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Climate Skepticism Is Now “Abuse”

I have never threatened anyone in my life. This is unbelievable. Steve Goddard 2:41 PM (0 minutes ago)  to Twitter I don’t engage in harassment or abuse, but am a frequent target of it on Twitter. Please detail.

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AMS Fires Back Against The Obama Led Witch Hunt

The White House is clearly leading this attack on free speech and science.

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Dark Comedy At The Capitol

I was listening to Senate Democrats on C-Span radio this morning. The same people who spent the last three weeks refusing to allow a vote on Homeland Security funding, were attacking House Republicans for not allowing a vote on Homeland Security funding. … Continue reading

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More Concerns For The Washington DC Polar Bear Population

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Think Of The Boston Polar Bear Cubs

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Climate Central Fraud Update

Heidi Cullen says that global warming is making winters around the Great Lakes red hot. Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends | Climate Central The Great Lakes have all-time record ice cover, with most of the last 13 years normal or … Continue reading

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Katherine Shoveling White Today

On most days, Katherine Hayhoe shovels global warming BS – but today she has to shovel a lighter colored substance.

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