My Denier Disclosure

I’m coming clean with my denier disclosure.

I have never received a penny of corporate funding for anything related to climate. Donations on the blog work out to about 2% per hour of what I would be paid doing my normal consulting work. I have left literally hundreds of thousands of dollars behind for doing this blogging.

I do this because I am a lifelong environmentalist who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked the environmental movement, and because I am scientist who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked science, and because I am a US citizen who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked the government.

People at places like MediaMatters and Politifact have put lots of energy into lying about me, because they are also fraudsters deeply involved in the scam.

I’m a whistle blower. No matter how filthy the behavior is of climate alarmists, they can’t defeat reality. Sooner or later the truth always comes out.

This scam has nothing to do with climate. Obama just agreed to let China’s CO2 emissions grow for the next 15 years, which will put them at 400% of US emissions.  That makes any US action on CO2 irrelevant. If Obama actually believed there was a climate crisis, he wouldn’t have made that agreement with China.

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101 Responses to My Denier Disclosure

  1. tomwys1 says:

    Congrats for your dedication and I appreciate and celebrate your contributions!!!

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      I second this comment.

      Thank you for being a lifelong environmentalist unhappy with how climate fraudsters have hijacked the environmental movement, a scientist unhappy with how climate fraudsters have hijacked science, and a US citizen unhappy with how climate fraudsters have hijacked the government.

      You are my brother from another mother. Keep up the good work.

    • Alan Poirier says:

      Could not agree more. I used to be a huge Greenpeace supporter. That ended decades ago. Environmentalism is not dead; it’s been corrupted.

    • I am with you Tom and thanks to Steve for his efforts. I have made my views and facts known. No one has disputed my post that methane is not a green house gas and that the proposition that CH4 is worse CO2 is a lie. I wish I was brave enough and in a position to do more like Steve. I think around the world the facts are becoming known. It is sad that it has been so long in coming about.

  2. Francesco Liposo says:

    Thank you Tony! I very much enjoy reading your statistical analyses. Keep up your indefatigable effort to spread truth!

    • Tony…. there HAS to be plenty of Grants out there…

      Why not apply for some like all the other Climate Scientists and get paid for your great work?? NASA, NOAA, EPA… all have grants which should be funding your insights, work, great statistics, and whistleblowing!!

  3. Wyguy says:

    Thank you for all you do, I for one could not do what you do.

  4. I. Lou Minotti says:

    The truth always outs, Tony. The thing that pisses me off is that these deceitful bastards have enough time to fleece Americans and destroy a country before that lightening bolt suddenly hits them from On High. And hopefully, before they get to spend on themselves what they’ve stolen. They’re what I call Satan-smart.

    Obama was TOLD to make that agreement with China by one of his handlers and mentors, ex-UN Undersecretary Maurice Strong.

  5. macha says:

    Keep it up. It could get worse here in Australia if Turnbull succeeds in a leadership challenge against Abbott – the media are baying for blood for it to happen. Turnbull is known for his CAGW simpathetic views. Abbott is (was) calling it “crap” (thankfully)
    Alarmism of any kind is at an all time high I reckon, but its the claim that there is a “significant man-made CO2 cause-effect link to global temperature” that worries me. Even more so, its the proposed downstream mitigating actions that specific groups are demanding that concerns me the most. Totally circumvents natioal sovereignty IMO.

  6. RossP says:

    A simple thank you Tony, from me. Keep up the great work.

  7. B says:

    The smoking gun that CO2 climate change is a fraud is that since the beginning countries with governments that fit the political agenda, like China, have never been targeted for CO2 reduction. Not only that but they are are given a free pass to spew all sorts of real pollution, real toxins, into the air and water. Not to mention the free pass for mining, dams, and other projects.

    Even rich nations like China are not expected to spend a penny of their riches on (now) cheap 1970s technology that prevents the vast majority of the pollution.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “Not only that but they are given a free pass to spew all sorts of real pollution, real toxins, into the air and water”

      Mostly to supply the “wants” of so-called developed countries, including the “want” to preen themselves over an baseless CO2 concern.

