How Quickly The Past Changes At The New York Times

In 1988, global warming came into vogue, and the New York Times started helping to create the hockey stick by announcing that temperatures had risen steadily for a century

ScreenHunter_7307 Feb. 19 06.45

Temperature For World Rises Sharply In the 1980’s –

This came right after the New York Times had spent 30 years reporting global cooling and a new ice age.

ScreenHunter_992 Dec. 28 06.36

ScreenHunter_994 Dec. 28 06.38

Science – Worrying About a New Ice Age – View Article –

ScreenHunter_291 May. 08 11.50
ScreenHunter_292 May. 08 11.50
ScreenHunter_284 May. 08 11.45
ScreenHunter_7305 Feb. 19 06.42

International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere – View Article –

ScreenHunter_7303 Feb. 19 06.36

ScreenHunter_7304 Feb. 19 06.36


ScreenHunter_1434 Jul. 30 06.37

ScreenHunter_1435 Jul. 30 06.37

TimesMachine: July 18, 1970 –

Only 13 years earlier, the National Academy of Sciences reported that there had been no net warming in the 20th century.

ScreenHunter_7308 Feb. 19 06.55

The Ministry of Truth has amazing powers at making the past disappear.

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11 Responses to How Quickly The Past Changes At The New York Times

  1. g2-9ed9acc685824c6663c51c5b093476cc says:

    Someone needs to get to the bottom of these Climate Mysteries!

    We need huge injections of Government Funding, STAT!!!!

  2. gator69 says:

    “Newspaper of (changing) Record

  3. ren says:

    To end February may be the record of ice on the Great Lakes.

  4. bleakhouses says:

    As long as the shell keeps moving we’ll never see the ball.

  5. rah says:

    And then there is Salon: “Global warming is going to hammer New York”:

  6. oeman50 says:

    I like the one that says, “Scientists Agree World is Colder.” When a news article says, “Scientists Agree,” run away as fast as you can. Whatever happened to “Evidence Indicates?”

    Agreement is not science, it’s politics!

  7. Dave N says:

    Apparently the NYT was a part of the “fake” ice age warnings conspiracy (supposedly no scientists were actually giving any such warnings) that all the alarmists say happened.

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