Missing Arctic Ice Located

In the Delaware Bay


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42 Responses to Missing Arctic Ice Located

  1. emsnews says:

    And Canada is taxing CO2 because it is too warm!

  2. gator69 says:

    I found some in my driveway too. In fact, I just looked out the window and I have displaced arctic ice all around the house and as far as the eye can see. Who do I call?

  3. Gail Combs says:


    January 9th: Cape May, NJ – After several bitter cold days, it was bound to happen. Edges of the Delaware Bay turned overnight from ripples of salt water into ripples of ice. You could see the waves frozen in place early Wednesday morning.

    Record Breaking Cold in Cape May in February 2015

  4. Gail Combs says:

    February 18th

  5. Robertv says:

    You need some heat over there. Maybe a burning torch would help.

  6. omanuel says:

    As the editor of Geochimica et Cosmochima Acta warned me in 1969-70, before blacklisting for one year any paper that included my name as author or co-author – One of these days your sense of humor is going to get you in trouble!

  7. ren says:

    “However, prior to a wintry mix and rain, it may snow very hard for several hours later Saturday afternoon and evening, which can quickly lead to snow covered roads.
    Motorists and airline passengers should expect delays this weekend, despite the temperature rise with a significant amount of snow, ice and rain. Where cold air lingers north and west of the city, a buildup of ice can occur, perhaps to the point of causing sporadic power outages. Rising temperatures from the city on south and east, combined with rain and melting snow could lead to urban flooding problems.
    Additional blasts of arctic air will follow the weekend storm.
    While temperatures are not likely to get as low as the most recent frigid blasts, it will get cold enough for discomfort and health risks when spending time outdoors during early next week. Areas of slush and standing water will freeze.”

  8. rah says:

    Uh Oh, it’s looking like another trip out east for me Sunday.

  9. rah says:

    OT but for those that haven’t seen this I thought I would bring it to your attention: http://www.truckdrivingjobs.com/news/183/teamsters-will-take-care-of-truckers-if-ports-shut-down.html
    If it gets serious and goes on for very long expect the shelves at your big box stores to be less well stocked than usual.

  10. Psalmon says:

    Mann was right. Warm ocean temperatures ARE causing all this snow.

    How this scam can get so screwed up and still not collapse totally is amazing.

  11. emsnews says:

    About the stupid Greenpeace hot air balloon, I found they have a website for it! Here is what they say about themselves:

    Personal Account

    Campaign director of Greenpeace Canada, Jo Dufay describes her balloon flight over Quebec City, Canada on 20 April 2001:

    As the balloon rose past the citadel in Quebec City, the wind caught the top, stretching the balloon.

    This meant it was under-inflated, and we started to plummet. I looked down through the basket of seemingly flimsy wicker.

    I wouldn’t trust this to hold my laundry, I thought, realising it was the only thing between me and the St Lawrence River below.

    Suddenly we were rising again, as Franz, the pilot, turned the flame to a roar. The balloon swelled, the map of the world luminous on the balloon as we looked up through the inside.

    With the flame reduced again, we sailed peacefully over the site of the Summit of the Americas, the balloon carrying a message for world leaders -“Stop Climate Change”.

    In the sudden quiet we heard the Summit security helicopter – they were on to us.


    The fools are fighting CO2 by burning very hot fossil fuels while flying around!

    • Gail Combs says:

      To bad the balloon wasn’t filled with one of the CAGW favorite idiotic ‘renewables’ HYDROGEN!

      • nielszoo says:

        Just what we need. A bunch of medical marijuana smoking liberal sheep driving around in mini high pressure Hindenburgs. Can you say BLEVE? It’s bad enough you can’t safe the battery banks in the electric POS’s in a wreck and still have to worry about all that energy. High pressure gas would be worse and LH2 wouldn’t make it any better. First you wreck, then LH2 freezes you solid in a few seconds then the whole thing goes up in a fireball. That sounds like a wonderful idea for a car’s energy source.

      • Gail Combs says:


        My thoughts exactly. {:>D

        • inMAGICn says:

          In 1785 de Rozier (one of the first to go up in a Mongolfier balloon) was killed along with another gent when they tried to cross the English Channel in a hybrid hydrogen/hot air balloon. 30 minutes into the flight, ka-foop and that was it.

