Coldest Start To The Year On Record In The Northeast US

When the final data comes in for this month, 2015 will be the coldest January/February on record in the Northeastern US, with 148 record lows for every record high.

ScreenHunter_7418 Feb. 25 07.35 ScreenHunter_7417 Feb. 25 07.32

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11 Responses to Coldest Start To The Year On Record In The Northeast US

  1. gator69 says:

    We all know what comes next.

  2. Dan W. says:

    Will be blamed on morning TOBs.

    • ed k says:

      Little known fact that Harvard produces power and steam in a plant on the river for all their buildings, Pretty sure that it is not a solar plant…

      • rah says:

        IU in Bloomington also has a coal fired steam plant. When I lived in McNutt quad we were down wind of it and the ash would rain down on our vehicles and damage the finish. A quick look reveals that nothing has changed much in the intervening 40+ years apparently.

        • Gail Combs says:

          McNutt quad?

          I remember McNutt quad, the guys smuggled me in and I slept under the bed so the councilor checking the room didn’t see me.

          I was the only girl caver from my college on a trip to the Bloomington caves. There must have been eight or ten of us squashed into that room but it beat camping in the cold rain without tents.

        • rah says:

          When I was there it was a co-ed dorm with all boy and all girl floors. No dorm counselor/Resident did checks on rooms unless there was a complaint. If I had it all to over again I would have paid for a single room instead of the double that I lived in. Or lived off campus.

          Across the street was Foster Quad. An all girl quad we called “The Nunary”. McNutt was high enough on the hill we could go to the roof and look down on Foster quad. A wonderful view during the hotter days when sunbathing was popular.

  3. Andy DC says:

    In terms of February cold temperature anomalies, as of yesterday, Syracuse is the leader in the clubhouse, with -16.4. Not far behind is Cleveland at -15.2, Buffalo at -14.8 and Toledo at -14.6.
    With four more days of bitter cold forecast thru the end of the month, those anomalies are only going to get larger. Truly a historic cold month.

  4. sully says:

    There is another 30cms of snow outside waiting for me to shovel. Luckily its dry powder. Will this ever stop?

  5. A C Osborn says:

    It not just the quantity of new records, it is by how much the old records have broken by.
    Some have been broken by as much as 6 to 7 degrees. With Lynchburg VA apparently 18 degrees.

    Also in Canada as well, some broken by as much as 8 degrees C.

  6. Hp B says:

    Anyone heard from Man-Bear-Pig (minus the bear) Al Gore?

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