IT Must Be A High CO2 Day

I woke up this morning and immediately sensed that CO2 levels were up 0.000001 mole fraction from last year. Then I removed the pea from under the 14th mattress, and went back to sleep.


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9 Responses to IT Must Be A High CO2 Day

  1. I woke up and removed a different p.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Hilarious analogy…. Yep…

      Yep… progressive dumbshits out there are worried about a pea underneath 10 mattresses… Totally stupid… .00000000000004 mole more CO2 than last week… Yet it causes hurricanes… Drought… Fires… Less and yes MORE ICE depending on what’s convenient…

    • omanuel says:

      Thanks to Steven’s persistence, keen mind and ability to communicate, Big Brother is going down after seventy years of rule-by-deceit !

      There won’t be any Nobel Prizes for exposing scientific trickery after 1945, but future generations may enjoy the benefits their grandparents had under constitutional government.

  2. MrX says:

    Did you hide the decline? LOL!

  3. gator69 says:


    Best laugh I have had all day! Thank you.

  4. Marsh says:

    I find it hard to Laugh, when the CO2 false premise, is responsible for so much fraud & extortion…

  5. omanuel says:

    Peas became boulders after Stalin emerged victorious from WWII to “save the world and (especially its glorious leaders) from nuclear annihilation” by:

    1. Establishing the United Nations on 24 OCT 1945
    2. Starting the “Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015 [1] and
    3. Recruiting the National Academy of Sciences in Sweden (controls Nobel Prizes for Science), Norway (controls Nobel Prizes for Peace), US (controls budgets of federal research agencies), Germany and the Max-Planck-Institutes, etc. and publishers of news and scientific journals to prevent public knowledge of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima [2].

    Now it is time for skeptics to relax and watch a TRAGIC-COMEDY unfold because there is little or no doubt that the “intelligent and creative Mind” Max Planck realized at the limits of human comprehension, at the intersection of spiritual and scientific studies of the universe, guides force fields from the Sun’s pulsar core to create and sustain every atom, life and world in the Solar System . . .

    a volume of space greater than that of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth’s !

    I.e., world leaders are trying to hide the force of creation, which is incomprehensibly more powerful than anything they could have imagined.

    Whether or not we skeptics succeed, world leaders cannot control God’s force of creation.

    1. “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015”

    2. See page 3, “Solar energy,” Adv. Astronomy (submitted for on-line review, 6 JAN 2015):

  6. Indoor CO2 levels with windows closed are usually 1000 or 2000 ppm, so you had several pots of peas porridge under your mattress

  7. thojak says:

    You made my day! Thanks! 😀

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