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Settled Science At The EPA

The EPA head is certain that some imaginary climate model forecasts are correct, only she doesn’t know what they are.  

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Learning To Think Like A Democrat

Democrats believe that Canadian oil is a mortal threat to their survival, but Iranian nukes are nothing to be concerned about.

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Settled Religion

Last week, the paedophile head of the IPCC announced that climate change is a religion Today, the head of the EPA said climate change is not a religion. Repent of your carbon sins Have faith in the one true greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Obama Did More Than He Promised

Obama promised to slow the rise of the seas, but since he took office, sea level along the New England coast has actually been falling at 1mm/month. He has over-delivered on his promise. Data and Station Information for NEWPORT Data and … Continue reading

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The Anti-Science White House

President Obama has organized bands of OFA thugs to target openly skeptical scientists. This is what AGU has to say. AGU unwaveringly supports a scientist’s right to academic freedom, and nothing in my previous post should be interpreted to suggest otherwise. We … Continue reading

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If Obama Was Serious

If Obama was serious about green energy and stopping Iranian nukes, his deal with Iran would be based on replacing Iranian nuclear power with wind and solar. But he is lying about both, and won’t do either.

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More CO2 And Less War

Yesterday’s global warming scam of the day was that CO2 causes war. This is the exact opposite of reality, which shows that war deaths have decreased as CO2 has increased. More CO2 means more industrial output. More industrial output means … Continue reading

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