There Is High Confidence That The IPCC Is Both Corrupt And Incompetent

The latest United Nations assessment of the role of humans in global warming has found with “high confidence” that greenhouse gas emissions are at least partly responsible for a host of changes already under way, including longer growing seasons and shrinking glaciers.

there is high confidence that there has been a trend in many regions towards earlier greening of vegetation in the spring and increased net primary production linked to longer growing seasons and increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations,” it said.

U.N. Study Shows Likely Impact of Global Warming – New York Times

The head of the IPCC just resigned as a sex criminal. As far as their science goes, it sucks equally as bad as their leader.  The amount of ice on the Great Lakes is at an all-time record high for the date.

glsea_cur (1)

The past two years have both been in the top three for Great Lakes ice cover.

ScreenHunter_7394 Feb. 24 16.55

The US is facing more unprecedented cold.

ScreenHunter_7414 Feb. 25 06.21

There is snow on the ground in every state except Florida


Lots more snow in the forecast from coast to coast, Canada to Mexico.


The White House and its propaganda outlets are working to crucify anyone who believes this record cold is not unprecedented heat.

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15 Responses to There Is High Confidence That The IPCC Is Both Corrupt And Incompetent

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    on WUWT this evening.
    the title Nonquote of the week for the item
    this excellent posted comment
    if we thought the IPCC was bad before?
    read n see the link
    and weep!

    February 24, 2015 at 10:48 am

    Looks like the new boss is even more unqualified than Paruchi, if that’s possible

    “This vice-chairman representing Africa is famous for this December 2013 YouTube video hit. It seems to be the only publicly available web page about this Gentleman and when I was embedding it into this blog post, it had 8 views (and 2 of them counted the electronic devices of your humble correspondent). Quite a rock star!

    In this video, he shows how excellent thinker, leader, speaker, and manager he is. “My name is Ismail El Gizouli and I come from Soudan. I joined the Working Group 3 in 2002. And I was elected again in two thousand sevyn. I like the IPC. The IPC is very good. The IPC has won a Nobel prize with Al Gore. It is a good achievement. I want to look to the climate change issue. And to specific issues.””

  2. pinroot says:

    working to crucify anyone who believes this record cold is not unprecedented heat.

    That should probably say “working to crucify anyone who believes this record cold is not caused by unprecedented heat.”

  3. emsnews says:

    The horror is, they are accusing US all of being corrupt via money when they are rolling in billions of tax money they abuse to try to convince us that we are roasting to death when we are freezing cold!

    It is utterly insidious thanks to the Bilderberg gangsters who own much of our media and who conspired in secret meetings to make ‘global warming’ a huge issue so they could tax the poor heavily for heating fuels and other things which is why they also are pushing the ‘tiny houses’ scam while living in palaces.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I already mentioned the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recommendation that America Should Adopt a ‘Plant-Based’ Diet. It recommends:
      1. taxes on dessert
      2. trained obesity “interventionists” at schools and worksites,
      3. electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television or computer

      It is Agenda 21 in disguise:

      “After 30 years of waiting, the fact that this committee is addressing sustainability issues brings me a lot of pleasure,” she began. Clancy went on to advocate that Americans should become vegetarians in order to achieve sustainability in the face of “climate change.”…

      “What pattern of eating best contributes to food security and the sustainability of land air and water?” Clancy asked. “The simple answer is a plant-based diet.”…

      Meat production is harmful to the environment because of manure runoff and “methane production by cattle,”
      William M. Briggs has a report on the electronic monitoring aspect

      NaturalNews has a report on the Hospitals monitoring your credit card purchases to flag ‘unhealthy’ habits

      And I ran into another Nanny State intrusion now possible thanks to Obummercare:
      : Report: US gun violence ‘major public health problem’

      Gun-related casualties have turned into a “major public health problem” in the United States, according to eight US medical associations representing the majority of physicians in the country.

