Death Spiral Update

Thirty-five years of unprecedented Mann-made melting, has left Arctic sea ice right at the 1981-2010 mean from Alaska to Greenland. Reggie’s blowtorch appears to have gone out.

N_daily_extent (9)

Mark Serreze says that the ice is in a death spiral.

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12 Responses to Death Spiral Update

  1. pinroot says:

    Mark Serreze says that the ice is in a death spiral.

    More like the AGW fraud is in a death spiral.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Hilarious!! AGW is in a Death Spiral!!

      Problem is nearly everybody in Politics and in the media… And is Science is in on the scam… They want more Power, more control, more Taxes… The means to this end doesn’t matter.,…

  2. Ernest Bush says:

    The government reports and graphs would reflect this except for the inclusion of the ice between Kamchatka and the top Japanese island. It really shouldn’t even be shown since it is isolated from the Arctic and most of it is well below the 60-degree line that essentially is the Arctic Circle. Ocean currents are bringing slightly warmer water into that area, which is also pushing against the ice pack, something I suspect the Japanese fishermen don’t mind. Anything that allows Warmists to deny the resurgence in the actual Arctic ice will be included, I suspect.

  3. emsnews says:

    Wait, the Great Lakes are shown as not covered in ice!

    This ice event is even more ferocious than last winter’s freezing of the lakes!

    • Don says:

      The chart is only for Arctic ice, as it says “Sea Ice Extent”. Notice lakes in Western Canada show no ice either, that is not the purpose of that chart.

  4. David A says:

    From the article these scientist must be taking the new math…
    “According to scientists, food production will have to be doubled over the next 35 years to feed a global population of nine billion people in 2050, compared with seven billion today”

    • Neal S says:

      I think you are referring to the article in the next posting here and not this one. (“Is There Anything Scientists Don’t Lie About, In Order To Hurt People?” ) But I do think I may have a guess at the answer to your question.. The writers are taking into account the gluttony and wastage of statist liberals. If you wanted to rid the world of the sands of the great deserts, just put some liberals in charge of ‘conserving’ them. The sand would be gone far too quickly for comfort.

  5. SMS says:

    Just one more nail in the CAGW coffin. That coffin is pretty peppered with nails by now and you would think the alarmists would get the message. It only takes one counter fact to invalidate a theory. Once invalidated, the theory is to be thrown out and another hypothesis drawn up to take it’s place. If I were the one putting forth a new hypothesis it would be that CO2 has little, or no, impact on temperature. We could check my hypothesis against the data and, guess what, I would be right. We’ll call it the SMS hypothesis in my honor. Just send me millions, no billions of dollars and I’ll check and recheck the data and make up scare stories along the way while the money continues to pour in. Next time you see me I’ll be sitting in a TV station being interviewed by Brian Williams. No one questions Brian. That should get my hypothesis off to a good start.

  6. gator69 says:

    Thank God the alarmists don’t have the power to make it happen.

  7. stpaulchuck says:

    you guys just don’t know how to do this stuff! You simply take the top third of that map and shout from the roof tops that CAGW is PROVEN! See all the missing ice. Pretty soon waves will be lapping at the belt line on the Statue of Liberty. ANY DAY NOW! 97% of scientists say so.

  8. Indyskier says:

    There’s a missing chunk of sea ice off the southern coast of Finland. This could be 2015’s proof of AGW. With the Polar Vortex relocating the Arctic to over Lake Huron, why isn’t the Arctic ocean sea ice rapidly retreating? I’m so glad that AGW is way ahead of SCE and ISIS as a threat to our homeland security. The cold spell this weekend killed 23 so that means SCE and ISIS will have killed even fewer than that. YAY!!

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