people bought a lot of overstock stuff they didn’t need. That’s great.

          In the end, the hapless Mr. Chavez accosted by the reporter on a New York sidewalk makes about as much sense as CNN Money.

          The soft-spoken, mild-mannered Mr. Christensen delivers the most stinging rebuke but he words everything very carefully. One feels for him. Who wants to provoke an unnecessary retribution by the city’s bureaucracy?

          But don’t take my word for it. Check for yourself—if you are willing to suffer through the two broadcasts and the attached article.

          Given this competition, you could expand your comment a little, get a few direct quotes and submit for a Pulitzer Prize. There is no risk you’d have to share the wall with Walter Duranty. You make sense so it’s guaranteed you won’t win.

        • _Jim says:

          rah says January 31, 2015 at 5:03 am

          So your saying …

          Thank you for demonstrating what a complete lack of disregard of a common contraction looks like. (IOW, for the uninitiated and non-English speakers/writers among us, properly written that would appear as “So you’re saying ..” which, w/o the contraction and fully written out would be written as: “So you are saying ..”)

          I appreciate the instruction you are giving us in the way of counter (as in ‘bad’) examples, and how it contrasts with the proper use of contractions …


        • Oh mio Dio, _Giacomo, perchè ultimamente sei irritabile?

          Leave it alone, Jim. I can understand rah just fine and we have a bigger fish to fry. Do you see how the Romans bastardized good Latin? What a total disgrace. And don’t get me started on the Gauls and their vulgar racket.

          And what did our own retarded stay-behind cousins do to proper Urgermanisch? Just look up the origin of das Pferd and weep.

          Pft! Who can pronounce such swinish sounds without spitting beer all over his kraut? And what was wrong with hros, anyway? Paraveredus? Postal fricking horse? We can’t speak to these morons anymore with their ignorant hodgepodge. Ceasar should have killed them all.

          I’m so mad I can’t even think straight or see what I wrote. Did I start all these sentences with and?

        • rah says:

          Thank you for demonstrating that you don’t understand the difference between conversational writing and composing.

        • I know your reply was to _Giacomo.

        • rah says:


          There just happen to be times I’m where the weather action is because that is the nature of my job. So I get to see it for myself and as you obviously realize, I can provide a perspective that is maybe a little different from others. I stay in contact with other drivers I’ve met over the years for several reasons. One of those reasons is keeping tabs on weather and road conditions.

          Sunday at 05:00 I take off for a deliver in Enfield, CT. Imagine that! They couldn’t find anyone that wants to drive through the predicted crappy weather on Superbowl Sunday. The dispatcher that called me said he had been talking to drivers voice mail all day. I wonder why? Big eye roll here.

          So it’s back on to I-90 again. Deliver to an Advanced Auto Parts warehouse in Enfield and then head for Pottstown, PA (Just east of Allentown) to pick up new auto parts for my back haul. Really I am not expecting it to be that bad on I-90. Ohio does a good job on their roads and NY and MA both do pretty well on their I-90 a toll roads.

          Last time I picked up at Pottstown was last winter. I arrived at 20:00 for a pickup at 05:00 the next morning. They loaded me right when I arrived and I hauled ass because they were declaring a snow emergency and were shutting down the roads at 23:00. Though I was driving well beyond my legal hours I drove west to the last service area on the PA Turnpike before the I-70 and I-76 split. Slept 5 hours opened the curtains and saw 2″ of snow with more falling and took off again headed west on I-70. Once I made it through the tunnel at Wheeling, WV it was clear sailing with no snow and the sun shinning.

          That was just one more practical demonstration of something I learned as a mountain trooper years before. If you can get a range of mountains or hills between you and the direction the bad weather is coming from your almost always going to be better off.

          Anyway I’m hoping that when I get back they send me south so I can get out of the freezing weather and get my truck washed and get the salt off of it.

