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Hope And Choom

Leading progressive researcher HopeForPeace says I don’t do interviews, and that I am a liar for claiming that I do. She used her world class Internet search skills to arrive at this conclusion. 9:24 PM 03/09/2015 Spencer is not the first to criticize NCDC’s adjustments … Continue reading

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Another Climate Hysteria Kicks The Bucket

the mountain pine beetle epidemic slowed dramatically In Colorado, spruce bug epidemic eclipses mountain pine beetle blight | SummitDaily.com A few years ago Berwyn told us that Lodgepole Pine is doomed because winters aren’t cold enough. As always, climate alarmists have no … Continue reading

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As Predicted, Hope Chickens Out

Hope is a typical progressive coward. She has no chance in a fair fight, so she chickened out of the interview will do her standard backstabbing. Steve/Tony, you posted a very misleading article about me on your blog. You know you … Continue reading

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Enhanced Background Checks

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