Huge Increase In Old/Thick Arctic Sea Ice

The amount of Arctic sea ice at least three years old is up 37% since 2011. But even worse news for alarmists is that the old/thick ice is located on the Alaska side of the Arctic, where it will inhibit summer melt. The animation below shows changes in December multi-year ice from December 2011 to December 2014.


Alarmists say they care about Polar Bears, but they get very upset when presented with good news – because it threatens their funding and reputations. Nobel Laureate Al Gore predicted an ice-free Arctic for December 2014

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31 Responses to Huge Increase In Old/Thick Arctic Sea Ice

  1. norilsk says:

    Sucks to be them.

    The Norfolk County Temperature Record has been shattered. Never in my life did I expect to see temeperatures in the minus 30s C. This is southern Ontario–the banana belt. On Feb. 15 the mercury fell to -30.4 C, breaking the previous record of -22 C that had held since 1888. On Feb. 16, it fell to -34.1 C, breaking the 1973 record of -24 C–a full 10 degrees. It’s disturbing. We were told years ago that global warming would make southern Ontario like Florida. I wish!

    Lake Erie is froze over for the second year in a row. More global warming.

    • Lake Erie freezes over almost every year. This is the second year in a row that the Great Lakes passed 80% frozen. Last year was the worst year ever at 94% frozen on March 7, and this year is worse for the date and freezing fast:

      • AZ1971 says:

        The interesting data from that website link are the transects of Lake Superior comparing the current at-depth temperatures to those from 2014. In both the far western and eastern portions of the lake, there is far less ΔT in lower strata than last year, as evidenced by a reduction in 40°F readings nearest the bottom. Other strata are also colder. We were told that it was (a) unlikely to have a repeat of the polar vortex based on El Niño conditions growing in the EPAC, and (b) the ΔT lost from the Great Lakes would be unlikely to yield a second consecutive high for 2015.

        The extreme snowfall in Canadian maritime provinces and northeastern New England states, the return of polar vortex infiltration, the unusual warmth in Alaska – they all closely mimic the extent of the Laurentide ice sheet. It would make sense that massive snowfalls, and retaining an albedo effect in the NH for longer periods of time, would lead to greater cooling effects than a return of Arctic polar ice. That we’ve seen a massive increase in old ice at the Arctic, a two-fer in polar infiltration across southern Canada and the northern CONUS, and record snowfall levels that are far from being maxed out, all point to something other than CO2 driving the “global climate”. It could be the sun returning to a quiet phase, or a convergence of several different factors. Whichever it is, these events are going to continue unraveling the talking points of CAGW alarmists.

      • Andy DC says:

        Just wait a week or so! Supposed to stay extremely cold, at least until the end of February.

  2. emsnews says:

    All the Great Lakes are nearly frozen now. And yes, the ‘old thick ice’ is growing at both poles. But California and the other West Coast states are warm! Therefore the earth is hotter and hotter and this tiny sliver of the planet is the entire planet.

    My inlaws living in Oregon are convinced we are all roasting to death.

    • norilsk says:

      The jet stream. Here in southern Ontario if the jet stream is south of us, we get cooler weather and vise versa. But something is different this time. It’s so extreme. Why?

      • Global warming, due to the big oil companies forcing us to burn fossil fuels against our will.

      • emsnews says:

        The Pacific Ocean is warm still. Won’t be in ten years but right now, it warm so the prevailing winds which blow mainly west to east across North America is warm in the west while in the east, the northern cold prevails we we have a northwest wind most of the time which is bitter cold due to the cold North Pole. This misses the West Coast entirely.

        • norilsk says:

          I just listened to a podcast with Piers Corbyn. He says that do to solar activity or maybe lack there of, we will be experiency a period of radical jet stream movements, penetrating deep into the south. This can send warm air far north and cold air way south. In Cayuga, Ontario this morning it was – 11C while 5,400 km away in Whithehorse, Yukon it was 1 C. Environment Canada has a nice website with a national map.

    • mke moore says:

      Check last ice ice snow/ice cover
      East under ice west desert

  3. SxyxS says:

    Well,this must than be the infamous global warming old ice that is forming now.
    The more globale warming the colder it gets and more snow will fall and more ice will appear
    + i’m pretty sure that ice bears are also more threatened than ever before.
    They either freeze to death(by global warmin’TM) or can not find stuff to eat as everything that can be eaten is covered by huge layers of snow and ice.

    I’m pretty sure another noble peace prize for Al Gore+Obama + the release of “An unconvinient truth -part 2.The ultimate global warming climate change co2 pollution-movie.Much more unconvinient than ever before”
    will fix all problems(until that happens i’ll have to find out why that country who has killed most people and waged most wars since WW2 got the most noble peace prize awards?)

  4. rah says:

    Never mind. They’ll just change the records to say what ever they want just as they have the temps to make their case. Wonder when they’ll start photoshopping the satellite images? After all some of them were claiming this last summer that the NW Passage was free and open! If I remember right posted here was mention of a cruise ship for Alarmists or who ever else that would be dumb enough to pay the very expensive ticket price that is going to supposedly make the passage this year or next? No refunds of course if they don’t make it.

  5. gator69 says:

    Looks like ‘Weird Al Yankovic’ will be just ‘Al Yankovic’ to our grandchildren.

  6. ren says:

    Total Arctic sea ice volume from PIOMAS showing the volume of the mean annual cycle, the current year, 2010 (the year of previous September volume minimum), and 2007 (the year of minimum sea ice extent in September). Shaded areas indicate one and two standard deviations from the mean.

  7. Robertv says:

    I couldn’t find a house of cards.

  8. Jon Cook says:

    A friend responded to this post with this link:
    He says that the data Uni of Colorado uses is crap. My friend is a climate alarmists to the highest order. What is everyones thoughts on his link?

  9. This year and last year are the two worst seasons for great lakes ice since 1980

  10. Anto says:

    Don’t think there will be much North-west Passage activity this Summer, unless it’s on skis.

  11. It is I only says:

    Look ! It is all due to GLOBAL WARMING !
    I was told by “respected” Scientists. That due to GLOBAL WARMING, the warm water in Arctic Ocean sink to the bottom of the Ocean & pushes to the surface ice forming cold water!
    So there you have a simple explanation for the Huge Increase In Old/Thick Arctic Sea Ice.

  12. Eliza says:

    Pachauri is in big trouble Google trying desperately to squash the story and huffington post india both have been pulled

  13. We’re at 85% now for 2015 and 2014, tied. And Lake Ontario is currently 75% shut down:

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