Muslims Marching To Ban Free Speech In London

Obama says Christians are to blame.

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35 Responses to Muslims Marching To Ban Free Speech In London

  1. gator69 says:

    “Ban free speech” 😆

    “I never said most of the things I said.”
    -Yogi Berra

  2. philjourdan says:

    They pulled the article, but not the comments (strange how that works). Here are the comments –

    From them you can probably figure out the article was an essay by a prominent liberal writer calling for banning free speech! In this country.

    Muslims and liberals have a lot in common.

    • annieoakley says:

      I read some comments and I am confused about the picture is in the UK? The article with the pic was written by someone with the last name of Cohen? The overwhelming vitriol against her is because the last name indicates a Jewish person and it is from the US?

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    I’d round them up and deport them from whence their families came. Scum

  4. nigelf says:

    They can keep on marching until they make it back home to the muslim hellholes they left.

  5. au1corsair says:

    First ban objectionable speech–then ban competing religions.

    Force people to utter the Party Line–and then force people to perform the right religious observances. Sounds almost “right wing,” eh?


  6. ossqss says:

    Ummmm, their march is a form of Free Speech. Perhaps they should have called it off if they were serious about it. It is in essence hypocritical, no?

  7. aeroguy48 says:

    Man, that’s a dark picture.

  8. gator69 says:

    Somebody made the news again…

    …NOAA has adjusted the historical climate data many times, skeptics point out, most recently last October. The result, says popular climate blogger Steve Goddard: The U.S. now appears to have warmed slightly more than it did before the adjustment.

    “The adjusted data is meaningless garbage. It bears no resemblance to the thermometer data it starts out as,” Goddard told He’s not the only one to question NOAA’s efforts.

    And did Watts actually say this?

    Is history malleable? Can temperature data of the past be molded to fit a purpose? It certainly seems to be the case here, where the temperature for July 1936 reported … changes with the moment,” Watts told

    “In the business and trading world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data.”


  9. Dave N says:

    As part of the “ban free speech” movement, their first act should be to ban all protests.

    I guess those protesting are blind to the irony; maybe they’re also alarmists that label others as “d*niers”.

  10. Streetcred says:

    Give them their wish and then start prosecuting them for hate speech and inciting insurrection.

  11. Robertv says:

    You don’t need Marching Muslims to Ban Free Speech . Every Government would if they could. They are just waiting for the excuse to do so. At the moment they are just recording all of that ‘Free Speech’ and saving it for future use.

  12. dbstealey says:

    The West is lost. Here’s another pic that drives me nuts.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I sure as heck hope all those people are Slaver descendants Muslims.

    • gregole says:

      Seriously, who are these people? They certainly do not speak for me – or anybody I know.

      We have to face it, there are a fair number of kooks and weirdos out there.

      • Gail Combs says:

        They are well fed, idle, and well off, with a bad case of guilt complex and too much time on their hands.

        Ironically four hours ago I just spent about an hour talking to a 60 year old black gent and his grandson who was telling me these kids today need to spend a lot more time following the north end of a south facing mule. We are hoping to make time to get together again soon.

    • gator69 says:

      Looks like somebody’s social studies teacher had a class project, and the kids look thrilled.

  13. Chris Barron says:

    They’re just trying to get a film banned from Youtube. No harm in that is there ?

    It’s just like the christians trying to ban Jerry Springer The Musical Show at the theatre. And Norway banning Monty Python

    They don’t speak for me, but they can say what the hell they want….or else I should expect to lose my right to say what i

    the only film ever to be banned under laws covering blasphemy, in the UK, was this

    The blasphemy law was phased out in 2008….hard luck religious fanatics !

    • au1corsair says:

      England used to have a state religion: the Church of England (also known as Anglican). It wasn’t easy being a Roman Catholic in England for centuries–and then there were the Jews. The Puritans “ran away from home” to Holland, and then to the New World.

      Replace the Church of England with another official state religion? Well, Great Britain isn’t my country. I can only sympathize with renewed religious oppressing “over there.”

