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If The Data Doesn’t Match The Theory, Change The Data

NASA didn’t like the fact that Antarctica was cooling, so they simply changed the data to meet the needs of funding. Gavin said in 2004 that Antarctica had cooled significantly. But NASA knew that wasn’t any use for the global warming … Continue reading

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What Makes This Blog Different

Unlike some other skeptic blogs, I don’t pretend that global warming alarmists and data tamperers are actually interested in science.

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Latest News From The Biggest Liar In The History Of The World

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Obama’s Love For America

President Obama loves America so much, that he wants electricity prices to skyrocket – to save a frozen population from overheating.

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Two Peas In The Same Pod

Greenpeace and ISIS are both destroying ancient history, in pursuit of their respective religious goals.

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My Promise, In Exchange For Your Vote

Vote for me, and I promise no global warming for the past 18 years. Isn’t this a face you can trust? Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2015 Bloggies

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Super Secret Spy Cams Show Illegal Global Warming Refugees Streaming Into New Mexico

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