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Hottest Winter Ever Update

NCDC says this is one of the hottest winters ever in the US, with 56% of the US below normal temperature over the past 60 days. Current Climate Summary Maps – Powered by ACIS – High Plains Regional Climate Center … Continue reading

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Be A Part Of The Team Holding Geo-centricism Deniers Feet To The Fire

The White House is leading the attacks on science and academic freedom. Obama has it right at the top of his web site. Be a part of the team that’s holding climate change deniers’ feet to the fire. Add your … Continue reading

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One Day Later

Yesterday, CU professor Mark Williams announced the demise of Colorado skiing. And today, southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico are forecast to get 3-4 feet of snow.

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Junk Science Award For The Evening

Over the deade the authors examined (2000 to 2010), the average level of the gas (CO2) in the atmosphere went up by 22 parts-per-million. And the time series shows a steadily rising trend in its impact, layered on top of … Continue reading

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Cold Winters In DC Used To Be Caused By Global Cooling

Experts tell us that the current cold winter in DC is caused by global warming, but 45 years ago cold winters in DC were caused by global cooling and the coming ice age. The Canberra Times Saturday 24 January 1970 … Continue reading

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Global Warming Over The Past 70 years

In 1946, cherry trees were blooming in Washington DC by mid-March Ludington Daily News  After 70 years of out of control warming, Washington and most of the rest of the country will be lucky to be above freezing by mid-March. … Continue reading

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