New York Times Engaged In Spectacularly Unethical Activity

The New York Times did another hit piece on Willie Soon, for shooting down Michael Mann’s Fraudulent hockey stick. Nothing new about that level of McCarthyism at the New York Times. They have long behaved exactly like everyone they claim to hate.

But look what else they did. The day before the New York Times published their article, some NYT insider sent this E-mail out to a large list of well known skeptics, which was hacked from a skeptic’s E-mail account

ScreenHunter_7357 Feb. 22 08.24

ScreenHunter_7359 Feb. 22 08.28

Apparently some New York Times insider is engaged in Internet hacking, identity theft and making threats. The newspaper’s goal is to silence dissent, because they are a propaganda organization.

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20 Responses to New York Times Engaged In Spectacularly Unethical Activity

  1. geronimo says:

    Who is “Willaim” Soon?

  2. Sean says:

    “The newspaper’s goal is to silence dissent, because they are a propaganda organization.”
    To have the Willy Soon piece follow so close to the denier piece by Justin Gillis leaves no doubts about motives. Doing this in February in the midst of a snowstorm leaves little doubt about judgement.

    • Tom Moran says:

      Good call Sean. We should be more concerned about the motives of JUSTIN GILLIS and JOHN SCHWARTZ given the history of their writing. We should judge authors on the merits of their writing not their funding.

  3. gator69 says:

    What do you expect? Alarmists have no choice but to attack the man, the science is not on their side. Any debate I have ever had with alarmists ends with them making ad homs, because in the end, their arguments are science-free.

    I’m waiting for the NYT to go after all the government and econut funded alarmists who work ‘for the cause’. But I guess only one news source even claims to be fair and balanced.

  4. Jimmy Haigh says:


  5. myrightpenguin says:

    Maybe Viscount Monckton can explore legal options as he has done for various cases in the past. Not easy in the U.S., admittedly.

  6. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Remember Walter Duranty is still a NYTs hero.

    What’ six million dead Ukranians compared to his reputation?

  7. emsnews says:

    The poem is from the Hobbit when Bilbo is trying to trick Gollum about the ring of power.

    By the way, note that the NYT is whining that Dr. Soon gets PRIVATE money for research unlike the global warming crooks who take OUR money via government and UN taxes.

    • Good point. Of course, on top of all the public money the crooks take in plenty of “private” money from left wing foundations and from corporations that hedge their bets, buy indulgencies or expect to profit in the government-created “market”.

      I assume by “UN taxes” you mean our tax money forwarded by the U.S. Government to the UN

    • Bob Greene says:

      Unless the grants are personal research grants, the institution gets about half the grant money for “overhead.” The FY2014 NSF climate change budget was $227 million and the federal FY2014 climate change research budget was $2.7 BILLION. There is certainly more money in finding climate change than not finding it. Big oil also donates millions to the greenies.

  8. NancyG says:

    I’m confused. I can’t make out what is in the chat bubble, and the answer to the riddle is dark. What do the two have to do with each other?

    • Gail Combs says:

      I keep getting closed by remote server. GRRrrrr


      The only two words I can make out in the cartoon bubble is Politics and Muller.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I think I tracked down the Muller reference:

      Washington Times:
      SOON AND BRIGGS: Global-warming fanatics take note

      ….Earlier last month, professor Richard Muller of the University of California-Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project announced that in the project’s newly constructed global land temperature record, “no component that matches solar activity” was related to temperature. Instead, Mr. Muller said carbon dioxide controlled temperature.

      Could it really be true that solar radiation — which supplies Earth with the energy that drives our climate and which, when it has varied, has caused the climate to shift over the ages — is no longer the principal influence on climate change?….

      It is a decent article.

  9. Hugh K says:

    Would love to hear Andrew Revkin’s take on this NY Times racist hit piece on Dr. Soon. Nada on his blog….Andy?

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