Why Would Climate Alarmists Want To Destroy The Environment?

Forty-five years ago, we had dirty air and water in the US. LA looked like Beijing


The Cuyahoga River used to catch on fire.


I worked hard to get the Clean Air Act passed, and to establish and protect wilderness areas. I worked two summers as a volunteer ranger in the Cibola and Santa Fe National Forests. This was my home one summer at 12,000 feet elevation.

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The US was very successful at cleaning up the environment. But then the environmental movement was hijacked by big money pushing the global warming scam. What would happen if fossil fuels were banned?

Every tree in the forest would be cut down for firewood. The air would be thick with smoke from burning wood. Every animal in the forest would be hunted to extinction for food. Whales would be hunted to extinction for oil. It would be an environmental apocalypse.

Low cost fossil fuels keep us clean, green, healthy and prosperous. Our clean environment is the result of our responsible use of fossil fuels. A clean environment is a luxury brought by wealth, which poor, low-CO2 emitting countries don’t enjoy.

ScreenHunter_7769 Mar. 07 06.42

Communist countries are filthy.

A hazy day in Beijing, China.

Greens are being used by the very rich pushing the climate scam

Al Gore


Barbara Streisand


Jeff Greene


Barack Obama

download (3)

Prince Charles

download (4)

Leonardo DiCaprio


Richard Branson


Tom Steyer

download (5)

Greens need to get a grip, and understand that they are being used by very unscrupulous people. This has nothing to do with the climate.

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75 Responses to Why Would Climate Alarmists Want To Destroy The Environment?

  1. emsnews says:


    This is aimed square at YOU.

    They are unveiling this ‘science fact’ scheme whereby the West Coast global warmists get to decide what is a ‘science fact’ and if they decide your facts are ‘fake’ they bury you deep inside of the google pages so no one can find you anymore.

    Already Watts was interviewed on Fox TV about this and his is quite scared as I am. I am a liberal who is a realist, not a faker or hysteric and my own site will be buried too for publishing inconvenient truths liberals today have ignored or raged against.

  2. Byron says:

    I like to confuse/enrage anti-fossil fuel types by suggesting We go back to a pre-industrial source of organic renewable lubricants and biofuels that also reduces methane emissions ……………………………and start rendering whales , seals and penguins down for Their oil . .

    Fossil fuels saved man from nature and nature from Man

    • Jason Calley says:

      I believe there is a bumper sticker that says “Big Oil saved the whales!”

    • R. Shearer says:

      Even the Amish abandoned whale lamp oil replacing it with kerosene.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Actually, a lot of Amish have left kerosene now and gone to solar panels, batteries and LED lights. When asked about it one said, (I paraphrase slightly), “It is not that we are against technology — we just want things to be simple. Kerosene is messy and dangerous. Solar is simple now, and we won’t burn down the barn or burn down our house and children.”

  3. Big money pushing the global warming scam? That statement makes the hair on the back of my neck bristle. The likes of Heartland and Koch spend 7 billion dollars a year denying climate change, showing pictures of a few celebrity environmentalist’s homes doesn’t alter the fact reliance on alternate energy won’t make a lick of difference to their bank accounts.Follow the money, ponder who stands to lose rather than buying into slick corporate propaganda hook, line and sinker.

    • Complete, utter bullshit. There is no money for skeptics. If there was, I would be getting some. You are parroting lies from the same criminals I am referring to.

      Steyer put $100 million into the Senate campaign. At least 10X as much as any other group.

      • Obviously there’s no money for skeptics, Money is spent creating skeptics so greedy corporations can line their coffers. As for Steyer – I would appreciate proof of your claim, and while you’re at it why not dig up some stats on “big oil” political shenanigans.

        • Tom Steyer Spent $74 Million on the Election. He Didn’t Get Much to Show for It.

          This is who Koch funds – wild eyed climate alarmist Richard Muller

          By Richard Muller on December 17, 2003

          Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate. I would love to believe that the results of Mann et al. are correct, and that the last few years have been the warmest in a millennium.


