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Michael Mann Explains Why NCDC/GISS Data Tampering Is Fraudulent

Mikey is severely math challenged, but shows off an important point. You can’t extrapolate temperatures across ocean/land boundaries like NCDC does. The Gulf Stream is warm off of Massachusetts, but Massachusetts itself is frozen. There is a sharp dividing line … Continue reading

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More Pinocchios For Real Climate

Check out this bullshit on Real Climate It is right on the NCDC web site. More than half of the surface data is fabricated, including most of Africa. These geniuses don’t even know what they do with their own data, … Continue reading

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US Temperatures Are Being Adjusted Upwards To Increase Warming By Almost Two Degrees

The climate fraudsters are all over the Internet today claiming that they are adjusting raw temperatures in a way which reduces warming. Let’s check that claim out. The US has the only decent long term temperature record covering a large area … Continue reading

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Michael Mann Takes Climate Stupid To Dizzying New Heights

21 degrees above normal? The water is 39 degrees. Apparently  Mikey believes that the normal temperature of the water is 18 degrees F, 10 degrees below the freezing point of seawater. The highest anomaly in the region is about 3C.  The … Continue reading

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Basic Science For Mentally Challenged Climate Experts

pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/2001/2001_Hansen_etal_1.pdf Dear mentally challenged climate experts, 350 million people heating their homes in their asphalt neighborhoods where the snow has been removed, affects the temperature more than 0.01 degrees since 1960. That is why every night the weather forecaster  says “and … Continue reading

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Zeke And Mosher Say This Is All Good

Geniuses Zeke and Mosher say this is first rate science, with very small adjustments that actually decrease warming.

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Ice-Free Florida Threatened By Global Warming

Think of the alligator pups. Drive your SUV around the block an extra time tonight.

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Why Can’t We Just Keep This Scam Going?

It is so much fun to talk about sort of sciency sounding stuff. Let’s try not to end the scam too quickly. We have peer-reviewed papers to publish, and stuff.

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