New York Times : Conflating Climate With Clueless

In 2006, the geniuses at the New York Times announced that global warming had brought endless summer to Long Island, warm winters to Maryland, an increase in hurricanes, and was killing Polar Bears.

ScreenHunter_6828 Feb. 06 08.10

With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – New York Times

Since then, the US has experienced the quietest hurricane period on record, Polar Bear populations are doing just fine, and January temperatures here in Maryland have plummeted at a rate of 42C/century. Temperature is -14C here right now.

ScreenHunter_6829 Feb. 06 08.12

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15 Responses to New York Times : Conflating Climate With Clueless

  1. bleakhouses says:

    In Westchester County 8 had December tomatoes in 2006 as well; roses too. Since the. I’ve had January and February tomatoes; from my freezer, the ones I picked green in October and froze in December after they ripened on my windowsill. I know for sure that my experience this year was shared by the rest of the world and that therefore there has been global cooling.

  2. John West says:

    Hardiness Zone 8 doesn’t touch Maryland, so there’s no way a central Maryland garden jumped from 7 to 8.

  3. emsnews says:

    This entire week is going to be snow, snow, snow, with highs at ZERO degrees F some days!

    This is by far now the coldest mid-January to mid-February winter I have ever seen.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    USDA plant hardiness zone for Maryland (my county in NC is 7b min of 5 to 10°F)

    • Andy DC says:

      The warmest January for Washington, DC was during 1950 when the average temperature was 48.0 F. The second warmest was during 1932 (46.8). There has been no January within 4 degrees of 1950 ever since!

  5. Slywolfe says:

    The world doesn’t really NEED Polar Bears anyway, except for rugs and Coke commercials.

  6. DakotaKid says:

    I saw a plant nursery that claimed Cinnamon was in the climate zone for Fargo ND. It turned out that if you moved the plant outdoors during the summer it would not die. I think this may be the way the climate zones have been moving.

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