      The coalition published a “call to action” Tuesday that urges the medical community to study deaths and injuries caused by gun violence without “political influence or restriction” in order to reduce the health and public health consequences of firearms….

      Although some persons suggest that firearms provide protection, substantial evidence indicates that firearms increase the likelihood of homicide or, even more commonly, suicide,” the statement points out.

      The report blames US politicians and the National Rifle Association (NRA) for much of the firearm-related injuries and deaths. It said lawmakers in Congress are cowering to the gun lobby and not treating gun violence as a public health issue…..

      • rah says:

        Though we must remain eternally vigilant the progressives have for now, lost in their assault on the 2nd amendment. The outcome of the Climate war at this time has yet to be decided. Over the last decade Right to Carry has expanded greatly to the point where only the States that are the most secure bastions of Radical leftist ideology hold out against it. There is now only a distinct minority of eight US states and Territories where the citizens remain oppressed by their masters when it comes to the right to own and carry a firearm.

        • Gail Combs says:

          This is another line of attack on the 2nd amendment and we need to take it very very seriously. With the government now in control of the medical industry and the ‘excuse’ of ‘right to health’ for data mining your purchases, Doctors can make the decision on whether or not you are ‘mentally healthy enough’ to own a gun based on the books you purchased.

          This is stuff I wrote three or four years ago so the links maybe dead. Notice at that time, before loony Lew appeared on the scene, that I suggested ‘Deniers’ would be labeled as mentally ill. Also note that ‘Fear of Government’ is labeled ‘mentally ill’

          So whatever you do folks, do as one nurse advise DO NOT TALK to any health care practitioner about anything but medical issues.

          [Story PTSD in soldiers is now blamed on CAGW]
          ….The first part of the Strategy was to blame everything happening in the natural world on CAGW. Now they have moved to the next stage, blaming anxiety about every social catastrophe on CAGW. The last stage will be to declare “Denialism” a mental illness and have such people committed.

          Unfortunately the precedence has already been set and a new international diagnostic manual released. Millions of healthy people – may be wrongly labeled mentally ill by a new international diagnostic manual, specialists said on Thursday.

          Head Case: Can psychiatry be a science?

          …Within the profession, the manual that prescribes the criteria for official diagnoses, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the D.S.M., has been under criticism for decades….

          In the case of a patient who exhibits the required number of symptoms, the D.S.M. specifies only one exception to a diagnosis of depression: bereavement…..

          Christopher Lane, a professor of English at Northwestern, argues that this is a blatant pathologization of a common personality trait for the financial benefit of the psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry….

          Turning shyness into a mental disorder has many downstream consequences. As Steven Hyman, a former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, argues in a recent article, once a diagnosis is ensconced in the manual, it is legitimatized as a subject of scientific research. Centers are established (there is now a Shyness Research Institute, at Indiana University Southeast) and scientists get funding to, for example, find “the gene for shyness”—even though there was never any evidence that the condition has an organic basis. A juggernaut effect is built into the system. (wwwDOT)

          And as the The Rosenhan Experiment shows once diagnosed as “mentally ill” the label sticks no matter what. So it is a bit of a facer to find another article by Psychology Today Field Guide to the Conspiracy Theorist: Dark Minds Thankfully the attack is on Alex Jones and not Climate Skeptics…. This time.

          …Conspiracy theories exist on a spectrum from mild suspicion to full-on paranoia, and brain chemistry may play a role. Dopamine rewards us for noting patterns and finding meaning in sometimes-insignificant events. It’s long been known that schizophrenics overproduce dopamine. “The earliest stages of delusion are characterized by an overabundance of meaningful coincidences,” explain Paul D. Morrison and R.M. Murray of the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London. “Jumping to conclusions” is a common reasoning style among the paranoid, find Daniel Freeman and his colleagues, also at the Institute of Psychiatry…

          I had read several years ago a comment from a nurse that in the USA nurses and doctors were told to identify those who were 9/11 truthers, birthers and other “Conspiracy Types” as “mentally ill” She was cautioning people to keep their political opinions to themselves or they might just find themselves in a mental institution.

