Perfect Conditions At The Iditarod

Contrary to the stream of endless lies from the press about Alaska, the have lots of snow and it is very cold. The problem the racers face is too much snow.

ScreenHunter_7813 Mar. 09 07.43

Iditarod Trail – Iditarod

Temperatures are far below normal in Alaska.

ScreenHunter_7815 Mar. 09 07.46

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15 Responses to Perfect Conditions At The Iditarod

  1. bleakhouses says:

    Be fair here, the move was made in February because there was not enough snow on two dangerous sections of the trail where people had been hurt on prior occasion. Temperature was not and is not the issue; nor are the current conditions. You can get the data without the necessary spin, from the dog’s mouth itself:

    • OMG – there isn’t perfect snow at every place in the world at exactly the same time on the same day. The world must be falling apart. It is a catastrophe. Raise taxes immediately.

      What part of this isn’t clear to you?

      • bleakhouses says:

        Tony, the board of the race, which is made up of veteran racers who have local knowledge and information mad e the decision about a month ago. What about that is difficult to understand? The argument should not be with the race or with Mother Nature, natural variability dictated that for the second time in the history of the race that it should be moved, the argument should be that this fact is not indicative of anything other than brief and specific conditions that led to a decision based on logistics. You can’t fairly say though that this decision was not based on a lack of snow, it was.

  2. emsnews says:

    The US news media giants reported this dumb story as if it was the END OF THE WORLD and we are all going to roast to death.

    Meanwhile, in Europe, there was yet another record snow storm hammering normally warm places and NO MENTION OF THIS AT ALL.

    • This very morning I was listening to National Panhandler Radio and sure enough they were reporting on the fact that snow had to be hauled into Anchorage. No mention of the heavy snow elsewhere; and, certainly no mention of any serious news. Nothing but personal interest stories on that stupid network.

  3. gator69 says:

    When they are forced to put wheels on their sleds, I may become to be concerned. Maybe.

  4. Mike Williams says:

    I’m surprised (being a cyclist) you aren’t following this version the fatbikers aren’t having any problems. It maybe a repeat of last year when the winning cyclist beat the winning musher (OK they get 1 weeks head start but it is 2 legs vs. 60 legs).

    • stewartpid says:

      How about some dogs in the Tour de Steroids?? It would make about as much sense!

      • Anthony S says:

        There already have been some attempted entries in the past, but dogs and cyclists don’t mix it seems.

        They make good training partners though;)

  5. larry brown says:

    Tony – your contribution to the understanding of AGW is significant but your caustic attitude significantly diminishes the effectiveness of your contribution. Hope you take this as constructive criticism.

  6. Pete Fox says:

    I live in Anchorage. This winter is like last winter. I sucks. No snow. The two previous winters were some of the snowiest the city has seen, both in amount and duration. This is called weather. No need to spin this in either direction.

    Tony, love your work, keep it up!

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