Coldest January/February On Record In The Northeastern US

With a week on 10-20 degree F below normal weather in the forecast, the Northeastern US is already having its second coldest start to the year on record. By the end of next week, 2015 should easily be the coldest.

ScreenHunter_7374 Feb. 22 12.19

Government experts say that global warming is making NE US winters warm, ruining the snow, wrecking the ski industry, and ruining the maple syrup industry. Experts at the New York Times have announced the imminent death of the ski industry.

ScreenHunter_7376 Feb. 22 12.24 ScreenHunter_7375 Feb. 22 12.24

Climate Change Threatens Ski Industry’s Livelihood –

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30 Responses to Coldest January/February On Record In The Northeastern US

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for continuing “to hold their feet to the fire of reality

  2. gator69 says:

    The list just keeps getting longer and more ridiculous…

  3. smamarver says:

    First and most important picture: when there is less humidity in the air, it is easier for the cold air to take control. During the winter season, when the Northern atmosphere is drier, general circulation decrease makes it easier for the polar air to travel to southern latitudes and to determine lower temperatures in many other regions. Some may even wonder about the appearance of such arctic conditions…..

  4. Andy DC says:

    It looks like a slight cooling trend starting in 1930. This is truly the greatest scientific hoax in history, sucking billions of dollars out of the economy that obviously could have been much better used.

  5. Ben Vorlich says:

    Slightly off topic, in the French Ski Resorts before Christmas they were crying out for snow. Since the turn of the year hasn’t really stopped and the last couple of weeks has seen heavy falls. These have caused many complaints about road conditions and traffic problems, which in turn prompted Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal to say that they shouldn’t ask for snow then complain when it arrives.

  6. omanuel says:

    I am pleased to see you back posting.

    Before Republicans begin hearings on NASA tampering with data, let me remind your readers that both political parties helped Stalinhide his possession of Japan’s atomic bombs after WWII and deceive the world for the next 70 years about the energy in cores of heavy atoms, some planets, stars, galaxies & the cosmos

    1. Democrats (Roosevelt/Truman) were in control as WWII ended and the UN was formed in 1945.

    2. Republican (Eisenhower) was in office in 1952-1960 and built the industrial-complex to save us from domination by the USSR after their 1957 launch of Sputnik.

    3. Democrat John F. Kennedy (1960-1963) used those resources to keep our independence by starting the Apollo Moon program.

    4. Republicans Henry Kissinger and Richard M. Nixon ended the Apollo space program in secret negotiations with China and the USSR in 1971-72 in order to renew a peace agreement.

    The following video on the great global climate scam mentions only the good deeds of Democrat Kennedy (#3) and the evil deeds of Republicans (#4) Kissinger and Nixon, but both political parties share responsibility for decline and loss of the American dream, as well as for gallant efforts to prevent that from happening:

  7. Edmonton Al says:

    OT but I was just watching the Daytona 500 and for those that do not believe UHI should check out the reported temps of the racetrack vs the beach area temps.
    I think they said about 100F on the track vs about 75F outside the track area.

    • Anthony Scalzi says:

      Track temps are ALWAYS 20-30 degrees warmer than ambient on sunny days.

      Oddly enough, the during the qualifying races last week, air temps were in the upper 30s to low 40s. Add in a 200mph wind chill, and the drivers were freezing, since they have open windows, and no heaters in the cars.

  8. nielszoo says:

    Of course the ski industry is dying. They didn’t build the lift towers high enough and they’re buried in snow and can’t be used. They won’t be able to run them until sometime in the spring.

  9. Psalmon says:

    The temperatures in Boston over the next few days will be below zero and single digits and will equal those at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

    Someone should tell Boston to prepare for major ice melting and flooding.

  10. Don says:

    They are “homogenizing” 2015 already.


    • AndyG55 says:

      Without the html ?

      Is it really “near average” in those “white” states.

      How do they calculate this ?

      • Gail Combs says:

        Heck no it is not “near average” in those “white” states. At least not in my town in North Carolina. I used the average data from the 19th for both months and therefore gave the ClimAstrologists the benefit of the doubt. The January averages don’t really change (1°F across the board towards the end of the month) where as in February the average high increases 4 °F and the min by 2 °F over the period.

        Here is the data*** for my town (Rural) up til the 19th.
        January … High… Average… Low
        Average .. 51 °F….41 °F …. 31 °F
        Actual ….. 50 °F….39 °F …. 28 °F

        February … High… Average… Low
        Average .. 56 °F….45 °F …. 34 °F
        Actual ….. 46.6 °F….35 °F …. 23.5 °F

        So they can fudge and call January “near average” although it is actually 3 °F below normal at a state of the art, rural station, smack in the middle of the state. However for February it is ten degrees below normal.

        Tony is much better equipped to look at this than I am. I am just doing a ‘sanity check’

        ***Data is from Jeff Master’s Wunderground and therefore is not ‘raw’ (I have caught the data changing over time.)

      • rah says:

        That map is total BS and the majority of the people living in those white midwest and East and SE states, including northern Florida knows it!

    • AndyG55 says:

      if you strip back the url

      it leads to ThinkProgress. so almost certainly a load of BS !!!!

  11. Anto says:

    By the end of next week it might well be the coldest on record. By mid-March, however Gavin will have made it slightly above average.

  12. omanuel says:

    Thanks primarily to the brave efforts of Steven Goddard (Tony Heller) and a few other talented and brave bloggers the Climategate debate ended a few weeks ago behind closed doors of badly-shaken world leaders.

    The debate was never about climate. It was about continuing totalitarian control of the world by egomaniacs hiding behind closed doors. Will they admit defeat? Or incite religious and-or national violence in a desperate attempt to continue their delusion of power?

    Conclusion: If, and only if world leaders admit and accept the Sun’s core is a pulsar they cannot predict or control – A Higher Power Than World Leaders – will true world peace be possible

  13. richard says:

    amazing what the WMO admit to-

    “: A city influences weather and climate at the scale of the whole city, typically tens of kilometres in extent. A single station is not able to represent this scale”

    and yet this happens in many many places and of course across vast areas of the planet there are no temp stations.

  14. richard says:


    “However, good homogeneity of observations in time may enable users to employ data even from unrepresentative stations for climate studies”

    i wonder when this will be. Ah well back to estimations, guess work, fraud.

  15. richard says:



    “When parallel observations are impossible homogeneity testing can be applied with an understanding of the limitations of the procedures. Estimate accuracy is directly proportionally to the number of neighbouring stations that are used (at least three to five stations) for the derivation. These stations should be in close proximity to the test site and represent a similar climate regime”

    As we know vast regions have no temp stations and are just estimated- up to 1200 kilometers away- hardly in close proximity!!!

  16. gofer says:

    We like patterns. Unfortunately, that means the most recent thing we notice tends to become the most important data point in that pattern. People tend to accept things that fit their worldview. AGW fits nicely with man being a scourge on the planet.

    How Weird Weather Messes with our Brain:

    • Gail Combs says:

      That is only because the Shaman found out that laying a guilt trip on the rest of the tribe gained him wealth and status. Ever since then being the messanger of the Gods and promoting “Angering the Gods” has been a really really fine gig. Especially when you can pawn off the head of state position on someone else so when the … hits the fan you can point fingers at the leader and avoid the head chopping scenario.

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