Learning To Converse Like A Progressive

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21 Responses to Learning To Converse Like A Progressive

  1. au1corsair says:

    Yes, but when President Obama preaches sacrifice as a means to control climate change…

  2. BallBounces says:

    There is exactly one insult in the above sequence, and it is not from SSG.

  3. That is funny. David should lighten up and give credit.

  4. Dave N says:

    Apparently it’s OK for alarmists to insult everyone else’s intelligence, but it’s not OK for everyone else to mock them for doing so.

  5. Anything is possible says:

    Humor is irrelevant. We are Borg. You WILL be assimilated. Resistance is futile

  6. Harry says:

    Seems to be another source exploring the GISS fraud “science”, reported on by Tyler, run this through your data banks and comment on if you care to. It is an interesting other article on the topic.

    By the way, the British are doing sacrifices, some severe financially, (so far not usually their organs) for having their windmills, they pay compensation to turn off their bloody windmill farms, these days. So that means they pay even more for nothing, nowadays. Love your work Tony,

  7. SMS says:

    Instead of cutting open a mans chest and taking out his heart to satisfy the Gods, the warmists prefer to force me to open my wallet and then use deceitful methods to cut out my money. They then use my money to force me to comply with their ideological/religious views.

    • And before some Progressive moron starts squawking that you care only about little things like your liberty and your property:

      The billions spent or wasted on this will not be used elsewhere. That kills people, the poorest and most vulnerable first.
      The energy poverty caused by the war on cheap fuels kills people, the poorest and most vulnerable first.

      Compared to modern Progressives, the Aztecs were great humanitarians.

  8. jl says:

    So by erroneously injecting the word “not”, he makes it into a double-negative. He ends up saying Steven can do more than just resort to insults.

    • Neal S says:

      My guess is that David is first admitting that he cannot think (apparently not) before accusing Tony of only being able to resort to insults. David also missed some punctuation between those two parts. I grade David 100% on the first part, and 0% on the second, which averages to only 50%, or a failing grade.

  9. So the point that the powers that be are calling for sacrifice is being acknowledged, but isn’t the other point that the consensus of the experts has often been wrong in the past?

  10. Tim Groves says:

    If alarmists had more of a sense of humor, they wouldn’t be alarmists.

  11. David, UK says:

    Hahahaha! That’s brilliant!

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