Learning To Be A Wind Farm Promoter

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26 Responses to Learning To Be A Wind Farm Promoter

  1. bleakhouses says:

    Tony, I’d like to know the delta, or even better a distribution chart, of the adjustments to highs and lows. Is it consistent regardless of the raw temp or are they biasing?

  2. SMS says:

    I don’t think Herman knows how to interpret charts. You see Tony, this is a problem with Progressives; very few are versed in common sense. They have their view of the world that you cannot break through even with the most obvious data. They have a mindset in concrete.

    • Gail Combs says:

      it is the Hegalian/Marxist mindset:

      … As a student, Marx accepted the philosophy of Hegel as the only sound and adequate explanation of the universe. According to this philosophy, “the only immutable thing is the abstraction of movement.” The one universal phenomenon is change, and the only universal form of this phenomenon is its complete abstraction. Thus, Hegel accepted as real only that which existed in the mind. Objective phenomena and events were of no consequence; only the conceptions of them possessed by human minds were real. Ideas, not objects, were the stuff of which the universe was made….

      …In the Hegelian philosophy no idea could exist without an opposite…. Consequently, in this realm of the mind within which the universe had its only real existence, innumerable theses and antitheses existed. Struggle or conflict was the en-evitable fact in such a universe—conflict of the thesis with its antithesis. In this struggle thesis and antithesis acted and reacted on each other, and a new phenomenon—synthesis—was created.….

      The “new phenomenon—synthesis” is why the Alarmists are always jumping up and down screaming about a consensus when anyone knowledgeable about science knows consensus has no place in science, only data, observation and hypothesis matter.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      When I was in school, we were taught that certain things were red flags when analyzing data. The biggest one was a commandment: Thou Shall Not Extrapolate. But for purposes of this exchange, one thing we were taught to look out for were manipulations that reversed the polarity of the slope of a trend line. If the raw data have a positive slope, and the manipulated slope has a negative slope (or vice versa), Lucy had some ‘splaining to do.

      It is entirely plausible that someone who got a degree in water-mapping, and has spent the past three decades as a maritime officer, water surveyor, customer service manager, business development, an HR coordinator, and a self-proclaimed housekeeper never learned such basics of data analysis.

      • Edmonton Al says:

        I totally agree. Extrapolation is what most losers do. They watch a trend for and extended period of time, and then say “ahah”. Witness the people that watched the internet stocks go up in the 1990s and then bought in at the peak.
        How about the backward extrapolation? Someone claimed that the universe is expanding, so they extrapolated backward and got the Big Bang Theory. Everything in the universe shrunk back to a singularity.
        Sorry, I’m not buying it.

  3. gator69 says:

    It is after all, a mental disorder.

    • Mac says:

      Absolutely. Liberalism is a manifestation of obsessive compulsive disorder. They obsess about disasters, hardship, and death. Liberalism basically says that something is always wrong, something needs to change, and it must be addressed immediately or we’re all dead. Life can never just be okay and nice when you’re around a liberal. It’s part mental illness, part authoritarian bullying and control.

      • gator69 says:

        I prefer to use the term ‘progressive’ or ‘leftist’. I am a libertarian, and to me, associating leftists and Big Brother seekers with the term ‘liberty’ in any way is an outrage. It is time that we name and define our enemy properly, and avoid any friendly fire.

        • Mac says:

          I’m a philosophical libertarian myself (libertarian in principle, don’t vote Libertarian Party). The words “liberal” and “liberty” have nothing to do with one another. Anyone who is not liberal knows that full well.

        • gator69 says:

          Leftists stole the term ‘liberal’ from our founders, who were liberal. The Fabian Society had much to do with this, and their crest gives away their intent.

        • I agree with gator. Outside of the U.S. and American English, “liberal” still retains some of its original “classical liberal” meaning (though eroding under our bad influence).

          In my experience the speakers of a language can never fully reclaim a word that has been misappropriated or hijacked but it is still a good idea to not give the collectivist Left the benefit of the “liberty” context. They are some of the most illiberal people I know and our liberties have been methodically hollowed out by them.

          One of my favorite newspaper quotes is from a Denver newspaper way back in the 90s:

          “Colorado Senate Liberals Oppose Liberalized Gun Law”

          “Progressive” has its own problems, of course, because normal people don’t associate totalitarian carnage and oppression with “progress” but I don’t believe it’s worth the fight. Obama and his troops polluted “change” and “progress” enough to damage what was left of the word. Besides, I expect they will be relabeling themselves at some point, anyway. They always do.

          Leftist, socialist, collectivist, totalitarian, and Commie or Nazi asshole are all good with me.


          liberal (adj.) “generous,” also, late 14c., “selfless; noble, nobly born; abundant,” and, early 15c., in a bad sense “extravagant, unrestrained,” from Old French liberal “befitting free men, noble, generous, willing, zealous” (12c.), from Latin liberalis “noble, gracious, munificent, generous,” literally “of freedom, pertaining to or befitting a free man”


          liberty (n.) “free choice, freedom to do as one chooses,” from Old French liberté “freedom, liberty, free will” (14c.), from Latin libertatem (nominative libertas) “freedom, condition of a free man; absence of restraint; permission,” from liber “free” (see liberal)


        • gator69 says:

          The term ‘progressive’ refers to progress towards an end goal. In little bites and bits they intend to ‘progress’ society toward a larger and more encompassing governance, and fewer and less empowering individual rights. This is the polar opposite of being liberal.

          Once you understand the language, it all makes utterly terrifying sense.

        • The term is messy, too, but I came to understand it exactly the same way you do. Progressing towards collectivism, eroding individual rights and liberty. It is clear to me that a society respecting individual freedoms can better embrace the old 17th century “progressive” goals like science, technology and economic development, without the restrictive or oppressive social organization of a powerful state.

          And yes, progressivism became the opposite of classical liberalism. It is enlightening to learn how tiny the British government of King George III and Prime Minister Lord North was that America’s founding Fathers found too oppressive.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Colorado, Gator

          One must always remember the Fabians are sneaky liars. So when you see a law called “The Patriot Act” you should immediately understand it is a law designed to oppress patriots. Progress means ‘de-develop the United States’

          Orwell, who was a Fabian showed their true colors:
          “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

  4. 1957chev says:

    Windweasels will do or say anything they have to, in order to promote their useless wind turbines.
    You can’t be a windpusher, and have any integrity, or self-respect. Not at all compatible, with the requirements of the “job”. Wind turbines could never pass a cost/benefit analysis!

    • Gail Combs says:

      That is why I lost ALL respect for Judith Curry. She is schmoozing skeptics while she rips off American tax payers for a cool million. The proposal? Scientific analysis for determining the best wind mile sites!

  5. philjourdan says:

    Clowns are supposed to be funny, not serious. NO wonder he is clueless.

  6. Edmonton Al says:

    Herman Vruggink: We eagerly await your proof that Tony is incorrect in his statements.
    Name-calling is not good enough.

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