      • Gail Combs says:

        8/27/2014 Rotherham: 1400 Children Groomed, Drugged and Raped by Multiculturalism

        8/29/2014 Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain’s Leading Child Welfare Charity

        11/10/2014 Labour’s PCC Victory In the Rape-Gang Regions of the North Is Proof that Turkeys Do Vote for Christmas

        ….It was hard to decide which of the characters was the most noisome, but among those that particularly caught my eye were:

        Joyce Thacker, the former £130,000 per year head of Rotherham Children’s Services (<b.who has since, very grudgingly, resigned with a £40,000 pay off – plus, of course, her full lavish pension rights)

        Shaun Wright, another former head of Rotherham Children’s Services who also recently resigned from his new sinecure as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

        Mereddyd Hughes, head of South Yorkshire Police between 2004 and 2011.

        It wasn’t what these people had done that was the problem. It was what they had so signally failed to do: their ruddy jobs.

        Did I mention that the wretched Thacker woman was on £130,000 a year? I did but I’ll mention it again. Joyce “Rosa Klebb’s less charming elder sister” Thacker was paid £130,000 a year, out of the public purse, to do a job whose requirements presumably included making sure children in the Rotherham area didn’t get plied with alcohol, drugged with heroin, and serially raped and sex trafficked on an epic scale by organised gangs of predominantly Muslim older men.

        Not letting children get gang-raped would also, I imagine, have been part of Shaun Wright’s remit when he was the Rotherham councillor in charge of Children’s Services.

        And not letting children get gang-raped would, I’m educatedly guessing, also have been among Meredydd Hughes’s responsibilities as head of South Yorkshire Police….

        But those 1400 children – and that’s just the conservative estimate; and in one small town – were raped all the same. And the question I asked myself when the scandal was exposed by the Jay inquiry – and the question that certainly hasn’t been answered by any of the investigations since, especially not by the recent semi-whitewash report by Labour MP Ann Coffey, is how come the various authorities which should have stopped it happening instead turned a blind eye to it for well over a decade?

        We’re not talking about the odd rotten apple here. We’re talking about an entrenched system of what you might call “institutional child rape apologism” or even “institutional child rape endorsement,” extending all the way from the so-called “Muslim community” through to the local councils, the childcare charities such as Barnardos and even the police. This was one of the things that made that Keith Vaz hearing so compelling: first the bravura stonewalling from the guilty parties (“I cannot recollect” was the phrase you kept hearing); second the evident lack of guilt; third, the almost indignant reluctance to admit that they’d done anything wrong. I wonder if this was how it felt during the Nuremberg trials: watching people who inhabit an entirely different moral universe…..

        …a new hierarchy of New Labour values has been established: one in which, for example, it is far preferable to allow hundreds of white children to be sexually abused by gangs of Kashmiri-Pakistani origin than to risk being considered in any way racist or Islamophobic or culturally judgemental; one in which maintaining high public sector staffing levels is an end so noble that any amount of lying, covering up, bullying, data-destroying, smearing, buck-passing, and money-wasting is forgiveable, nay desirable,……

        Multicultural Surrender has Turned Britain into a Third World Country

        At Park View, for example, there have been complaints of segregation in classrooms and of GCSE syllabuses being restricted to comply with conservative Islamic teaching.Sex education lessons have allegedly seen impressionable teenage boys told that rape is legal in marriage, while religious education classes have apparently seen pupils given a list of Christian teachers and told to try to convert them.At one assembly, a senior teacher is said to have endorsed terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. At another, detailed by a Sunday newspaper, he allegedly described non-Muslims to pupils as ‘kuffar’ — or infidels.

        …the coalition government, which is said to have been warned four years ago that Operation Trojan Horse was taking place. So too are the three main political parties, all of whom have agreed that dealing with postal-vote is not priority.

        And it barely needs spelling out why. Everyone in authority is so afraid of being accused of being “racist” or “Islamophobic” that they have found it easier to sweep the issue under the carpet than confront it. But the problem isn’t going to go away. In fact – until someone, somewhere finds the courage to deal with it – it’s bound to get an awful lot worse.