      • B says:

        That’s because economic and political agendas required that the means of production for those “wants” to be taken out of the USA.

  8. Marsh says:

    You have a lot of people running with you Tony, you’re not alone on this quest. We know this is a moral crusade to counter the CC corruption that has reached epidemic proportions in the USA.
    In championing this important cause, it will be rough at times, but this tide will turn & history will qualify you & note your rightful place in helping society ; history will not be so kind to your rivals.

  9. Eliza says:

    Where the hell is Inhofe ect??? What are they NOT DOING???

      • Robertv says:

        One of the comments

        Carey Solstice
        hace 5 horas

        You are a terrible human being. It is comforting to know that dinosaurs like you will soon be dead and all the humans still attached to reality will be able to start working on preventing this catastrophe.

    • In light of AZ Rep Grijalva’s House Natural Resources Committee witch hunt of 7 skeptic scientists’ funding, I sent a letter (with follow-up call) to AZ Senator Flake, since he has a counter-opposite position on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee with a suggestion to investigate the source within the Globe/NYT/WashPo articles that apparently spurred Grijalva’s witch hunt. And I sent a similar email / left phone message to Senator Inhofe. Whether that will prompt anything, who knows? Worth a shot, though.

  10. John B., M.D. says:

    This is why we respect you.
    Thanks for your work.

  11. Owen says:

    You Climate Lying fascist scum can go to hell. You bastards are scared of the truth. Tony is whipping your asses. One good man can make a difference !

  12. pyromancer76 says:

    Yes, one good man or woman can certainly make a difference, especially one with the courage, dedication, and intelligence of Steven Goddard/Tony Heller. I, we, are forever in your debt. The careful history and the accurate use of data puts your blog above most others. I, too, am an environmentalist and was appalled by the overwhelming take-over of every environmental organization that I had been part of for years by communists — no doubt about it — by lying, elitist, leftist, marxist-fascists. This will be the fight of our lives. Steven/Tony you are on the front lines and I will be forever grateful. It is for the children. Will they be able to live with truth and freedom?

  13. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    +1 Tony. I can’t do what you do so all I can do is throw another fifty your way to help pay for the bandwidth.

    You are fighting for liberty sir.

  14. Windsong says:

    Thanks for all you do. This site is my first stop every morning, and one of my last in the evening. I can’t make it back to Union Jack’s anytime soon, but I can cover a couple of pints in the interim.

  15. Scott M says:

    Tony, the world would be a better place with more people with you character and integrity. Please keep up your efforts, you are an oasis of truth in the desert of lies.

  16. JN says:

    Tony, your work is critical. I teach environmental science and ethics at a major university and while I do use the required textbooks, I also show the “other side” (the truthful, reality-based side) of the story. So your work is being introduced to a few hundred environmental students every year. Every time they challenge me, I tell them to check out the data for themselves. They always come back and tell me I’m right, but it’s really you who is right. 🙂

  17. ren says:

    The truth about the climate is bright as the sun.

    • Bob Weber says:

      You know it ren!

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Thanks Tony for your work here. Ren, a few short days back a Carrington level eruption occurred on the sun. It happened on the side away from us. The quiet sun facing us is rather deceptive, It is strange that sunspots and filaments seem to behave as they pass in view of the earth and blast away after turning away from us. We owe Somebody/Something out there for their care of our planet.

      • Neal S says:

        I am glad you mentioned that. While I had not known, I am not surprised either. I wish some competent well-respected scientist would do a study on that phenomena (of not having the earth be incinerated regularly) and report the incredible odds of these things not occurring when earth would otherwise be impacted, by chance.

      • ren says:

        Sunspot number: 39 – New regions: 1

      • B says:

        Someone made a documentary discussing some of the oddities that would fall under that heading… (warning auto play) I don’t know much more than what the promos say.

  18. Robertv says:

    We could transform it into a religion like the Alarmist do. The Goddard Church of Truth. As far as I know freedom of religion still exists in your country.

  19. ren says:

    The sun will show fraudsters to their place.
    Very strong lock (ozone) polar vortex over eastern Siberia and Hudson Bay.