        • Allow me a moment to tell a little story…

          Once upon a time the Heart and Stroke Foundation didn’t exist as anything other than a few doctors in a dusty office. This was the time when a highly respected researcher (fresh off 10 years living with indigenous people in the Arctic and Africa – people whose diets consisted 75% animal proteins) published data stating those people had almost no problems with heart or stroke illness. Enter Crisco, a company marketing vegetable oil. Crisco sales can’t flourish if lard doesn’t kill us, so Crisco pours enormous amounts of money into creation of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Funding for scientific research is fickle, no surprise then when legitimate researcher suddenly finds his back against a Crisco wall. Practically overnight, lard kills and vegetable oil will save humanity. Buy Crisco products or face heart attacks or strokes – get the picture? Crisco laughed all the way to the bank.

        • Gail Combs says:

          OH good grief the ‘Old Accuse Others of what YOU are doing’ rears it’s ugly head again. I really am getting sick of playing wack-a-lie.

          Your 7 million was given to Heartland for EDUCATION and not for Climate Research BTW. And it certainly pales in comparison to the 79 BILLION funding CAGW by 2010.

          Here is a replay of a recent comment I made:

          Let’s see
          After Climategate a State Attorney General wanted data on Mikey Mann from the University of Virginia to investigate whether Ole’ Mikey had misused tax payer funds. A perfectly acceptable reason to look at material FUNDED by public moneys. The same University, the University of Virginia, that was quite willing to turn over all data and e-mails of Patrick Michael to Greenpeace told the State Attorney General to go pound sand.

          The Democrats are now investigating Judith Curry so what about another Berkley Earth team member Richard Muller? (The Berkeley Earth team that came up with the ‘BEST’ temperature data set.)

          What about Muller’s connections to Shell Oil?
          Muller’s consulting firm, Muller & Assoc. has on its Advisory Board Marlan Downey — “Former President of the international subsidiary of Shell Oil, founder of Roxanna Oil; former President of Arco International”

          Speaking of Climategate and e-mails, guess who initially funded CRU? (Climate Research Unit at East Anglia.) Why our good friends Shell Oil, BP and the Rockefeller Foundation (Standard Oil money)

          Then there is the IPCC lead scientist for Scenarios. He is Ged Davis VP of Shell Oil, who wrote the Sustainability Scenarios for the IPCC. Davis is a member of the InterAcademy Council Panel on Transitions to Sustainable Energy, a director of Low Carbon Accelerator Limited. http://assassinationscience.com/climategate/1/FOIA/mail/0889554019.txt

          David Hone is not only SHELL OIL’S Senior Climate Change Adviser he is also Chairman of the International Emissions Trading Association.
          Besides lobbying the UK Parliament to strangle Shale Gas by insisting that CCS be deployed – in which venture he’s succeeded- he and his mentor James Smith. SHELL OIL’S previous UK Chairman took SHELL very deeply into Carbon Trading.

          Then there is all that WWF literature that the IPCC used as ‘science’ John H. Loudon, better known as “the Grand Old Man of Shell”, headed Royal Dutch Shell from 1951 to 1965. He was President of WWF from 1976 to 1981.

          Then there is Charles O. Holliday, Non-executive Director of Shell Oil
          …. He previously served as Chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development….

          AND Linda G. Stuntz, Non-executive Director of Shell Oil
          ….Her law practice includes energy and environmental regulation as well as matters relating to government support of technology development and transfer. From 1989 to 1993, she held senior policy positions at the U.S. Department of Energy, including Deputy Secretary. She played a principal role in the development and enactment of the Energy Policy Act of 1992….From 1981 to 1987, she was an Associate Minority Counsel and Minority Counsel to the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. She chaired the Electricity Advisory Committee to the U.S. Department of Energy from 2008 to 2009….

          If you are really interested in the facts and not propaganda: The climate industry wall of money

        • Byron says:

          Here’s some big oil shenanigans for Ya !
          Greenpeace funders
          Energy Foundation
          Pew Charitable Trusts, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.)

          Rockefeller Brothers Fund [Standard Oil]
          Rockefeller Family Fund [Standard Oil]
          Rockefeller Foundation [Standard Oil]
          Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation [Standard Oil]
          (daughter of former Standard Oil president William Rockefeller.)

