Hottest Year Ever Update

Government experts like Gavin Schmidt and Tom Karl say the weather is the hottest ever, because of Mann-made CO2 emissions.

ScreenHunter_7603 Mar. 01 20.02 ScreenHunter_7602 Mar. 01 19.58 ScreenHunter_7591 Mar. 01 16.50

ScreenHunter_7626 Mar. 02 07.05

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26 Responses to Hottest Year Ever Update

  1. rah says:

    Do the Climate guys at NOAA talk to the Weather guys at NOAA? Apparently not!

    • stewartpid says:

      The climate guys know that the cold is due to the record GLO-BULL warming ๐Ÿ˜‰ and so they don’t worry about weather, data or facts!

    • Jason Calley says:

      Why, rah! I am surprised that you would even ask such a question! Of course they do not talk. After all, the weather guys are only doing meteorology; the climate guys are doing SCIENCE!

      I guess I don’t really have to include a sarc tag, do I? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. gofer says:

    About 2100 all-time cold records have been broken. Why have we not broken the heat record of 1913 or was it erased.

    • DD More says:

      Need to up your count, per NOAA – Now at 2634 – just Broken or tied From 2015-02-19 to 2015-02-25.
      Record High Temp?? Where are the +20 over the average.
      11 new records lower by more than 22 degrees shown here

      Period High Max High Min Low Max Low Min Precipitation Snowfall Snow Depth
      Last 7 Days 27 52 1607 989 119 462 0
      Last 30 Days 2853 2564 4464 3333 1322 1734 0
      Last 365 Days 16760 27974 27334 19253 26698 7782 0

      • gofer says:

        The world temp record of 134F was set July 10, 1913. Continental records have not been broken in years, latest being 38 years ago, in 1977, for Europe. The others are:

        Antarctica 1974
        Australia. 1960
        Asia. 1942
        Africa 1931
        Oceania 1912
        South America 1905

        Surely with the jump in CO2, there should have been records set all the time. Maybe they have adjusted these away or they are working on it.

  3. Chewer says:

    And only three weeks left to summer down south ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. oz4caster says:

    If you use the NCEP CFSR data, 2014 was the 13th warmest since 1979 and 2005 was the warmest. This data also shows a general decline since 2005 rather than a “pause”. I made the graph below comparing the CFSR and NCDC estimates of annual global temperature anomalies since 1979.

  5. gregole says:

    I just got back to Phoenix from a business trip to Chicago – my gosh it was so cold there! If this is a “warm” winter I don’t think the “warm” made it up to Chicago.

    It was beautiful there though, it was snowing on Thursday and Friday and then it cleared up and was gorgeous and clear but cold, cold, cold!

  6. SMS says:

    If it’s cold here in the US, it has to be extra warm somewhere else on the planet to even out the worlds temperature.

    Where in the world is someone complaining about record high temperatures?

    • Dave N says:

      Temps have been pretty average for our summer here in Adelaide. I’m bracing myself for a very, very cold (relatively speaking) winter. Fortunately I have some respite in Bali for 10 days in August ๐Ÿ™‚

      • SMS says:

        Having lived in Adelaide for several years I can attest to some very warm weeks during the summer. As I recall, no matter how warm any week or day was during the summer, there was always someone finding some reason to claim a new temperature record; usually following some fiddling.

    • Billy Liar says:

      There’s little ice in the Baltic/Gulf of Bothnia/Gulf of Finland this year.

  7. Well,

    Nature says: “The Climate WILL change”, and man will have nothing to do about it. After all, the Earth’s climate has been changing for as long as it has had an atmosphere. Something many of the “fearmongerers” conveniently forget.

  8. DavidS says:

    Mr Lacroix needs to check the records again. Canadian records go back to 1840 in Toronto and in many localities they go back to the 1870s including some of the locations he has listed. I haven’t started looking up every site on the graphic but I know for sure that February, 1934 in Ottawa had an average temperature of -20.7 at one station (which was at the edge of the city then) and -16.5 at another station which was downtown. However, it does look like 2015 was the second coldest for that city.

  9. gator69 says:

    The usual suspects are already crowing that this past February will be the “hottest evuh”. Funny thing is, I think they believe it.

    • nielszoo says:

      When you sit in front of a computer in a heated office and look at statistical gobble-d-gook filtered through fantasy climate models, all paid for by scare based government climate grants… it can ONLY get hotter. The “system” is “designed” to keep making it hotter. Think of what the massive step change would look like if they ever stop the manipulations.

      They have no choice but to keep making it hotter. They’ve got so many spinning plates in the air from the lies that they can’t keep up.

      • gator69 says:

        “When you sit in front of a computer in a your mom’s basement and look at doomer sites based upon fantasy climate models, all paid for by scare based government climate grantsโ€ฆ it can ONLY get hotter.”

        Fixed it for you.

  10. sully says:

    Just finished removing a meter of snow off the out buildings here. Waiting for help to arrive to get the house roof done. Finally my turn.

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