If The Data Doesn’t Match The Theory, Change The Data

NASA didn’t like the fact that Antarctica was cooling, so they simply changed the data to meet the needs of funding. Gavin said in 2004 that Antarctica had cooled significantly.

ScreenHunter_1156 Mar. 02 18.24

ScreenHunter_1154 Mar. 02 18.20

ScreenHunter_1159 Mar. 02 18.47

But NASA knew that wasn’t any use for the global warming agenda, so they simply changed the data a couple of years later.

ScreenHunter_1157 Mar. 02 18.26

But that fake data wasn’t effective enough, so Steig made it even hotter in Antarctica

ScreenHunter_1153 Mar. 02 18.19

And now, Jeff Masters reports that it was 1,830 degrees in Antarctica yesterday.

ScreenHunter_1150 Mar. 02 17.53


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32 Responses to If The Data Doesn’t Match The Theory, Change The Data

  1. D. Self says:

    The clowns are now in a contest to see who can tell the biggest whopper, integrity has been destroyed..

  2. omanuel says:

    Data has been hidden, altered or manipulated since Stalin won WWII, formed the UN in Oct 1945, and used tax revenues to generate research grant funds to separate society from conscious awareness of reality.

    • omanuel says:

      I apologize for being blunt, but there is no longer reason to pretend that seventy years (1945-2015) of Stalin’s lock-step consensus science might be right.

      Neutron repulsion generates energy in cores of:

      1. Heavy atoms like Uranium
      2. Some planets like Jupiter
      3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
      4. Galaxies like the Milky Way
      5. Our expanding Universe !

      Neutron repulsion causes all stars to emit neutrons that decay in ~15 min into hydrogen. All stars generate and discard hydrogen to interstellar space as the universe expands.

  3. emsnews says:

    Hotter than the sun!!! 🙂

  4. Bob Koss says:

    Heh. Pretty funny.

    I speculate they were using -99.9C as a missing value and realized they were occasionally getting too close to that figure with actual temperatures. Some smartchinski decided using 99.9C would work better, but didn’t change the algorithm to recognize that value as representing missing.

    • Dave1billion says:

      Non-programmers don’t how place-holders are used by programmers.

      When I they were reported that the Obamacare website had users such as “Darth Vader” and “Luke Skywalker” laughed. Those are some of the same placeholders I use. If I see those values I KNOW that there is still some test data in the live system.

      That said, if this is a placeholder, why use 1830 rather than (+/-) 9999. 9999 definitely jumps out at you. I had to conventrate to see the 1830 on the page.

      • Dave1billion says:

        Cripes. So many typos in the above post. I’m running on fumes here but I think that Shakespeare’s monkeys could do a better job.

        As far as that goes, maybe that’s who they have generating the fill-in temperature data for the missing stations. Except for the fact that monkey-ass randomness couldn’t account for the warming bias in the “interpolated” data.

    • Billy Liar says:

      1830²F = 999°C

  5. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on the WeatherAction News Blog and commented:
    Tony stop giving Jeff ideas. He’s a Zen Master of getting lies around the world before the truth has even set it’s alarm 😉

  6. scizzorbill says:

    Liberals, true believers, and other clueless non thinkers will cheerfully let the wool be pulled over their little heads so the ‘agenda’ can proceed.

  7. ACR says:

    OT … Steven, has Twitter clarified what they mean when they said you threatened non-violence or something?

    • Neal S says:

      It is hard for mere mortals such as ourselves to understand what efforts folks like those at the NCDC must go through to keep the fraud alive. They are getting dangerously close to ‘laugh out loud’ territory. It will take a little while till they come up with an adequate set of ‘adjustments’.

  8. Andy DC says:

    It is funny how -74 is referred to as “cooler”. I thought cool was supposed to mean “pleasant”.

  9. exmaschine says:

    Reblogged this on The Road to Revelation and commented:
    More solid work from Tony on the Steven Goddard blog.

  10. Anthony Scalzi says:

    1830F was just the low, so the high temperature must have been a lot higher.

  11. Chewer says:

    A Type E thermocouple (& others) , -450 to 1830 degrees F, so during open circuit the output goes to the rail voltage (1830 degrees)…
    On the other hand, the scamsters could certainly add some of these max temps to daily groupings, just to show a nice and toasty average 😉

    On another note, the Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Climate Change laid out the plan they’ve been dreaming of all along in regard to AGW:

    These are the folks that sincerely enjoy group think:
    “I’m proud to be Mexican said the Mexican”!
    “I’m proud to be an African American said the African American”!
    “I’m proud to be Indian said the Indian”!
    “I’m proud to be Asian said the Asian”!
    “I’m proud to be white said the RACIST”!

  12. Robertv says:

    2014, 03, 01, 3.69734,

    2015, 03, 01, 3.80324,


    You can see that Antarctica is getting hotter because sea ice starts growing earlier in the season..

  13. gator69 says:

    It appears that Zeke and Mosher have been here, and have voted liberally. 😉

  14. cheshirered says:

    You gotta love those pretty-colour maps too. Deliberately designed to deceive the casual observer into believing Antarctica is ‘hotter’ today than ever before. -74…phew what a scorcher.

  15. Kevin Roche says:

    I just returned from a visit to Antarctica, it is nothing but ice. The trip was run by National Geographic and even the scientists they had on board said that Antarctic ice is expanding, in extent if not in mass, the waters in the circumpolar current have gotten colder in the last few years, there is no melting from beneath of the Ross or other sea ice shelfs, etc. etc. In fact, one said that there is evidence that the Antarctic circumpolar current is a major driver of global climate and if it is becoming colder, that should be a concern. One other thing, there is no shortage of penguins in Antarctica and their numbers are growing. The biggest threat to penguins, other than fur seals, is human overfishing of krill, largely by our friends the Russians and the Japanese.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Kevin, Thank you for your first-hand account.

      I bet those scientists can’t wait to share this Inconvenient information in a bunch of new scientific papers to be submitted for Pal Review to the Ivory Tower.

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