          Sierra Club
          “TIME has learned that between 2007 and 2010 the Sierra Club accepted over $25 million in donations from the gas industry, mostly from Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy—one of the biggest gas drilling companies in the U.S. and a firm heavily involved in fracking…”
          Source: Time – 2 February 2012

          “Exxon-Led Group Is Giving A Climate Grant to Stanford”
          Four big international companies, including the oil giant Exxon Mobil, said yesterday that they would give Stanford University $225 million over 10 years….In 2000, Ford and Exxon Mobil’s global rival, BP, gave $20 million to Princeton to start a similar climate and energy research program…”
          Source: New York Times – 21 November 2002

          Climate Institute – Found 1 October 2013
          [Washington, DC]
          American Gas Foundation, BP, PG&E Corporation [gas & electricity], Shell Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation [Standard oil]

          Climate Research Unit (CRU) (of Climategate fame)
          “From the late 1970s through to the collapse of oil prices in the late 1980s, CRU received a series of contracts from British Petroleum to provide data and advice….we would like to acknowledge the support of the following funders….British Petroleum,…Shell,…Sultanate of Oman…”
          Source: cru.uea.ac.uk/about-cru/history

        • Shenanigans medal of honor goes to Greenpeace for publishing leaked memos on their website – initiatives aimed at creating climate “confusion”.
          You might find this of interest…

        • Gail Combs says:

          If you want to follow the Shell Oil thread:
          Another Shell Oil exec Doug McKay was at the IPCC scenario meetings. McKay was also Senior Financial Analyst with the World Bank. Robert Watson worked for the World Bank while Chair of the IPCC. (You find Shell and the Banksters nicely intertwined.)

          Ged Davis was a Shell Oil VP and recent head of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Scenario Project team responsible for producing work on sustainable development aka Agenda 21. He is the guy who wrote the attachment in this climategate e-mail: http://foia2011.org/index.php?id=5353

          It is the rough draft for Sustainability (Agenda 21) and the e-mail is asking climate scientists, World Bank (Robert Watson) Greenpeace and government beaucrats for comments. In the “Sustainability Storyline” there is lots of push for natural gas GEE ain’t that interesting… Makes me feel like a sheep being herded to a more expensive/profitable energy source. That e-mail is well worth the read.

          Even further back you find Shell Oil and BP provided the initial funding for the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia.

          If we follow the Shell Oil connection, we find Queen Beatrix of the Dutch House of Orange and Lord Victor Rothschild are the two largest shareholders of RD/Shell. (I read some where the Dutch Royal family owns about 25%) The Rockefellers and Rothschilds have since formed a entiy that holds even more but I lost the link.

          Prince Bernhard of the Dutch Royal Family is heavily tied to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Gets positively incestuous doesn’t it?

          Take a look at the Shell Board of Directors. The directors are rather well connected to governments, NGOs and various banks are they not?

          A history of the Oil Cartel

        • Gail Combs says:

          Oh and while we are tracing the Big Oil threads, maybe we should ask the Democrat Attack Dog, Representative Grijalva to make some public disclosures himself, such as his investments in Royal Dutch Shell and Embridge Energy Partners…..

          Click to access grijalva-buy.pdf

          Or how about the Chair of the First Earth Summit (1972) and later the chair of Kyoto, Maurice Strong?

          “…Ontario Hydro, an industrial concern, headed by Earth Summit secretary general Maurice Strong, which is the biggest source of CO2 emissions in Canada. This corporation is currently selling nuclear reactors to Argentina and Chile….” http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27/061.html

          Not to mention Al Gore’s holdings in Occidental Petroleum upwards of $500,000 in stocks and shares.

          Interestingly Gore has ditched his ‘Clean Energy’ stock.

        • Byron says:

          You are gullible aren’t You Ponder ? You may want to read this re: Heartland documents and Gleikgate


        • gator69 says:

          Notes To Ponder says:
          March 7, 2015 at 1:55 pm

          “Today marks the one-year anniversary of ‘Fakegate,’ the day Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick sent to liberal activists and reporters documents he stole from The Heartland Institute and claimed to have obtained from a ‘Heartland insider’ and later from an ‘anonymous source.’ The documents included Heartland’s annual budget, fundraising plan, and other confidential documents. Media outlets in the U.S. and around the world reported on the ‘leak’ of ‘secret plans’ by an anonymous ‘insider’ at the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made global warming.

          “Gleick eventually confessed to being the ‘insider’ and explained that he had stolen the identity of another person – a member of Heartland’s board of directors, it soon became known – in order to steal the confidential documents. There was no ‘leak.’ Gleick also admitted to lying about the nature of one document he originally claimed had come from Heartland, a ‘strategy memo’ that purported to describe Heartland’s plans to address climate change in the coming year. That document was quickly shown to be a fake, written to misrepresent and defame The Heartland Institute. Gleick denied he was the author of the fake memo.

