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Eww…. Stop That

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For The First Time, We Have Proven The Human Fingerprint On Climate

The small changes in temperature which occurred over the past century, could not possibly be due to anything other than the need for funding by academics humans.

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Look What You Did To New York

On January 14, 1932, Addison, NY was 74 degrees, 58 degrees warmer than this year. That year started out almost 20 degrees warmer than this year Four of the last 16 Januaries were below normal temperature in New York state. This … Continue reading

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Gaia Thanks Mitt Romney For His Global Warming Reversal

A few weeks ago Mitt Romney became a global warming true believer again, and Gaia is sending him a thank you note.

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New York Times Hero Update

Yesterday the New York Times declared Chris Kyle to be insane for being a hero, and Bruce Jenner to be a hero for chopping his dick off. Today the heroic Bruce Jenner killed a woman with his low CO2 SUV. After  doing … Continue reading

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US Hurricane Strikes Are At An All-Time Low

In the 1880’s the US averaged more than two hurricane strikes per year, but now there are less than one per year.. Experts predicted the exact opposite.  HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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Before Mann-Made Hurricanes, They Were Acts Of God

Fifty years ago, ignorant humans believed hurricanes were acts of  God – but now scientists understand that they are Mann-made, and Schmidt-made, and Jones-made, …..

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