  12. rah says:

    Flying around in a balloon made from a petroleum based polymer and initially partially inflated with an evil gasoline driven fan no doubt and taken aloft by the burning of an open propane flame.

  13. rah says:

    Well I was right about going east but sort of a break I think Depart of Monrovia, MD at 07:30 Sunday. That’s a little way off I-70 SW of Fredrick. Been there before. Nestles load. Last time there the customer refused two full pallets of chocolate and strawberry milk they claimed were “damaged”. They weren’t. Nestles has us take refused product in the quantity to food banks. The one the sent me to was in DC and it was not set up for big trucks nor in an area where big trucks should really go. I got there and they off loaded me on the street. I helped them to move the pallets from the nose of the trailer to the tail since they obviously had no idea how to use the pallet jack they had borrowed.

    Here’s the weather report: Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 9 am EST Sunday…

    * precipitation type… a mix of snow… sleet… and freezing rain
    today through early Sunday morning.

    * Accumulations… 4 to 8 inches of snow. Ice accumulations of a
    trace to a few hundredths of an inch.

    * Timing… snow starting between 9 am and 11 am this morning.
    The heaviest snow is expected late this morning through this
    afternoon. Snow will change to sleet and freezing rain this
    evening. Precipitation will change to rain with areas of
    freezing rain late tonight.

    Of course Freezing rain on snow is better than the other way around.

  14. rah says:

    SW should have been SE. sorry

    • Andy DC says:

      I live in Greenbelt on the northeast side of the DC Beltway. It has just been solid snow since 11 AM and we are closing in on 5″ with no end in sight. I am a claims manager and very familar with claims for damaged cargo.

      One of my guys is handling a cargo claim in Hagerstown right now. Some glass broke and showered the pallets Absolutely no damage to the cargo, but the customer refuses to accept it. I guess you know all about those kinds of stories.

      Stay safe on these icy roads!

      • rah says:

        Yea I know about it. Had whole a whole truck load of frozen meat filled pasta refused before because they customer claimed it was over temp. Well DUH! Refer was working find but I was backed into their dock with my trailer door open for two hours (with the refer running) before they even touched it!
        That warehouse in Monrovia makes new drivers uncomfortable the first time they go. From the time you exit off I-70 you see multiple signs for a low clearance bridge up ahead. You turn off to the left 1/4 mi before you get to the bridge.
        MD does alright with their roads so I’m really not expecting too much of a problem> My GPS will try and route me down to I-68 just west of Wheeling, WV but that ain’t gonna happen. That road is a hilly hell with a heavy truck lugging up at 30 mph or so and then working to keep from breaking the sound barrier going down. So it’s the PA turnpike which also is generally well taken care of to Breezewood and then down the hill to I-70 that way. Know the way by heart really since for 6 weeks I ran three times a week from Anderson, IN to White Marsh, MD and back.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Have a good trip and Stay safe rah

  15. Gail Combs says:

    For what it is worth. I went out relatively early this morning while the temperatures were still well below freezing. There was a thin layer of ice on about 1/2 of Jordan lake from what I could tell driving by. We drove over the three causeways going south to north.

  16. gofer says:

    Antarctica: Mystery continent holds key to mankind’s future

    ……..”While tourists come to Antarctica for its beauty and remoteness, scientists are all business. What they find could affect the lives of people thousands of miles away; if experts are right, and the West Antarctic ice sheet has started melting irreversibly, what happens here will determine if cities such as Miami, New York, New Orleans, Guangzhou, Mumbai, London and Osaka will have to regularly battle flooding from rising seas……

    The ice tells how levels of carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping gas, have fluctuated over hundreds of thousands of years. This is also the place where a hole in the ozone layer, from man-made refrigerants and aerosols, periodically parks for a couple months and causes trouble. It happens when sunlight creeps back to Antarctica in August, triggering a chemical reaction that destroys ozone molecules, causing a hole that peaks in September and then closes with warmer weather in November.” ………. (So which is it, man or the sun?)


  17. John Q. Galt says:

    And those urbanized dark patches are where the weather stations are located.

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