        • gator69 says:

          “Governmental Waste: Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe claims the White House has frittered away billions on its environmental agenda — not smart, he says, when that money could be used for a real need, such as national defense.

          During a hearing last week on the Defense Department’s shrinking budget, Inhofe, ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he had figured out how much the White House has wasted on environmental projects. What he came up with is not trivial.

          ” In the last five years, between 2009 and 2014, the president has spent $120 billion on the environmental agenda , mostly global warming, climate and that type of thing,” said Inhofe.

          24 billion per year from only one source. And where are the disclaimers from the recipients of this largess?

        • Perish the thought, an administration putting environment above war – whatever will Halliburton do?

        • rah says:

          Read the Constitution much? Defense is specifically mentioned as a primary function of the Federal Government. Please provide ONE WORD about a mandate for Federal regulation of the environment in that document.

        • Fortunately I’m Canadian, all I ask is that you don’t come knocking the day you wake up to find yourselves in a heap of trouble.

        • Anto says:

          “This was the time when a highly respected researcher (fresh off 10 years living with indigenous people in the Arctic and Africa – people whose diets consisted 75% animal proteins) published data stating those people had almost no problems with heart or stroke illness.”

          Blah, blah, bullshit. Inuit life expectancy is lower than the general population:

          Why would that be? Do you think that the average African has a life expectancy higher than the average American or European?

          Face facts: you’re just a clown. You have nothing but a religion, and your education has failed you so badly that you have no frame of reference to understand the world around you. All you understand is what people you “believe in” tell you to be true.

          You question nothing. You are the perfect sheep. Baaaaaa!!!!

        • Oh man, you must be strutting like a rooster after unleashing that mouthful.Bet you’re proud of an exemplary demonstration of intelligent logic. Life is far too short to waste my time with people utterly void of intelligent debate and manners. Have a nice day.

        • Ponder,

          You are parroting the same lies from the same liars over and over again.

        • You keep saying that. It’s unfortunate you aren’t willing to rationally debate the issue without venomous intent or ridicule. I’m willing to exchange points of view, agree to disagree with mature intelligence

        • Byron says:

          “void of intelligent debate and manners” says ponder

          And Yet He’s the one who’s flinging the accusations of big oil funding for CAGW sceptics and comes completely unprepared on the subject. .

          Projection much ?

        • Hugh K says:

          Stop already with the straw man arguments and stick to reality. Forget everyone else’s opinion and just do some critical thinking for yourself. The first question you should ask yourself is why you (or anyone else for that matter) at this point would believe anything the 2014 Liar of the Year, Obama, has to say. Am I missing some kind of whipping-boy mentality you perversely enjoy? Other than that, it is mystifying why any rational thinking human would continue to willingly choose to side with a proven liar. Do you really not get that Obama and his fellow CAGW travelers are just hustling you? Was Gruber calling you (supporters of their policies) “stupid” not proof enough that these alarmists are just using you? You have the gift of free will. What a wasted treasure if you don’t choose to utilize and defend that free will. Good luck on breaking your self-imposed chains…

        • Menicholas says:

          Inuit life expectancy is very low. Likely too low for them to live long enough to develop certain ailments which become more common at advanced age.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Gees, If the only place you get your non-facts is desmog, ..

          …… then you really have absolutely nothing to offer to anyone.

          Just more empty blathering !

          NOT ONE factual link in your whole pusillanimous garbage raving. !


        • AndyG55 says:

          “It’s unfortunate you aren’t willing to rationally debate the issue without venomous intent ”

          There is only one snake here.. look in the mirror, you will see it.

          You were ugly and putrified from your first post, so stop CRYING when someone kicks you back, slimo !

        • BruceC says:

          Grants Search:- The Rockefeller Brothers Fund

          Bill McKibben’s 350_dot_org: 6 grants from 2003 totaling US$875,000.00

          Bill McKibben’s 1Sky_dot_org: 7 grants between 2007-2011 totaling US$2,100,000.00
          (includes US$1 million ‘start-up’ grant)

          The Sierra Club: 12 grants from 2009 totaling US$1,665,000.00

          Friends of the Earth: 7 grants from 2009 totaling US$777,500.00

          The Pacific Institute (President; Peter Gleick): 5 grants between 2004-2008 totaling US$670,000.00.