        Gove ‘knew about Muslim schools plot four years ago’: Education Secretary accused of sitting on warnings that Islamists were trying to take over Birmingham schools

        * Headteacher ‘sent letter to the council warning of bloodless coup’ in 2010

        *Caution came three years before council learned of ‘Trojan Horse plot’

        …Allegations emerged in early March about a so-called ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ plot by hardline Muslims to seize control of Birmingham schools.

        Ofsted has since launched inspections of 21 schools while Birmingham City Council and the government are also carrying out their own separate investigations…..

        • Chris Barron says:

          Yeah okay that’s unpleasant reading.

          So is this..
          “In a statement read out by Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi in September 2009, the Holy See stated “We know now that in the last 50 years somewhere between 1.5% and 5% of the Catholic clergy has been involved in sexual abuse cases”, adding that this figure was comparable with that of other groups and denominations.”

          And Jimmy Saville, one of our TV luvvies, turned out to have abused hundreds of kids, some of them disabled and hospitalised, and probably interfered with corpses in hospital morgues.

          Muslims are no different to the rest of the religious types, the rich and the privileged, and other infidels.

          The kiddie fiddling gene is not attributable to just one particular religion, class, or race.

        • gator69 says:

          Actually your kids are far safer with a priest, than at public schools, not known for their religiosity.

          WASHINGTON, DC, April 1, 2010 ( – In the last several weeks such a quantity of ink has been spilled in newspapers across the globe about the priestly sex abuse scandals, that a casual reader might be forgiven for thinking that Catholic priests are the worst and most common perpetrators of child sex abuse.

          But according to Charol Shakeshaft, the researcher of a little-remembered 2004 study prepared for the U.S. Department of Education, “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.

          So, yeah, Islam has an issue or two.

        • I taught at boarding schools in Arizona for a few years, and knew of at least two gay teachers at schools I worked at, who had sexually abused students.

        • gator69 says:

          At my high school (graduating class of 318 students), it was well known that the chemistry teacher was having sex with female students. And they were usually popular girls too. His English literature teaching brother was a known stoner, and also liked to party with the girls. Then there was the girls PE teacher, not sure how many she bagged, but she creeped 99% of them out (including all my girlfriends) as she watched them shower.

        • Chris Barron says:

          Of course, nobody gave a shit back then ?

      • Chris Barron says:

        There’s no religious oppression and I’m hoping for a religion free enlightenment (If only !)

        The idea of there being a god, a supreme creator, is nonsense.

        • Progressivism and atheism are some of the stupidest religions.

        • Chris Barron says:

          Are you sure you don’t mean agnosticism instead oft atheism Steve, atheism is a technology in the same way as religion and politics are technologies. But unlike religion atheism is not an idea. it is the natural position before religion or politics take the imagination to the world of implausible ideas.

          A god ? stupid

  14. Gail Combs says:

    Oh, and according to an Iranian whose granddad taught the Shah of Iran, Jimmy Carter is responsible for the current Middle East mess. (He was our customer over the weekend)

    • au1corsair says:

      The dismantling of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Imperial Russia and the free exchange of people and ideas of the British and French empires led to the post-World War One partitioning of the Middle East, creation of nationalistic factions in the Middle East, and the current borders were drawn up almost a hundred years ago. What did Jimmy Carter have to do with all that? I wasn’t aware that President Carter was that old.

      • Chris Barron says:

        Proving that point, Winston Churchill wrote about the ‘Ungrateful Volcano’ of Iraq, when reporting to the prime minister in 1922, David Loyd George, how he thought Britain should pull out of Iraq.
        Lots of youngsters think we have only just started in Iraq…

        I love the irony of this

        It looks to me that the downfall of the Middle East has been the source of it’s wealth 😉

        British Pathe News has released every newsreel to Youtube ….it’s interesting to see the difference between the reporting technique, and what we now know to be the truth on many major events.

        JFK shot himself.

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