Is There Anything Scientists Don’t Lie About, In Order To Hurt People?

Scientists are starting out the week lying about food.

ScreenHunter_7227 Feb. 16 11.10Climate change hampering world food production, say scientists – Yahoo News

The reality is that food production is at record highs, and prices have dropped due to low fossil fuel costs.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Food Security Index, which is sponsored by DuPont, all-time high production levels of corn, wheat and soybeans and falling global oil prices have resulted in improved food security outlooks for 79 of the 109 countries in the Index.

However, the full impact of cheaper oil on local consumer prices, political stability, and on the fiscal positions of oil exporters and importers will only play out in the months to come.  “Supplies and stocks of the major grains are very strong, which will push global prices lower in 2015,” said Leo Abruzzese, Global Forecasting Director for The Economist Intelligence Unit. “The 60% decline in the price of crude oil since July also is good news for food security. During the last 25 years, food and energy prices have tracked each other closely, so cheaper crude oil usually means more affordable food.”

Record crop production and falling oil prices drive increased food affordability

Low cost abundant fossil fuels are essential for feeding the world’s population, and dirtball government scientists are working to keep that from happening.

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17 Responses to Is There Anything Scientists Don’t Lie About, In Order To Hurt People?

  1. annieoakley says:

    Saw this ‘scientific’ study.

  2. B says:

    Science has become a religion. Scientists are the priests.

    In the ancient world priests would tell people things about the gods and hence nature, climate, weather and more to encourage obedience to the rulers and sacrifice. This encouragement usually taking the form of fear of what would happen if people did not obey and sacrifice.

    But why would people do this? A comfortable living without much work. The ruling class has always known the hold on the people is in the mind. If they could get the vast majority to believe something the few who might resist who wouldn’t believe were easily dealt with. The majority would even help in that effort. But a ruler saying things is too transparent. He needs experts to back him up. Hence the well paid intellectual priest class.

    Only the words and terms have changed. The song remains the same.

  3. oeman50 says:

    Wait a minute. Crops either won’t grow or grow slower when it is cold. Correct? They grow better when it is warm. Right? They grow faster and need less water when there is more CO2. OK?

    What am I missing, here?

  4. Chewer says:

    A shot to the nads would be appropriate for these slugs, but alas, they are nutless 😉

  5. Mohatdebos says:

    Can we stop calling them Scientists please. They are poor quality shaman, who don’t know how to cover their tracks. If only the MSM would check their own archives, they would discover how full of BS these shaman are. As noted by EIU, world grain production is at an all time when global temperatures were at an all-time high. Some analysts are concerned that world granaries will be overflowing soon. And, these shaman would like us to believe that grain production will decline in a warmer world.

    • nielszoo says:

      The Progressive cheerleaders in the MSM are not about to do anything that discredits their political overlords or the useful idiots of the intelligentsia and that’s what the self proclaimed climate “scientists” are, useful idiots to the Progressive cause.

  6. Bill Butler says:

    And even the glaciers are part of “The Great Conspiracy”.

    Look at the deceit that has been involved in going from this:

    to this:

    Must have taken hours of Photoshop time.

    Even the famous Matterhorn is part of “The Great Conspiracy”.

    Claims about rising sea level are also part of “The Great Conspiracy”.
    Look what happens when somebody left their hose on and then “The Great Conspiracy” attributed it to Global Warming.
    “Miami Beach Sea Level Rise, Paradise Lost!”

    P.S. Here’s a hint. The real world is not interested in Global Warming Deniers’ fabricated conspiracies and/or their paranoia.

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