          This small sample doesn’t even scratch the surface of grants awarded by the RBF to activists (e.g. Greenpeace Fund: US$550,000) and/or climate research units globally (e.g. Center for Climate Strategies: US$5,171,600.00).

          Oh…almost forgot;

          The Heartland Institute => Your search results: 0 Grants
          The Global Warming Policy Foundation => Your search results: 0 Grants

        • jl says:

          You’re really not very good at debating, are you?

        • On the contrary – debate is respectful exchanges of substantiated perspectives. I’m not interested in wasting my time “debating” arrogant nincompoops lacking enough intelligence to present their point of view without resorting to juvenile school yard name calling. Have a nice day

        • gator69 says: ”In the last five years, between 2009 and 2014, the president has spent $120 billion on the environmental agenda , mostly global warming, climate …”

          Notes To Ponder replies: “Perish the thought, an administration putting environment above war – whatever will Halliburton do?”

          rah says: “Defense is specifically mentioned as a primary function of the Federal Government …”

          Notes To Ponder replies: “Fortunately I’m Canadian …”

          BruceC says: “Bill McKibben’s 350_dot_org: 6 grants from 2003 totaling US$875,000.00 …”

          Notes To Ponder replies: “… debate is respectful exchanges of substantiated perspectives. I’m not interested in wasting my time “debating” arrogant nincompoops …”


        • Laugh away and have a nice day. One thing I won’t do is assume I have all the answers while calling respondents “stupid” “skum” “clown” or ‘ignorant” for their view. Not once have I said climate change is man made, that said none of us know if carbon emissions are speeding up the process.

          Anyone bothering to ask themselves who stands to lose if solar/sustainable energy replaces oil, is kidding themselves with any answer other than “big oil”.

        • Heh. Look up the word “answer” in your two paragraphs …

        • gator69 says:

          “…none of us know if carbon emissions are speeding up the process.”

          Speeding up the pause? 😆

        • Nobama says:

          Why is it wrong to legitimately produce and sell a product, but not wrong to try to get government to slap a tax on someone else’s product and give it to greedy greens? Because that’s what they’re doing. NTP, you’re line of logic is eco-psycho.

        • AndyG55 says:

          “Thought you might enjoy my latest post..”

          nah… a waste of time and space.. even the 3 seconds I spent laughing at it.

          Good to see you didn’t waste any of your very limited brain-power, though.

          You have precious little to spare. !!

        • Have a nice day 🙂

        • DirkH says:

          Notes To Ponder says:
          March 7, 2015 at 1:54 pm
          “Shenanigans medal of honor goes to Greenpeace for publishing leaked memos on their website – initiatives aimed at creating climate “confusion”.
          You might find this of interest…

          Two possibilities:
          a) Notes To Ponder does not know that his side operates by forgery (In this case, forgeries by “respected water and ethics expert” Gleick)
          b) Notes To Ponder DOES know it but is part of the swarm of warmunist agitators who spread the link to the forgery over blogs to create a disinformation campaign.

          It is generally impossible to separate the stupid warmunist fanboy from the malevolent propaganda agent so… to the benefit of Notes To Ponders’ intelligence, let’s assume b).

      • rah says:

        Anyone that does not recognize that the general welfare and defense of the Canadian and United States peoples are inseparable is a fool.

      • Steve Case says:

        The United States spends Billions every year on climate change “research”.

    • Byron says:

      Notes to Ponder ,
      You’ve walked into a firefight armed only with Your finger and making “kapow” noises .

      The EUs Carbon trading €96bn euro in 2011
      The U.N.’s $315 billion Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in 2008
      The US government alone has provided over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate
      Heartland Institute has accepted $40,000 from the Claude R. Lambe Foundation and $62,578 from the Charles G. Koch Foundation

      Follow the money indeed You Goldman Sachs lackey .

    • Edmonton Al says:

      @ Notes.. you make the same stupid claim that all Alarmists make. You say that we deny climate change. No. We do not. We are skeptics of the CAUSE of climate change. It is not man-made. It is natural climate change and spending $billions on a fraudulent claim, is what skeptics are “denying”. Get your facts straight before criticizing.

    • AndyG55 says:

      ” than buying into slick corporate propaganda hook, line and sinker.”

      You seem to have already done that, hook line and sinker, and most of the reel.

