Two Peas In The Same Pod

Greenpeace and ISIS are both destroying ancient history, in pursuit of their respective religious goals.

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12 Responses to Two Peas In The Same Pod

  1. Stephen Fisher says:

    No doubt the little darlings traveled to Peru by renewable energy means…

  2. gator69 says:

    That video of those scumbags destroying ancient art made me sick to my stomach. That should be death penalty stuff.

    On a related note..

    NOAAand NASA are both destroying our history, in pursuit of their respective religious goals.

  3. Stephen Fisher says:

    Just about everything that these medieval savages do is death-penalty stuff…
    Islam is a religion of pieces

  4. DD More says:

    Make that 3 peas.

    Afghanistan Taliban Muslims destroying Bamiyan Buddha Statues

  5. omanuel says:

    I condemn the destruction of:

    1. Ancient art by ISIS
    2. Solar and Jupiter data by NASA
    3. Global temperature data by NOAA

    But ISIS does not represent Islam, NASA does not represent the space science community, and NOAA does not represent the community of climatologists (meteorology).

  6. Lawrence 13 says:

    Excellent parallel Steve/Tony. The left are nutters it is definitely some form of mental aberration that starts with the privileged, they grow up comfortable well off and hate the very people that gave them that witnessed in Jihadi John. His family fled Kuwait apparently rooting for Sadam they come to the UK one son is a petty criminal. the sister at uni doing art through a Burqa (must be like looking at the world trapped in a letter box) and then there’s JJ Mohammed who has know made his mark in history hating the country that gave him safety and shelter. The left though will not have a word said against him as no doubt they relate to him.

  7. Lawrence 13 says:

    I would further say that the left environmentalist warner want to destroy western civilisation as much as the Muslim and just not the fundamentalist. I have to laugh though as here in Britain the left in the form of the BBC & Guardian are constantly pushing Islam as the protectors of ancient culture. These people are absolutely barking and cannot recognise evil from good.

  8. Jimbo says:

    Iraq should seriously consider lending on long-term a great many of its transportable pieces to western museums. Two or even three decades in order to ensure their safe keeping. Iraq and some other nations are just too unstable. Parts of Iraq encompass the cradle of civilization if I remember rightly – until ISIS came along.

  9. Truthseeker says:

    Note to Greenpeace …

    The future is renewable. We will never run out of it!

  10. Barbara says:

    Nice! Truthseeker. But what will the future look like after the willfully ignorant get done with it?

    • Gail Combs says:

      “…But what will the future look like after the willfully ignorant get done with it?”


      Another DARK AGES. That is of course the whole goal. A return to feudalism with no middle class, no individual rights, no property rights just dumbed down docile peasants.

      All you have to do is look at all the bits and pieces that are already in place. (I keep posting them.)

      1. DNA testing of all infants.
      2. Assignment of social worker to each child born. (Scotland)
      3. Drugging of non-compliant children age 7 and up by schools
      4. Move to make After-Birth Abortion of children up to 6 years acceptable.
      5. Turning schools into brain washing centers instead of centers of learning.

      1. Medical care removed for those over 70. Many procedures are now on the do not prescribe list.
      2. Medical personnel snooping in your purchases so they can ‘intervene’ in ‘unhealthy’ life styles.
      3. New Dietary guidelines stressing sustainable ‘vegetarian practices’ (no red meat) (Red meat is needed for brain development in the fetus and fast growing babes.)
      4. Trials for implanted data chips containing medical info.
      5. A new international diagnostic manual, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, labels independent thinkers as mentally ill, by calling them conspiracy theorists, deniers… There is even a paper: A CLINICAL ANALYSIS OF ANTI-GOVERNMENT PHOBIA

      1. Spying and retention of phone calls and e-mails
      2. Consolidation and militarization of police/federal bureaus under DHS
      3. Emphasis on ‘Homegrown Terrorists’
      4. The relabeling of conservatives as extremists. For example presidential candidate Ben Carson or those with Ron Paul, Bob Barr… bumper stickers.
      6. The indefinite retention without communication or trial (or evidence?) of those labeled ‘Homegrown Terrorists’

      1. Removal of upto 50% of our electric grid and replacing it with Smart Meters, Smart Appliances thus removing control of your home environment.
      2. Screening of Airports ===> Buses, ships, trains and even passenger cars.
      3. GPS in new cars that is integrated into the start system so cars can be shutdown remotely.
      4. Push to remove individual travel ability.
      5. Consolidation of food growing. (See Cornell and food sheds)
      6. Push to remove ability to own private property.

      The Historylink

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