  5. au1corsair says:

    There goes the “global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels” argument:

    Studies show that depending on the type of wood stove or fireplace, a home using wood for heat will emit between 3,000 and 90,000 times more pollution than a natural gas furnace. No one disputes that reduced vehicle use is critical to reducing air pollution. But burning one cord of wood produces as much carcinogenic particles as 1,000 cars during a 65 mile commute. If all of us heated our homes with wood, our air pollution would make Beijing look like the Garden of Eden.

    I’ve been heating primarily with wood since I bought our house 31 years ago, though there were a few years following our installation of an oil boiler when wood consumption dropped considerably. Wood heat has a mixed record, though. It’s a renewable fuel and, assuming that new trees grow up to replace those cut for firewood, it is carbon-neutral, meaning that it doesn’t have a net contribution to global warming. But burning firewood produces a lot of air pollution; in fact, it’s usually our dirtiest fuel. – See more at: http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/energy-solutions/heating-wood-safely-and-efficiently#sthash.YDxI6WGw.dpuf

  6. mtminer says:

    LMAO the bad part is this libtard doesn’t even see the idiocy of her remarks.

  7. Jl says:

    She says “Your claims are so silly you actually hurt the skeptic community.” Minutes later: “as the guy who lied while millions died and species went extinct.” I guess the irony of “silly claims” totally escapes her.

    • Robert B says:

      Yes. “Your claims are so silly you actually hurt the skeptic community” followed by “Keep up the good work” might have made more sense.

  8. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Keep up the good work, sir. There’s Someone much greater than all of us that has the final say on the ultimate destiny of our souls. He’s simply looking for one or two good people that aren’t afraid to keep speaking truth to brick walls and the blockheads that comprise them.

  9. MrX says:

    What no one has mentioned yet is that she really believes people are dying from global warming right now.

    The species is going extinct as we speak. Stop the silliness of denying this is true. STOP THE SILLINESS! /sarc


  10. Tom Harley says:

    She proves this comment of Mark Twain’s: “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

  11. omanuel says:

    Is Samantha Desgardins a real person or the fictional name of a communist agent?0

  12. leftinflagstaff says:

    I heard from the blacksmith that you’re really a witch.

  13. After everybody is dead from 9 inch per century sea level rise which is caused by something else, you will go down in history as the guy that nobody remembered because they were all dead.

  14. GeologyJim says:

    OK, simple questions for Samantha D –

    How is it that global tropospheric temperatures [that would be in the part of the atmosphere where we all live] have been static for 15+ years while atmospheric CO2 has risen 10 percent since 2000?

    Alarmist-warmers have been saying for decades that man’s release of CO2 by burning fossil fuels has caused unprecedented warming that will kill us all – – and yet we’re all still alive, and species are doing fine.

    Crops and forests are thriving as a result of increased CO2.

    Oh, and do we need to remind you that the poley bears are thriving, and that hurricanes and tornadoes are far below historic norms in the last decade??

    Carbon dioxide [CO2] is literally the gas/molecule of life. Plants require it for photosynthesis, and all animals require plants for energy. Kill CO2 and you kill life.

    Those who oppose CO2 in the air oppose life. Eugenics by another name. Scum-slime.

  15. ossqss says:

    I think her lack of specificity speaks volumes. Vendetta, not vetting is at play.

    One would expect this type of thing when the real math hurts. Just sayin…..

  16. Disillusioned says:

    Her ignorance is frightening.

  17. Fak says:

    No, that is not her name nor is it her photo. Her real Twitter account is @heavenL77. She’s a 38 year old angry lonely woman who hates anyone who doesn’t think like her. The photo is of a woman she’s been harassing for over a year.

  18. She’s just another Mortimer Snerd for the Edgar Bergen in the white house.

  19. Andy DC says:

    How can you live with yourself, telling the truth and thus jeopardizing the livelihoods of countless climate scientists!

  20. Pathway says:

    Off to the work camp for Samantha.

  21. Chris Barron says:

    Sam obviously isn’t aware that the internet is one of the largest consumers of electricity and that she is therefore contributing to global warming every time she posts about people causing global warming

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