Near Record Snow Burying Greenland

The Greenland Ice Sheet is getting buried with snow again this year

ScreenHunter_6593 Jan. 31 08.05summit:status:webcam

The ice sheet has gained a near record 350 billion tons of snow since August

ScreenHunter_6594 Jan. 31 08.07Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

All of this excess snow has to go somewhere, so it flows as rivers of ice (glaciers) to the sea. Climate experts look at pictures of the glaciers falling into the sea, and cry about global warming. Because they are complete morons who don’t know the first thing about science.

ScreenHunter_6595 Jan. 31 08.14

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17 Responses to Near Record Snow Burying Greenland

  1. The snow that falls on Greenland is due to global warming.

  2. SxyxS says:

    RIP Greenland.

    2billion BC-2017.

    Buried by trillions of tons of global warming Snow.

    (this coud have been easily prevented by a global bankers tax for breathi….oops carbon tax
    and bigger mansions and more private planes for George Clooney and Al Gore.

    As it is written on the Georgia Guidestones:World population shall be reduced to 500 mio people.

  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Record snow along with record heat must be something new here maybe dark energy is the cause?

  4. Jim Steele says:

    Steve I dont remembering ever commenting here, but I visit often and want to thank you for all your work.

    Second regards Greenland’s “record heat” how much is due to homogenization as shown by Paul Homewood.

    Last I predicted that once Greenland’s marine terminating glaciers stopped adjusting to the intrusions of warm Atlantic water which appears to have happened in 2014, we will see GRACE data reporting Greenland is accumulating ice as a result of this continue high snowpack.

    • ren says:

      “Statistical studies have debated the correlation between retreating Arctic ice and the negative NAO because it generates a confounding short term warming trend that is contradicted by the longer cooling trend suggested for the LIA as well as observed during the 1960s and 70s. But that contradiction is easily explained by the effects of an expanding and contracting sub-Polar gyre (SPG). The initial contraction of the SPG during the early negative NAO allows more warm water to enter the Arctic. However the negative NAO also implies a spin-down of the subtropical gyre and therefore a drop in the pole-ward transport of warm tropical waters. Thus as the negative NAO persists, the initial warm pulse into the Arctic is exhausted and followed by cooling trend decades later. A similar scenario was reported by Bengtsson (2004) in The Early Twentieth-Century Warming in the Arctic—A Possible Mechanism to explain the rapid 1930s and 40s warming of the Arctic and retreat of Greenland glaciers that persisted into the early phase of the negative NAO.
      With all things considered, the evidence strongly suggests we will soon witness a similar natural cycle and a rebound in the Greenland’s ice.”

  5. Psalmon says:

    Every one of these east coast lows is Bombing out by maine and spiNing right up to greenland especially the se coast.

    In New England ahead of Sundays storm the over heated moisture rich atmosphere has a dew point of 0 Deg F.

    So tropical in NE that lips are cracking and nosebleeds are common.

  6. B says:

    The frozen H20 is supposed to build up until there is so much it causes the planet to wobble. Then there will be real climate change.

    • rah says:

      Our little ball of metal, rock, dirt, ice and water already wobbles some B! It wobbles as it spins. It wobbles in it’s orbit around the sun. And the whole solar system wobbles up and down and in and out of the galactic plane.

    • Lou says:

      The climate change I am looking for is more truth and less Bushs and Clintons.

  7. Lou says:

    “Buried by trillions of tons of global warming Snow.”

    Yes all the condensation from the huffing and puffing rises, freezes and falls as snow on Greenland.

    The simple solution is to stop talking all the bs about Global Warming. Some truth about Global Cooling may produce less snow. Better yet the snow may fall on DC, London and Brussels I figure a few miles deep on each should solve a LOT of our problems to include tens of trillions in new taxes, the endless “wars” for heroin and pipelines and other rape and pillage.

  8. smamarver says:

    In all climate change stages, there have been “out-of-the-trend” events, as this snow or the blizzard in New England. But if you look at the trend of the, you can see it is warming, at a global scale. This also means that there are areas on the planet where the climate is stable or a bit cooling, but globally, the climate is warming.

  9. Sundance says:

    Tamsin Edwards published research 2 years ago debunking the belief that Greenland waterslides would accelerate ice loss. Looks like she had it right.

  10. smamarver says:

    Indeed, it may take only a short time to be back in an ice age. The fact that the only 4°C warm oceans can trigger it within a couple of years is one thing, the fact that too little is undertaken to understand the mechanism, and acknowledge the overriding control the oceans have about our climate, is what concerns me deeply. That is way my recent comment made a reference to the naval war thesis, a link which provides a number of texts and links which deserves attention, for example about the extreme cold first WWII war, winter 1939/40:, That would not have happened without war.

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