Latest News From The Biggest Liar In The History Of The World

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32 Responses to Latest News From The Biggest Liar In The History Of The World

  1. gator69 says:

    All three of his religions preach Taqiyya.

  2. Bob Greene says:

    The pipeline is supposed to transport oil from US pro also

    • Mike D says:

      Yeah that, which is why the southern portion was green lit even without the northern portion being approved. Which Obama claimed to have facilitated when it happened.

      Oil is already flowing.

      Also, the reason for the pipeline is to get the oil to the refineries in the Gulf. Most states with refineries have only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of barrels refining capacity per day. Texas and Louisiana each have millions of barrels of refining capacity per day. Between the two of them, 47% of the refining capacity in the US per the EIA.

      Full list in the spreadsheet below the table from US EIA.

      One other lie he has told is that the Canadian oil will just be exported. That is not true. The oil will not be exported. Some refinery products are exported. One reason is the Jones Act from 1920. If someone wants to ship gasoline from Texas to New England states or any other US port, only US built, owned, and crewed ships can be used, so most of the time it costs more to ship it from Texas than it is to import from Canada or even Europe. So lots of gasoline in the Northeast is imported, and some gasoline, diesel, and other products from the Gulf are exported to Central and South America and elsewhere. In general lots of diesel is exported since the US uses less diesel relative to gasoline than other parts of the world.

      This quote refers to movement of crude, because it is an article discussing northeastern refineries and the effect if the oil export ban were lifted, but the movement of gasoline should be better economics since it is much higher value per unit of volume. But note this says that if the export ban were lifted, they would be able to take oil from the gulf, refine it in Europe, and ship it back to the US at lower cost than to ship it to the east coast refineries instead.

      “To move crude from the Gulf Coast to a Northeastern U.S. refinery costs $5 to $6 a barrel on a Jones Act ship, but $2 to $3 per barrel to take it to Europe on a foreign-flag ship, Drevna said.

      “That European refinery can take our crude oil, refine it, and ship gasoline back at a 7- to 9-cent differential than what we can do here in the States because of the cost of delivering the crude on Jones Act ships,” he said. “That’s unsustainable to Northeast refiners.”

  3. gator69 says:

    An artist who painted a portrait of former President Bill Clinton says there’s more to the piece than one might see at first blush.

    Pennsylvania artist Nelson Shanks told the Philadelphia Daily News that he included a shadow of a blue dress in the 2006 portrait that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. It’s an apparent reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, with Shanks adding that the 42nd president is “probably the most famous liar of all time.”

    If it were not for Miriam Goderich’s admission of guilt, I would have said Obama was the biggest liar. 😉

  4. D. Self says:

    Obama has to pay back is donors in the green sector of the crooks on wall street.

  5. omanuel says:

    The AGW fable convincingly exposed global totalitarian rule of science under the United Nations.

    Michael Crichton tried to warn us of this in his novel, State of Fear.

    If you study the paper, “Solar energy” carefully – including the references – you will know Stalin’s troops captured:

    1. Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in AUG 1945;

    2. The crew of an American B-29 bomber in AUG 1945; and

    3. Held them for negotiations in SEPT 1945; leading to

    4. Formation of the UN in OCT 1945; followed by

    5. Seventy years (1945-2015 = 70 yrs) of lies disguised as consensus science to move society toward UN’s Agenda 21.

    See: “Solar energy”

    Now that the cat is out of the bag,” winners of Nobel Prizes (other than Al Gore and Raj Pachauri) may be questioning their actions in endorsing “consensus science” for personal fame.

    • DD More says:

      Try 4 crews and 3 intact B-29’s
      Our crews were told that after bombing Japan, only in an extreme emergency, to land in Vladivostok, Russia. On August 20, 1944, a B-29 was forced to divert to the Soviet Union. It crashed east of Khabarovsk after the crew baled out. The crew was interned in Russia.
      About the same time three B-29’s with emergencies landed in Vladivostok. One of the planes was the “Ramp Tramp”, another was the “Ding Hao”. Ironically the third plane was completely intact was the Gen. H.H. Arnold Special.
      The crews assumed the planes would be refueled and they would return to China. They were never to see their planes again. The crews and aircraft were all interned. Now the Russians were holding four crews and three complete B-29’s. Desperate negotiations by the U.S. for the release of the crews and the aircraft were ignored.

