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White House Updates Their E-mail Lies

Yesterday Obama said he didn’t know that Hillary wasn’t using a state.gov E-mail address. President Barack Obama says it was through news reports that he first learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private, nongovernment email account while serving as his … Continue reading

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White House Said They Would Release Hillary’s E-mails Four Years Ago

Demanding Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail — Now – NYTimes.com Now the White House says they didn’t even know she had an E-mail address, until they saw it on the news last week.

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Fort Collins To Confiscate $4,000 From Each Resident, To Reduce Global Temperature By 0.00000001 Degrees

Fort Collins will spend $600 million to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – The Denver Post By 2030, China will be generating 400% as much CO2 as the entire US. Any changes Fort Collins makes will have zero impact … Continue reading

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The White House Reads Your E-Mail, But Doesn’t Know The Secretary Of State’s E-Mail Address

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The Horrors Of Life In Florida

Ravaged by climate change, Florida reportedly bans term ‘climate change’ – The Washington Post The geniuses at the Washington Post think Florida is ravaged by climate change. Florida now has more people than frozen New York. The frequency of hurricanes has … Continue reading

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The Evil Of Ancient Farmers

Climate experts say that Oklahoma farmers caused the 1934 drought, which covered 80% of the US. Apparently they have been doing this for thousands of years. A 1998 study by federal scientists, for instance, found that droughts as widespread and … Continue reading

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Obama Accomplishment Update

Over the past month, President Obama has ended the crusades and solved that nasty school segregation problem in Alabama. He has also launched a new crusade against those who deny the official state sponsored religion of carbon dioxide worship.

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