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BOM Lying Again

BOM claims that February was the hottest on record in Australia after 1983 News – Argus Media February 1998 was much hotter in Australia and globally. Government climate experts are employed to push the global warming agenda, not present accurate information to … Continue reading

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Ten Degrees UHI In Pittsburgh

Temperatures in downtown Pittsburgh are 5-16 degrees warmer than outlying areas. NCDC says UHI is 0.1 degrees, because if they corrected accurately it would wreck their global warming story.

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Amazing Night

I took the dogs out for a long walk through the forest in 16 inches of snow. The moon was full and no wind. I’ve never been in hardwood forest on a night like this before, but it was pure … Continue reading

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Propaganda – Not Science

It is easy to demonstrate that global warming experts are propagandists, not scientists. Check out this nonsense On thin ice: Combined Arctic ice observations show decades of loss | UW Today They carefully cherry picked the time frame misinform the audience, … Continue reading

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Coldest March Night Ever?

We are buried in snow, everything is shut down, obliterating our record low after a 60 year decline in temperature, and may have our coldest March night on record tonight. I blame your SUV.

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Australia Hottest Year Ever Update

It is snowing in Tasmania already.

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Pea-Brained President Thinks Trains Are Safer Than Pipelines

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