Cold Winters In DC Used To Be Caused By Global Cooling

Experts tell us that the current cold winter in DC is caused by global warming, but 45 years ago cold winters in DC were caused by global cooling and the coming ice age.

The Canberra Times
Saturday 24 January 1970

ScreenHunter_7429 Feb. 25 23.37

ScreenHunter_7432 Feb. 25 23.45

ScreenHunter_7431 Feb. 25 23.38

24 Jan 1970 – In his State of the Union address, President Nix…

This global cooling period, reported by the government’s top climatologist, has since been erased by Gavin, Tom and John Cook.


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9 Responses to Cold Winters In DC Used To Be Caused By Global Cooling

  1. philjourdan says:

    Nah! They were caused by longer vacations for congress.

  2. bleakhouses says:

    Steve, you are filling up my “articles of note” bookmark folder.
    I really need a separate sub-folder where I keep all the articles I use to show people that yes, there really was a “consensus” of opinion that there was “global cooling” going on during the 70’s.
    It never seems to be good enough for them when I tell them that I sat there in primary school and listened to them teach us all about the coming ice-age.
    That and how Pres.Carter and Anwar Sadat were going to show Menachem Begin the way to peace.
    Funny how things never change.

  3. gator69 says:

    Forty-five years ago? Man them was the Dark Ages, and nobody knew nothin’.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    We were stupid. We did not even have digital watches. Now we have digital watches and I am smart. I can tell time by myself by reading the numbers out. I do not have to figure out those pointy things on the front of a watch now. Now I am smart with my digital watch.


    Time marches on — but not all change is progress. Especially if you have “Progressives” in charge…

  5. LHay says:

    I can’t speak for Nixon’s time, but in a global situation, we have to look at the entire picture, and the whole picture of what’s happening includes the OCEANIC CONVEYOR CURRENTS. The ATLANTIC CONVEYOR CURRENT has been interrupted by icy water in the North Atlantic from melted glaciers in the Arctic. The Atlantic Conveyor Current moves from the Gulf of Mexico where it has been warmed, up the coast of Eastern United States and across the Northern Atlantic to Europe. If the warm currents do not make it up the East Coast of North America, there is nothing to warm Virginia north to NYC and Boston.

    If you know about these Oceanic Conveyor Currents, then you know that icy waters coming in at the North would drop the temperatures of the conveyor currents and slow them down. In fact the icy water is pooling on the surface causing the heavier salt water to sink to the bottom. This is a major interruption. There can be more serious, even catastrophic results if the conveyor current continues to slow, and even stops.

    And what caused the glaciers of the Arctic to melt in the first place? WARMING, pollution, and industrial giant corporations that do not care about life or destroying this beautiful planet. Get the science of the ATLANTIC CONVEYOR CURRENT to figure this out.

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