      You really are DUMB and GULLIBLE !!!!

  4. sully says:

    isis destroys history. warunists destroy past temperature records. Can you spot the difference?

  5. gator69 says:

    I also spent summers cleaning up our planet. Every summer church groups and Boy Scouts would gather at the site of our nation’s first National Scenic Riverway, and we would haul garbage out of the water. It took years of backbreaking work, volunteering time to undo over a century’s worth of damage. Now that river is pristine, and it’s a good thing too, because I doubt the current generation would get it done.

    About 12-15 years ago I tried to find a recycling center that would take paper. After searching online, I dropped by the Boy Scout Headquarters for my region. I remembered that as a scout we used to have paper drives, to recycle refuse and make money for the troop. I sat down across the desk from the current scout administrator, and he said point blank that they could nor get the kids to show up because they are too busy playing video games at home.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Yes, my caving groups hauls lots of trash out of caves and out of wilderness areas. I also helped a local four wheeler group in maintaining a small local forest area. The town never did a thing so we cleared trails and picked up trash.

      On one memorable occasion we got together to repair the damage done by a flood. The culvert pipe had been washed down stream almost to the Nashua River. We hooked a cable to the pipe and attached the cable to my harness horse and dragged the mother a half mile up stream and back into place. The guys guided the pipe while my mare did the pulling. Another member was waiting with a dump truckload of gravel. While my horse held the pipe in place he dumped a load of stone on that metal pipe. My mare just stood there as our ears rung. She was a really good girl, I miss her.

      Ironically there was a hearing shortly after that where the idiot Eco-nuts wanted to close all state and local forests and recreation areas to four wheelers and horses. One of the points brought up was that the four wheelers scared the horses and the horses then became safety hazards to people walking the trails. Needless to say I gave testimony about how courteous the four wheel drivers were. I rode trails 5 to 7 days a week in several different areas and never had a four wheeler fail to shut off their engine for me. We were in luck. A state biologist defended the trails as increasing biodiversity and horses as having less impact than human feet. The Eco-Nuts stomped out as a group with steam streaming from their ears.

    • Andy Mirlach says:

      Conservative environmentalism? It’s real — and in Canada, it gets results.
      “At the Manning Networking Conference, Monte Solberg tells me that, contrary to the beliefs of liberals — and even some conservatives — the environment is a conservative issue.
      Solberg says that Harper’s Conservative government has accomplished more on environmental issues than the Liberals did during their long time in power.”

      • gator69 says:

        Lefties just don’t understand.

        Each year, nearly $200 million in hunters’ federal excise taxes are distributed to State agencies to support wildlife management programs, the purchase of lands open to hunters, and hunter education and safety classes. Proceeds from the Federal Duck Stamp, a required purchase for migratory waterfowl hunters, have purchased more than five million acres of habitat for the refuge system (2005 statistics only); lands that support waterfowl and many other wildlife species, and are usually open to hunting.


  6. Gail Combs says:

    OH MY, DeSmogBlog as a REFERENCE? ROTFLMAO!!!

    DeSmogBlog is a smear site founded by James Hoggan and funded by a convicted money launderer, John Lefebvre. Their favorite tactic is to attempt to smear those they disagree with as funded by “dirty money”. Since its creation in 2006 the site posted poorly researched propaganda with a clear intent of smearing respected scientists, policy analysts or groups who dare oppose CAGW.

    About Us (DeSmogBlog)

    “The DeSmogBlog team is led by Jim Hoggan, founder of James Hoggan & Associates, one of Canada’s leading public relations firms.” http://www.desmogblog.com/about_us

    Who is James Hoggan? (Financial Post, Canada, June 5, 2008)

    “So who is James Hoggan? He’s a public relations man, based in Vancouver. His firm, James Hoggan and Associates, is positioned as a feel-good local operation with clients in all the “right” public and private sectors. He also sits on the board of the David Suzuki Foundation.

    One of his side efforts is a blog operated out of Hoggan and Associates. Funded by retired Internet bubble king John Lefebvre, the blog has one full-time and three part-time staff. They spend their time tracking down and maliciously attacking all who have doubts about climate change and painting them as corporate pawns.

