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Hillary Caught Lying Yet Again

Two weeks ago : Asked whether she’s an iPhone or Android person, Clinton replied that she’s an iPhone person, but also noted that she still has a BlackBerry and also carries an iPad mini. “I don’t throw anything away—I’m like … Continue reading

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Experts In The White House

Barry and Hillary don’t understand how to use E-mail properly, and can’t build a web site for $600 million, but they have this whole climate science thing down pat.

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Barry And Hill Getting Sloppier With Their Lies

Hillary said she emailed with Bill, but the thing is … BY ASHE SCHOW | MARCH 10, 2015 | 4:02 PM Hillary said she emailed with Bill, but the thing is … | WashingtonExaminer.com

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Using Actual Data Is “Cherrypicking”

Using the entire measured data set is “random cherry picking”

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Clowns Suing To Make Boston Colder And Snowier

  Environmental activists sue Massachusetts to get new global warming regulations | masslive.com

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Arctic Ice Recovery

The animation below shows the huge increase in old/thick ice in the Beaufort Sea over the past two years. If this trend continues, ice will be back to 1980’s levels in three or four years.

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The Clean Air Act

Moonrise over Hernandez is one of Ansel Adams’ most famous photographs, of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico. I grew up looking at those mountains and spent a summer as a wilderness ranger  there. But by the 1960’s, the … Continue reading

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