    Let us see forecast temperature on 6 March in the northern hemisphere.

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Jet stream blocking is due to the sun…as you have posted solar activity is not quite what you would expect for SC24 peak.

      Low solar activity link to cold UK winters

      Mike Lockwood is an IPCC guy too.

      Paper suggests solar magnetic influence on Earth’s atmospheric pressure

      Them thar sinuous Rossby waves. I really do wish the climateers would pull their heads out of the orifice of CO2 and look at the data.

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Btw, this site is good for seeing where the jet streams are located. The mainpage links are volatile, but the archived maps are saved by date and time. Useful stuff.

    • Ren, I don’t want to look stupid but sometimes it happens. Why is there more ozone in the polar air masses? I thought it would be less.

      There are no stupid questions, but I try.

      • maybe 00Z + f00 is some sort of inverse.

        • ren says:

          Brewer-Dobson circulation is a model of atmospheric circulation, proposed by Alan Brewer in 1949 and Gordon Dobson in 1956, which attempts to explain why tropical air has less ozone than polar air, even though the tropical stratosphere is where most atmospheric ozone is produced. It is a simple circulation model that posits the existence of a slow current in the winter hemisphere which redistributes air from the tropics to the extratropics.

        • ren says:

          The ozone in the stratosphere is produced by photochemical reactions involving O2. When diatomic oxygen in the stratosphere absorbs ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths less than 240 nm, it breaks apart into two oxygen atoms.

          O2(g) uv light 2 O(g) (light wavelength < 240 nm)

          The resulting oxygen atoms combine with O2 molecules to form ozone.

          O(g) + O2(g) — O3(g)
          This reaction is exothermic, and the net effect of the previous two reactions is the conversion of three molecules of O2 to two molecules of ozone with the simultaneous conversion of light energy to heat. Ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths as long as 290 nm. This radiation causes the ozone to decompose into O2 molecules and oxygen atoms.

          O3(g) uv light O2(g) + O(g) (light wavelength < 290 nm)

          Heat freed only extensively if the formation particles of ozone, and therefore the temperature of the stratosphere over the polar circle in winter is low.

        • ren says:

          UV does not reach the winter over the polar circle, but there reach galactic radiation (according to the geomagnetic field). Thanks to its energy can locally increase the temperature of the air.

        • Nah. I’m going with some sort of inverse.

  20. Perhaps Representative Grijalva should make some public disclosures himself, such as his investments in Royal Dutch Shell and Embridge Energy Partners.

    Click to access grijalva-buy.pdf

  21. Gail Combs says:

    Many thanks to you Tony.

    Our society does not reward the honest. It vilifies them and drives them out. Out of work, out of our universities and teaching positions out of social grouping. Being ‘Politically Correct’ and brown nosing is now much more important than being honest.

    I also was a member of the WWF, Greenpeace and Sierra Club when in college and did a lot of garbage hauling from caves and wilderness areas. Back then I used to wish others could develop an appreciation of nature. The saying “Beware what you wish for you might get it.” comes to mind.

    Now I call myself a Conservationist to distance myself from the hi-jacked Environmental Movement.

    I worked for a plastics company and an aerospace company. I got fired from both because I refused to falsify data and certificates of analysis.

  22. Gail Combs says:

    I hope this cartoon posts. Seems at least some political cartoonists are ‘getting it’

  23. Anto says:

    Yep, denier too. Imagine how much improvement to the environment could have been made over the past 30 years, if the trillions of dollars had been well spent, rather than wasted on CO2-scares?

  24. cheshirered says:

    Keep it up, Tony. If you’re getting flack then you know why. It’s fantastic work and is greatly appreciated. Recognition comes slowly but will last a lifetime.

  25. David, UK says:

    When they cannot refute the facts, they attack the messenger.

    Keep up the fine work, Tony, thank you.

  26. emsnews says:

    This is exactly like the Red Guard led by Madame Mao forcing intellectuals to wear dunce caps and being tormented by students.

