More Arctic Sea Ice Than 1922

In 1922, the US Weather Bureau reported that the seas around Spitzbergen never froze over.

ScreenHunter_7621 Mar. 02 06.32ScreenHunter_7623 Mar. 02 06.32

ScreenHunter_7620 Mar. 02 06.32

This year Spitzbergen is completely surrounded by ice

ScreenHunter_7618 Mar. 02 06.27


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6 Responses to More Arctic Sea Ice Than 1922

  1. sabretoothed says:

    1765-66 V.Ya. Chichagov explores Kola Peninsula coast and Spitzbergen

    1827 Royal Navy expedition to Spitsbergen led by William Edward Parry reaches 82°45’N

  2. DD More says:

    Of course we can completely ignore this report of science since it is obvious that George Nicolas is in the pay of “Big Fish” and associates with God-Forbidden SEAL hunters.
    If it will work against Willie, why change the playbook.

    • Ah… these are just anecdotal accounts from an unscientific man who explored the area for 54 years… first hand accounts are to be cast aside… arrrrrghhhh..

      What we need are Scientific Models from far away places … like the Hockey Stick Mikey Mann made… Scientists who have NEVER explored nor spent time in these areas… its all about the “Science” they say… our “Science”…

  3. slimething says:

    There’s a website concerning Arctic history and IIRC the author stated Spitzbergen is the tell tale of the ice (more or less) trend.

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