Learning To Be A Climate Journalist

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14 Responses to Learning To Be A Climate Journalist

  1. philjourdan says:

    Don’t quote facts to them! That is not playing fair!

  2. Pathway says:

    Coldest air of the season and possible of the last hundred years headed toward Boston.

    • rah says:

      And so am I of course!

      • NielsZoo says:

        Hope that new rig’s got good heaters.

        • rah says:

          Yep! Besides the normal heating system it has a Webasto cab heater that works when parked. it’s like a little diesel fuel fired furnace that supposedly puts out over 10,000 Btu/hr. Uses a gallon of fuel over 10 hours as compared to idling the engine which uses about 1 gallon per hour. The cabs and sleepers on these newer sleeper trucks are better insulated than they were even a few years ago.

          I’m not concerned so much about being in the truck in that kind of cold really except for keeping my windshield clear and brakes working. And for outside the truck I already have my body armor and my heavy polypropylene underwear I still have from the Army packed. Over that goes jeans and a heavy black Carhartt work coat with hood.

      • rah, I think severe cold weather forecasters should stop paying attention to that Al Gore washout and start watching where you are heading. They may not understand the mechanism but the correlation is there. They could do worse.

        • rah says:

          The way it is at my job Colorado. There are over 200 drivers at the terminal where I work which is also the HQ for a company that has over 450 trucks.

          There are four basic categories of drivers at the company I work at.
          There are the hourly drivers that drive day cabs and go out and back every day.
          There are the board runners that are called on Thursday and Friday to set up their runs for the next week and get paid by the mile and the number of docks they bump.
          There are the “Dedicated Drivers_which the same route on a regular schedule that get paid by the mile and the number of docks they bump.
          And then there are us five “Guarantee Drivers” which are paid a salary (with over time provisions) to do what ever driving needs to be done that is not covered by the other two much larger groups. We can be called on to do any of it including covering for the yard jockeys at our company and at Nestles across the street.

          The board runners look at the forecast and that effects what runs they choose to take. Thus the runs going where there are weather extremes are often left uncovered as long as there are plenty of other runs on the board for them to choose from. Some of those board runners will take a short check rather go into bad or uncomfortable driving conditions. Others, will even call off a run they have committed to because of weather. Some of the dedicated drivers will choose to take a personal day when the weather along their route is particularly bad. And on occasion they do so when they have pissed off a customer on their route.

          We “Guarantee Drivers” thus get sent to where the weather is the worst quite often and especially so during the winter. Unlike the board runners we are “Forced Dispatch” and thus have no say in when and where we are sent as long as we legally can do it. Thus we “Guarantee Drivers” are more or less pooper scoopers that clean up the messes. For this we get paid a pretty descent salary and are all in the top 10% for driver pay in the company.

        • Cleaning up the messes. Special forces kind of drivers, with better pay.

  3. To be fair, he said that wouldn’t happen until 2100. Until then, there will be lots of snow and collapsing roofs.

    • NielsZoo says:

      Wait a minute, it shouldn’t be collapsing roofs, it should be floating roofs with people standing on them. Isn’t Boston supposed to be below sea level by 2100? I’m so confused about which catastrophe I’m supposed to be causing afraid of today.

      • rah says:

        Yea they really believe their propaganda don’t they? That’s why they put in miles of tunnels on the coast there during “The Big Dig” which remains the most expensive US Hwy project in history!

  4. SxyxS says:

    Agenda VS Reality is always an ugly thing,
    sadly not for those well paid guys who promote the agenda
    but for those who have to suffer from the reality which is usually the exact opposite of the agenda.
    The communists knew how to fix this ‘problem’ by adjusting reality towards the agenda-
    They simply killed those who rejected the agenda or starved them to death when they realised that they can’t feed the population-et voila,enough food for all and all loved communism(after they killed some ten million people)

  5. Ben Vorlich says:

    Has he answered the question about lying yet?

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