          I hesitate to link to this however since Skeptics are now being lumped in with other “Conspiracy Types” it is worth paying attention to the example they offer.

          A psychologist Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. said in August 29, 2009,

          “…Having been a psychologist for nearly thirty years now I am not at all surprised to find that such a thing has occurred. The United States government has routinely used (or should I say misused) psychologists to do their “dirty work,” and only recently has the American Psychological Association been willing to consider the ethical concerns that individual psychologists have had to deal with….” clareswinney(DOT)

          This is definitely a future possibility we need to keep an eye on….


          Ivor E. Tower, M.D.
          Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
          Volume 11, series 3, pages 4-5


          This study conclusively demonstrates that unfounded fear of government is a recognizable mental illness, closely related to paranoid schizophrenia. Anti-Government Phobia (AGP) differs from most mental illnesses, however, in that it is highly infectious and has an acute onset. Symptoms include extreme suspiciousness, conspiracy-mongering, delusional thought patterns, staunch “us against them” mentality, withdrawal from reality, and often religious fanaticism. Having the patient committed to a qualified mental health institution is the best option for family and loved ones. For this reason, all psychiatrists and family physicians should be provided with educational materials which will help them recognize the various symptoms and warning signs accompanying onset. Since comparatively little is known about Anti-Government Phobia at the present time, a government-funded health commission should be set up to oversee, and help focus, future research.


          The writer wishes to thank the following individuals and organizations for contributing their expertise to this report: Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Rick Ross of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), the United States Justice Department (USJD), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF). This study was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


        • rah says:

          The AMA has been in bed with the gun grabbers from the very beginning though the majority of their general membership refused to comply with their directives on taking medical history. Now that the government has control it is to be expected they will use that to pursue a new, surreptitious line through medical services.

  4. gator69 says:

    Odd, I thought being high made one nervous.

  5. rah says:

    You know I’m just thrilled by that Weatherbell map showing a bunch more snow coming! Just like the rest of you which live in the places under that blue or purple or pink or red. Right?

    • Gail Combs says:

      As long as it also includes DC, Boston, NYC and the other Progressive cities I do not care, although we are starting to run out of hay.

  6. Pathway says:

    I think the NRA got a provision into the ACA that prohibits Dr.s from asking a patient about gun ownership.

  7. ricks2014 says:

    Well, if “one” considers “Cold” as “Heat”,,., Well then “one” might come to the “logical” conclusion that the “Earth” is considerably, “Warmer” (Maybe not as “Warm” as 3 Days ago, but still “Warmer” than yesterday) ?

    Logically speaking of course ?

    Logically then, “one” must come to the logical “conclusion” that this/these “Record” cold “Heat” waves are directly the “responsibility” of the “Carbon” based “Life” forms that “currently” inhabit the “3rd” Planet (Yet still an “argument” can be made that “Earth” is not the “3rd” Planet from the Sun (A Light, Heat and Radiation source at the “center” of our “Solar” System)) from the Sun and that which is “still” under investigation by “Renowned” and “Trusted” Scientific minds, many “located” in Europe, United States and “Mozambique”, for instance !

    And to think of it, (Logically of course) that highly admired (And Trusted) “Scientific” institutions such as the IPCC, NASA, NOAA and University of the District of Columbia “UDC” (Which is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, 90610) are “logically” seeking a (@=$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.00″) remedy” to this self induced “dilemma” that We all “currently” face !!

    “Burr”, it’s “Hot” out tonight which really means that “We” the “Intellectually” gifted need more “contributions” (U.S. Currency preferred but not required) from the “general” Public of which “We” seek to “rescue” from their own “dire” and self “perpetuated” activities !

    “Contributions” are greatly appreciated !!!

    Sincerely yours,

    Your self proclaimed, self righteous and immeasurably “gifted” Governmentably Employed Carbon Based Life Forms

    “Our” Force be with You…

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