    There has been no mention on the blog, nor on The Fifth Estate, of James Hoggan’s client list. They include or have included the National Hydrogen Association, Fuel Cells Canada, hydrogen producer QuestAir, Naikun Wind Energy and Ballard Fuel Cells. Mr. Hoggan, in other words, benefits from regulatory policy based on climate change science.” http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/financialpost/story.html?id=2c07121b-85c2-4799-9aaf-0c2688bf5ca1&p=3

    John Lefebvre About Us (DeSmogBlog)

    “The DeSmogBlog team is especially grateful to our benefactor John Lefebvre, a lawyer, internet entrepreneur and past-president of NETeller, a firm that has been providing secure online transactions since 1999.” http://www.desmogblog.com/about_us

    …Lefevre first garnered public attention in 1999, when he co-founded NETeller (now known as Neovia), an online money transfer facility. Though a publicly traded UK company, the firm’s involvement in transactions serving the then-fledgling online gambling sector led to U.S. charges of possible money laundering against the company and his arrest in January 2007.[4] Lefebvre plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to conduct illegal Internet gambling transactions and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and testify if necessary. The court ordered him to repay $185 million. — WIKI

    • AndyG55 says:

      Yep, anyone using desmog as a reference is immediately marking themselves as the very bottom layer of scum.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Yeah, desmog is nothing but a bunch of PR propaganda types. At least SkS has some ClimAstrologists. Liars but with a few brains. Although after the hit piece they tried to do on me they looked more like straight men in a comedy act.

  7. gator69 says:

    Notes To Ponder says:
    March 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm
    Perish the thought, an administration putting environment above war – whatever will Halliburton do?

    Notes To Ponder says:
    March 7, 2015 at 2:25 pm
    Fortunately I’m Canadian

    Oh Canada! The country that rests easy under our protection. You are welcome, ingrate.

    National defense is our governments charter, not playing Chicken Little for power.

    Climate change is real, does not chop off heads, and cannot be stopped by man.

    Bad guys are real, they do chop off heads, and can be stopped by man.

    I will spend my money where it actually does me some good. You can keep living under the protection of our military, and fantasize about a trace gas while you drool into your pillow.

    • Remember when the Canadians put out propaganda films trying to lure the United States into wars? I wonder why a strong, independent country would resort to such means.

      • rah says:

        Actually though the setting was Canada it appears that was a British made film and they had every reason to want the US in the war.
        49th Parallel film
        49th Parallel is the third film made by the British writer-director team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. It was released in the United States as The Invaders. Despite the title, no scene in the movie is set at the 49th parallel, which forms much of the US-Canadian border. The only border scene is at Niagara Falls, which is located farther south.

  8. This is what you get when environ -MENTALISTS or more accurately “ECO FASCISTS” run things. They cut down trees in areas that have been wooded for centuries, leave no habitat for deer and basically turn our local nature reserve into something looking like a municipal carpark




    • emsnews says:

      Actually for centuries that was fields and fen run by peasants who farmed all over the place.

      The last time that place was ‘natural’ was during the previous Ice Age and that meant, it was a glacier.

  9. Ri-chard says:

    Not until The People understand all that they think they know is really upside down and inside out will your question be answered in reality.

  10. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    The aim of the green mafia is not to build but to destroy Western Civilization which they view as the reason for all the ills in the world. Filthy rich crony greens like Tom Steyer profit from this purposeful destruction of Capitalistic Western Civilization via the redistribution of private wealth and material resources by government fiat. The Green Mafia’s utopian vision is to reconstruct the West along “Social Justice” concepts of “equality”; Eliminate the profit motive and substitute it with service to the community. The problem with this utopian vision of “social justice” is it is driven by the quest for power and money.

  11. Gail Combs says:

    Notes To Ponder says: “Fortunately I’m Canadian, all I ask is that you don’t come knocking the day you wake up to find yourselves in a heap of trouble.”

    Same Goes.
    Because if CO2 does not cause Global Warming you or your children are in for a world of hurt according to the Ruddiman Hypothesis, which even Joe Romm agrees with. Ruddiman says the ONLY thing keeping the earth out of glaciation is mankind’s activities. Why anyone in their right minds wants to strip the CO2 security blanket off the earth and thus initiate glaciation is beyond me.

    #1. The earth is ~200 year over due for glaciation.

    The Holocene interglacial is now 11,717 years old. That’s two centuries or so beyond half the present precession cycle (or 23,000/2=11,500). So the little Ice Age was about the right time for glacial inception. However we had the Modern Grand Solar Minimum – A History of Solar Activity over Millennia

    #2. The earth is certainly not going to warm catastrophically for another 65 kyr.