  27. Edmonton Al says:

    Thanks Tony. I, too, am on your site 12/14 hours a day. It is basically my Home page. Your good honest work is a pleasure to read. I am very frequently sending some of your factual posts to the Government of Canada’s Ministers of Environment; Energy; Health; Justice; Business; Finance as well as the Prime Minister. Awhile back, the Environment Minister was changed from a “Warmist” to a Moderate. I feel that by sending numerous e-mails and letters of information obtained from your blog, “Real Science”, had some impact which resulted in the change.
    Keep up the good work.

  28. scizzorbill says:

    I was an Ecologist back in the day. When the smog in SoCal virtually disappeared, I thought all was okay and concentrated on making a living. Now look at the mess we’re in. The commies have us by the short hair, and the corrupt media, and US Gov. are carrying the water for them. The last step is to control the internet (happening now) which is the only avenue we have to resist the control freaks. Your ability to shine light into the alarmist darkness is greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony.

  29. emsnews says:

    NEWS: The EU has ‘reformed’ their CO2 cap and trade market that collapsed by eliminating over a billion ‘carbon credits’ to make the remaining air credits more ‘expensive’.

    YES this is all about the money. The rich cannot let this stupid sale of air rights collapse. They have a lot of money bet on this fake market.

  30. SMS says:

    Just made a donation. Thanks for all the great work.

    In the interest of clarity, I used to work for big oil. My donation may be a little tainted.

  31. Eliza says:

    THis guy will definitely be ARRESTED in the coming days
    I am amazed haw AGW have been able to hide this under the carpet. This guy for gods sake was in charge of the IPCC for the past 15 years!!!

  32. markstoval says:

    I saw this lead to a story on a flawed new “scientific” paper over at wuwt and just stopped reading since anyone who does not worship the magic of CO2 and “back radiation” is not welcome there at all. One could not even quote the first sentence without going directly into moderation since “slayers” is a bad, bad term at wuwt. God help you if you link to anything that might be thought of as “slayer” related.

    “From the “this ought to shut up the “Skydragon slayers” department. Despite sophomoric claims that I’m a “denier”, I’ve never disputed that CO2 has a role in warming via retardation of IR transfer from the surface to the top of the atmosphere.” ~ A. Watts

    Well, over the years since the late 70s when I became interested in this topic I have discovered that CO2, on net, is a cooling agent; but the effects in the lower atmosphere are so very tiny that there is no way we could ever measure the effects — so there can be no science as science requires some real world data.

    So, I guess that makes me the most evil kind of denier. I dispute that CO2 does what Jim Hansen claimed. Heck, I think Jim Hansen has been wrong 100% of the time. Wait, I think I hear government officials knocking at my door. What could they want at this hour …

    • Gail Combs says:

      Since many of these bat smashing bird slicing eco-crucifixes are built in China and China is not know for its great quality control, expect more of same.

      When Just-in-Time and no incoming inspection was first catching the eye of the bean counters in the 1980s, one guy in Texas grabbed some incoming bolts with five hash marks. The marks indicate these are the strongest bolts but testing showed they snapped like a twig…

      The guy worked for an aircraft manufacturer and the bolts were for putting aircraft wings together. Thank goodness he did that on his own or who knows how many would have died because of the dumbass “Trust your supplier” ISO 9000 idiocy.

      W. Edwards Deming I really like Joseph M. Juran was a corporate tool.

      • B says:

        Don’t get me started on modern quality systems. But the old ones aren’t so great either. I’ve experienced both. If certain holes in modern systems were fixed they would be rather good. However, if you can’t trust your suppliers they shouldn’t be your suppliers in the first place.

        ISO 9000 really means that there is a system and it is followed. It doesn’t mean the system is any good.

      • Steve Case says:

        Just too late, and all ISO ever did was document that you made junk.

  33. ralphcramdo says:

    I assume no one has seen this yet. From

    Faux outrage over Willie Soon’s disclosure? Joe Romm failed to disclose his political financial ties in a scientific paper

  34. ren says:

    Still strong blocking in both the stratosphere and troposphere.

  35. Eliza says:

    Ren the topgraph is trendless…..Your better off with a best fit curve… again no news. RSS keeps trying to put trend lines through their data.. again no trend really LOL

  36. Hugh K says:

    Kudos Tony.

