Greenland Golf Suspended at -78F

Only 110 degrees of warming needed to start the Greenland meltdown.

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35 Responses to Greenland Golf Suspended at -78F

  1. Streetcred says:

    I hope that those are the lights of the green keeper’s mowers … that grass on the greens grows real quickly in those warm conditions.

  2. Pathway says:

    Graphite shafts tend to shatter at these cooler temperatures.

  3. Frank K. says:

    I thought it only got that cold in Antarctica (where, by the way, another boat is stuck in the sea ice). -78F is beyond dangerous without some protection. Yikes!

  4. Chewer says:

    The Greens Keeper is quite pleased that he can go about his business planting fresh grass seed, without using to much mosquito repellant 😉

  5. myrightpenguin says:

    Just spotted this comment over on JC’s site:

    (Q) Has there been any response to the UK Telegraph article from managers of GISS or GHCN?
    (A) Politifact is doing an article on this, stay tuned

    (Q) from John Smith, (A) from JC

    Just a heads-up. “Fact checkers” are hardly impartial and authoritative, they are just fronts.

  6. Steve Case says:

    I’m off to California tomorrow morning. I will miss the -18°F predicted for my neck of the woods Friday night.

  7. Josh says:

    According to wikipedia, thats only 11 degrees from the all time record low, wonder how much closer it can get.

  8. Truthseeker says:

    Here is an idea …

    Someone put on a Whitehouse teleprompter that due to global warming, the best golf course in the world is now in Greenland. Obummer will believe it (because it is on a teleprompter) and immediately go there. With any luck Airforce One will be permanently frozen in and will not be able to leave.

    It has got to work hasn’t it?

    • Edmonton Al says:

      Yes… But then the Inuit couple that had the course booked for their wedding group will have to give up their time slot to Obummer-et-al

  9. Bman says:

    Do i have to sign up for this site? Its great!

  10. Bman says:

    Looks like I wont be playing golf here this weekend. The high will be -3F. Ive been running my SUV in my driveway hoping that will help bring on some warming to ensure rapid snow melt in time for Saturday golf. I’m doing my part. How about you?

  11. emsnews says:

    We should tell the gang in LA that Greenland is green and pleasant and suggest they move there and wear swim suits. Someone must fee the polar bears.

  12. gregole says:

    I have to admit, that in the back of my mind, prior to 2009 and Climategate 1.0 when it became painfully obvious to anyone paying halfway attention that Man-Made Global Warming was a scam, I used to somewhat believe in it and thought that a huge future growth area would be real-estate investment in Greenland.

    Ages ago so did my ancestors the Norsemen. Look what it got them.

    • Beale says:

      Actually, the Norsemen did well enough in Greenland for 4-5 centuries. Of course their settlements were nowhere the future site of Summit Station.

  13. Mark Luhman says:

    -78 must be very cold the coldest I been in -50, the was the temperature reading, not the often bogus wind chill temperatures most people like to quote, my comment on wind chill temperatures is when one grows up in northwestern Minnesota prairie you quickly learned to stay out of the wind, bone chilling cold you simple cannot avoid other than stay indoors. Often even indoors you feel it, the outside walls of the house seem to suck the heat right out of the room and the cold can be felt radiating from them.

  14. Tel says:

    As I once challenged someone: I’ll go jogging around a grassy football field, and you go jogging around a black asphalt car park, both of us on the same day, in the middle of an Australian summer and we’ll just see who falls down first.

    I’m slightly overweight and unfit, but still very confident on this particular competition.

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