Brian Williams To Be The New White House Climate Information Officer


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11 Responses to Brian Williams To Be The New White House Climate Information Officer

  1. rah says:

    Posers everywhere! Glad it didn’t go unnoticed this time. But for a bunch that make it so obvious that they hate the military and what they do, they sure seem to like to pretend they are sharing in the dangers. Hillary under sniper fire?

    How many here remember reading that Donald Rumsfeld as special envoy for President Reagan and Ambassador to Lebanon Bartholomew, came within a hairs breath of being killed by a surprise Syrian artillery barrage on the US Ambassador’s residence where they were meeting Feb 1984?

    And the response to that attack was the most sustained shelling with 16″ guns by a Iowa Class Battleship, or any Battleship with that ordinance, in history when the USS New Jersey fired 297 16″ shells at the Syrian positions in the hills and Bekke Valley starting the night of Feb. 8th through the morning of the 9th. The shelling was reported of course but the story behind it was not a national news item. Nor the fact that Marine counter battery radar had pinpointed the positions of the Syrian artillery positions and they also knew exactly where the HQ of Syrian General that ordered the shelling of the Ambassadors residence and blew him, his staff, and those artillery positions to hell in addition to quite a few other targets. Some of Walid Jumblat’s Druze boys were also targeted.

    An Iowa Class Battleship carries 9 of those big naval rifles and off Beirut they were firing a light case shell (as opposed to the heavier armored piercing shell) weighing about 1,900 lbs designed for taking out “soft” targets. They can fire accurately out to a range of almost 23 miles. A single broadside using those projectiles will wipe out anything on the surface in a square kilometer.

    Meanwhile the real war corespondents and photographers who know what the real deal is and do their best to accurately portray it, and yes there are still some out there, get little attention generally unless they’re killed.

  2. philjourdan says:

    NBC still will not discipline him. But then CBS did not do anything to Rather either.

  3. dom says:

    Seeing a liberal’s demi-god fall from worldly-grace is like seeing all of them (inebriated from the fumes) falling into the pit at the Oracle of Delphi. Happy to report that I never watched a single broadcast.

  4. hannuko says:

    I have known several people that are like him: constantly inventing interesting adventures that they have been on and interesting things that their “acquaintances” have done/seen/etc.

    At a former company I was working on we had this cute secretary that just kept talking through all coffee breaks and lunch breaks. Every time she had a wonderful story, like how her friend was drugged in India, lost his memory for ten years and suddenly reappeared remembering nothing. Everything she bought was the best in the world and had in interesting backstory attached to it.

    Currently I also have a co-worker who keeps inventing fantastic stories about what has happened to him. I have heard several stories twice, with completely different endings. He meets extremely interesting people at holidays – drug dealers, mafiosos, strange doctors with near magical abilities…

    It’s funny how it’s often possible to tell when this kind of person just from the tone of that person’s voice. Now I just stop listening every time he starts speaking.

    The sad thing is that they tell those stories just because they want to be seen as interesting and they like to be the center of attention. But once you realize they are just making stuff up, they become the least interesting people you can imagine.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Broadcast news has been faking the news for a long time now. Here is fake coverage from the first Gulf War:

    Of course the print news fakes news as well. I saw a British front page newspaper report of the famous pull-down of Saddam’s statue in Baghdad in 2003. Fake crowd scene, photoshopped to look more impressive. The same crowd members duplicated and pasted, appearing four or five times in the same photo.

    Right now the big fake drive is an attempt to start a hot war in the Ukraine. All the news agrees, Putin is the devil now, and all good American boys must fear that the Russians will goose-step across the Brooklyn Bridge and rape our sisters in their sleep! Manufactured fear, all done to make us afraid and easily stampeded into whatever scheme TPTB have up their sleeve. All it takes is a little war, and suddenly the liars who gave us things like Obamacare, warrantless wiretaps, and the TSA, will become great statesmen in our eyes, and the objects of praise and trust.

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