1907 : It Is Your Patriotic Duty To Rebel Against Climate Data Tampering

Every patriotic citizen must rebel at the idea that a government for the people and  by the people shall not be permitted to publish an honest report of data gathered by its own official observers for the  use of all the people.

ScreenHunter_6662 Feb. 01 14.58

ScreenHunter_6659 Feb. 01 14.56

ScreenHunter_6661 Feb. 01 14.58 http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/035/mwr-035-01-0007b.pdf

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8 Responses to 1907 : It Is Your Patriotic Duty To Rebel Against Climate Data Tampering

  1. hifast says:

    Great find, sir!

  2. Tel says:


    Seems that Paul Homewood at Notalotofpeopleknowthat has really hit the mainstream. There’s discussion of adjustments turning up all over the place and pointing back to Paul.

    To fill in the huge gaps, those compiling the records have resorted to computerised “infilling” or “homogenising”, whereby the higher temperatures recorded by the remaining stations are projected out to vast surrounding areas (Giss allows single stations to give a reading covering 1.6 million square miles). This alone contributed to the sharp temperature rise shown in the years after 1990.

    Well how about that? Well done Paul Homewood.

  3. au1corsair says:

    Old fashioned things like honest governments are no longer welcome in this kinder, gentler world. As for the mainstream entertainment–er, ah, NEWS–organizations, they follow the money.

    Who is paying for all these lies again?

  4. gator69 says:

    There is good reason why every child once knew the stories of Chicken Little and the Boy Who Cried Wolf by heart. Shysters are nothing new, and we once taught our kids how to look out for them. These fabled lessons are ancient for a reason, and it appears they are becoming history, for a reason.

  5. Jim Steele says:

    I just blogged Are we Victims of Virtual Vacuousness asking people to demand a congressional hearing at http://perhapsallnatural.blogspot.com/2015/02/are-we-victims-of-virtual-vacuousness.html

    I presented my evidence and conjunction with selected works from Steve, Homewood and Bill Illis. Hopefully we can all provoke more discussion but an honest investigation!

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Nice summary, giving Steve and Bill their due. BTW, I have just asked Judith Curry, who wrote the foreward to my book, to contact you concerning your Landscapes publisher. She is seeking one for a similar book from a retired marine biologist.

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