    A Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic D18O records
    Lisiecki & Raymo
    We present a 5.3-Myr stack (the ‘‘LR04’’ stack) of benthic d18O records from 57 globally distributed sites aligned by an automated graphic correlation algorithm. This is the first benthic d18O stack composed of more than three records to extend beyond 850 ka,…

    Recent research has focused on MIS 11 as a possible analog for the present interglacial [e.g., Loutre and Berger, 2003; EPICA Community Members, 2004] because both occur during times of low eccentricity. The LR04 age model establishes that MIS 11 spans two precession cycles, with d18O values below 3.6% for 20 kyr, from 398 – 418 ka. In comparison, stages 9 and 5 remained below 3.6% for 13 and 12 kyr, respectively, and the Holocene interglacial has lasted 11 kyr so far. In the LR04 age model, the average LSR of 29 sites is the same from 398– 418 ka as from 250–650 ka; consequently, stage 11 is unlikely to be artificially stretched. However, the 21 June insolation minimum at 65°N during MIS 11 is only 489 W/m2, much less pronounced than the present minimum of 474 W/m2. In addition, current insolation values are not predicted to return to the high values of late MIS 11 for another 65 kyr. We propose that this effectively precludes a ‘‘double precession cycle’’ interglacial [e.g., Raymo, 1997] in the Holocene without human influence….

    Another paper more recent paper, Can we predict the duration of an interglacial? agrees and gives the calculated solar insolation values @ 65N on June 22 for several glacial inceptions:

    Current value – insolation = 479W m−2 (from that paper)

    MIS 7e – insolation = 463 W m−2,
    MIS 11c – insolation = 466 W m−2,
    MIS 13a – insolation = 500 W m−2,
    MIS 15a – insolation = 480 W m−2,
    MIS 17 – insolation = 477 W m−2

    (Changes near the north polar area, about 65 degrees North, are considered important due to the great amount of land. Land masses respond to temperature change more quickly than oceans.)

    NOAA: gives the insolation values @ 60N not @ 65N

    Holocene peak insolation: 523 Wm-2
    ………………………………………………………..decrease = 47 Wm-2
    NOW (modern Warm Period) 476 Wm-2
    ……………………………………………………….. decrease = 12 Wm-2
    Depth of the last ice age – around 464 Wm−2

    Notice that the Holocene solar insolation is now much closer to the DEPTH of Wisconsin Ice age than it is to the Holocene Optimum. Warming? you have to be kidding.

    #3. Notice the striking resemblance of the Laurentide Ice Sheet to the Polar Vortex that has hit the last two winters.

    J. Adams’ reconstruction of North America during last the glacial period – 18,000-15,000 14C ya

    Eurasia during most extreme part of full glacial conditions (17,000-15,000 14C y.a.).
    Light gray is ICE, Dark gray is polar desert, pink is steppe like tundra, orange is temperate desert

  12. Richard says:

    “In 1630, the estimated area of U.S. forest land was
    1,023 million acres or about 46 percent of the total
    land area. Since 1630, about 256 million acres of forest
    land have been converted to other uses—mainly
    agricultural. Nearly two-thirds of the net conversion
    to other uses occurred in the second half of the 19th
    century, when an average of 13 square miles (mi2) of
    forest was cleared every day for 50 years. By 1910,
    the area of forest land had declined to an estimated
    754 million acres, or 34 percent of the total land area.
    In 2012, forest land comprised 766 million acres, or
    33 percent of the total land area of the United States.
    Forest area has been relatively stable since 1910, although
    the population has more than tripled since then.”
    …..U.S, Forest Service 2012

    “What would happen if fossil fuels were banned?

    Every tree in the forest would be cut down for firewood. The air would be thick with smoke from burning wood. Every animal in the forest would be hunted to extinction for food. Whales would be hunted to extinction for oil. It would be an environmental apocalypse.

    Low cost fossil fuels keep us clean, green, healthy and prosperous. Our clean environment is the result of our responsible use of fossil fuels. A clean environment is a luxury brought by wealth, which poor, low-CO2 emitting countries don’t enjoy.”

    This is absolute fact!
    Without the use of oil and coal we would have a mid-19th century lifestyle with all of its downfalls.

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