      Finally through some bizarre diplomatic negotiations between the US and Molotov it was arranged for the aircrews to “escape” to Tashkent, Russia, via the Trans-Siberian Railroad. They were given adequate treatment while interned. From Tashkent they were transported by train and truck to Tehran, Iran, for their release. However their release wasn’t going to be that simple. They were warned not to talk to anyone, and had to sign top secret documents swearing them to secrecy. They were flown to Naples, Italy, and then shipped to N.Y. where they finally found freedom.

      But not the planes.
      The Russian plan was to organize the best pilots, technicians, engineers, and aviation specialist to measure and catalog each of the 105,000 parts of the B-29. They decided to completely disassemble the Hap Arnold Special and use it for measurements. The Ding Hao would serve as a reference model, and the Ramp Tramp would be used for pilots training. Russian pilots would have a hard time figuring out the significance of the instruments, so their top pilot, fluent in english, labeled every instrument in Russian so their pilots could easily identify everything required to fly the B-29. The Russians were amazed at the quality of the workmanship and the technology involved in the manufacture of the B-29. The Soviet version would be called the TU-4, NATO code name “BULL”.

      Now they were running into major problems. Imagine the complexity of copying the giant R-3350 engine. They were not able to manufacture the wing fuel tanks. The compound curves of the plexiglass nose presented an unsolved problem, and pilots complained about distortion in the Russian copy. They did not have the capability to manufacture the huge tires. The massive landing gear also was a problem. The responsibility of copying the airframe went to Tupolev. There were miles of wires, and the sophisticated gunnery system presented the biggest problem. The Russians sent agents to the U.S. to try to purchase anything they could find in parts, plans, tires, or information pertaining to the B-29. The machine guns were replaced with cannons. The copying and manufacture of the R-3350 engine was turned over to Shvetsov. The TU-4 project was well underway early in 1945.
      The Russians toiled endlessly on solving these problems, and it was not until 1949 that the TU-4 became fully operational with some 300 in service.

      Have the Russians ever designed and built anything new?

      • Neal S says:

        I think the answer to “Have the Russians ever designed and built anything new?” must be a yes when you consider certain firsts such as manned space flight and satellites. Who or what would they have copied for those accomplishments? That being said, I do agree that the Russians have done a tremendous amount of copying, and I have seen that in electronics and computers.

      • Dan_Kurt says:

        re: “Have the Russians ever designed and built anything new?” DD More

        Read these three books by Anthony Sutton:
        Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917–1930 (1968)
        Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1930–1945 (1971)
        Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1945–1965 (1973)

        watch this video: The Best Enemies Money Can Buy – An Interview with Professor Antony C. Sutton

        Dan Kurt

  6. Oil is a global commodity. Either Obama doesn’t know that or doesn’t understand what that means. But, he can count on reporters not knowing either, either.

  7. Gary H says:

    On Obama’s lying. Well, let’s get the view from the investigative reporter and radical leftist, Seymour Hersh, at the New Yorker. Was quoted by The Guardian in an interview back in Sep’t, 2013:

    ‘The Obama administration lies systematically . .’

    No kidding . . as if we didn’t already all know that.

  8. Streetcred says:

    I suppose that with that level of ‘barry-logic’, no foreign sourced raw materials should be processed in the USA. What an a/h.

  9. Robert of Ottawa says:

    Canada is an ally and friend, so of course he must piss them off; as he has done with all the friends and allies of the US, and emboldened its enemies

  10. nickreality65 says:

    Wasn’t all of this hoopla about a short cut for an existing pipe line?

  11. BallBounces says:

    If Canada was a major source of illegal immigrants or populated with Islamists, Obama’s position re: Canada would be much different. As it is, it’s just another friend and ally to diss.

    • omanuel says:

      A large part of post-1945 consensus science is utter nonsense designed to block public knowledge of NEUTRON REPULSION, the source of energy in cores of:

      1. Heavy atoms like Uranium
      2. Some planets like Jupiter
      3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
      4. Galaxies like the Milky Way
      5. Our expanding Universe
      , as

      compacted neutrons are ejected and decay into an expanded form of the neutron – the hydrogen atoms that fill interstellar space or fuse into atoms of heavier elements.

  12. kuhnkat says:

    Since he claims he would be interested in moving American Oil that must mean he has been making sure there have been lots of oil leases let on gubmint controlled land. Wonder where those numbers are…

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