    Only have one small point of disagreement – “People at places like MediaMatters and Politifact have put lots of energy into lying about me, because they are also fraudsters deeply involved in the scam.”

    While that might be true, IMO the main reason these character assassins are going after you is because you are effective. Rock on Tony!!!

  37. ren says:

    Snow will intensify across the central Appalachians on Sunday as an icy mix overspreads the mid-Atlantic. At night, the brunt of the storm and its snow will focus on New England.
    Boston’s seasonal snowfall record of 107.6 inches from 1995-96 will be challenged by this snowstorm.
    The snowstorm will clear southern New England by Monday and will taper off to the north later in the morning.

  38. ren says:

    Nature 399, 437-439 (3 June 1999) | doi:10.1038/20867; Received 21 December 1998; Accepted 12 April 1999
    “The solar wind is an extended ionized gas of very high electrical conductivity, and therefore drags some magnetic flux out of the Sun to fill the heliosphere with a weak interplanetary magnetic field1,2. Magnetic reconnection—the merging of oppositely directed magnetic fields—between the interplanetary field and the Earth’s magnetic field allows energy from the solar wind to enter the near-Earth environment. The Sun’s properties, such as its luminosity, are related to its magnetic field, although the connections are still not well understood3,4. Moreover, changes in the heliospheric magnetic field have been linked with changes in total cloud cover over the Earth, which may influence global climate5. Here we show that measurements of the near-Earth interplanetary magnetic field reveal that the total magnetic flux leaving the Sun has risen by a factor of 1.4 since 1964: surrogate measurements of the interplanetary magnetic field indicate that the increase since 1901 has been by a factor of 2.3. This increase may be related to chaotic changes in the dynamo that generates the solar magnetic field. We do not yet know quantitatively how such changes will influence the global environment.”

    Figure 3 The total solar magnetic flux emanating through the coronal source
    sphere12, Fs. Shown are the values derived from the geomagnetic aa data for
    1868–1996 (black line bounding grey shading) and the values from the interplanetary
    observations for 1964–96 (thick blue line). The variation of the annual
    means of the sunspot number hRi is shown by the area shaded purple and varies
    between 0 and a peak of 190 for solar cycle 19.

    Click to access 170_Lockwoodetal_nature.pdf

  39. Truthseeker says:


    You are a finalist in the 2015 Bloggies for the Weblog of the Year!

    Vote early … vote often.

  40. markstoval says:


    I voted for you in the “Bloggies” for lifetime achievement. I think will win; but you deserve it much more. (in spite of your blind-spot on “back-radiation”) 🙂

    Warmest Regards, Mark S.

  41. Ben says:

    I’m sorry Steve. I have dropped coin to help “Disrupt the Borg”.

    I also once bought gas for a non-Prius.

    The well is tainted. 😉

  42. scott mccall says:

    Your work is greatly appreciated and this website is going to grow because you provide great information. I especially like the references to past news articles, and the expanded view of propogandabdata showing clear intent to misinform the public. You are relentless and consistent, and I have found nearly all your posts and the subsequent commentary to be worth the time to read. I also feel the need to spend the time writing this comment because I really do value this website and I will bet that your Alexa graph is hockey stick-like, solely based on the consistent quality of your posts and the truth of your message.

    On a side note, it is surreal how the world owes literally everything we have today to the discovery and use of fossil fuels yet it is seen by most as what’s wrong with the world. How did this happen?

    Leftist political ideology has most people convinced that fossil fuels are dirty and evil. It’s like saying how terrible your parents are, oblivious to the fact you owe everything to them! I say its time for fossil fuel appreciation day. Seriously. People don’t realize how fossil fuels transformed human civilization. The invention of the wheel pales to the discovery of fossil fuel. It is an amazing substance and its cheaper than milk.

    Anything you can post to counter this misconception would make your message more powerful. It gives more context to your message because fossil fuels are not appreciated.

    You do outstanding work, Steven. I will put my money where my mouth is and say thanks by donating to the cause.

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