Scientific American Says Slavery Caused The Little Ice Age

Just when you thought Scientific American couldn’t get any more unscientific or anti-American.

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Mass Deaths in Americas Start New CO2 Epoch – Scientific American

CO2 is the most prominent greenhouse gas? A drop of 7 ppm CO2 caused the little ice age? These people are completely insane.

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67 Responses to Scientific American Says Slavery Caused The Little Ice Age

  1. Michael 2 says:

    I feel uncomfortable using “scientific” and “American” to describe that publication.

  2. Michael 2 says:

    Oh, I suppose SciAm and MM should decide once and for all whether there was, in fact, a Little Ice Age.

  3. omanuel says:

    Scientific American looks remarkably like Stalin’s unscientific propaganda.

  4. Rosco says:

    Holy cow !

    All that environmental calamity caused by humanity with a population of probably less than 1 billion !

    With over seven billion and better CO2 emitters than ever today we are obviously screwed !

  5. Mike says:

    Are these people that stupid. I guess the sun and sunspots are a non factor.

  6. The entire premise of this article is bogus. The assumption is that the only slavery in existence for a long period of time was in the Americas. This is simply wrong. Slavery was common in every society until the industrial revolution which made it economically cheaper to use machines instead of human labor for agricultural production. My Polish ancestors were slaves for more than a a thousand years, as they were serfs who were enslaved to their masters under the feudal system. Though the feudal system largely disappeared in western Europe by the 1600s, the feudal system was still going strong in Slavic lands until the fall of the Czars. My ancestors were slaves until they escaped and fled to the US in 1906. So the notion that the Little Ice Age was caused by slavery in the Americas has no basis in reality. Apparently this notion fits someone’s politically correct fantasy.

  7. sabretoothed says:

    But Little Ice age didn’t happen lol

  8. sabretoothed says:

    By 1610, the growth of all those trees had sucked enough carbon dioxide out of the sky to cause a drop of at least seven parts per million in atmospheric concentrations of the most prominent greenhouse gas and start a little ice age.


    • stpaulchuck says:

      first – shock at such a silly statement
      second – wonderment that ANYONE touting science could make such a statement
      third – maybe it’s a typo…??
      finally – ROFLMAO!

    • AndyG55 says:

      Maybe because

      TREES NEED CO2……, and have been starved for many thousands of years.

      Our CO2 de-sequestration is SAVING the planet.

      Putting carbon back into the carbon cycle WHERE IT BELONGS.

      Not locked up in accidentally buried deposits.

  9. emsnews says:

    HAHAHA and the Medieval Warm Period didn’t happen, either according to the warmists! Since all climate change happened recently, there could not have been any climate change in 1600. I wish they could line up all their lies neatly and not make them all over the place.

    • Barbara says:

      What a helpful idea. Thanks for the first laugh of the day! I only listen to about 3 minutes of radio news once in the morning, but read this blog. So much is so depressing. I hope to outlive the present insanities on so many fronts, but wonder if I’ll make it. The “warmist” threats so far are more economical than physical, but then there is the rampant racism. We “whites” don’t have a Black Caucus in Congress, NAACP, etc, etc. I feel beleaguered on many fronts.

      • jon says:

        You need to have your genetics re-computer-modelled, then you’ll be classified according to the model’s inout parameters and be the race of your choice.

        • jon says:

          OOPS! “input” not “inout” sorry.
          That “inout” belongs in a sex blog, surely?
          The sentence could read (just as logically) “You need to have your genetics re-computer-modelled, then you’ll be classified according to the model’s inout parameters and be the gender of your choice.”

  10. chick20112011 says:

    We shall now start dating A.A.D., “After Anthropogenic Destruction”.

  11. NancyG says:

    What percentage of Native Americans were farmers? I thought they were mostly nomadic.

    • spren says:

      We killed 50 million native americans? How many didn’t we kill and what was the original population? Maybe they were counting buffalo in the totals. Yikes!

    • Gail Combs says:

      They were farmers on the east coast. Cherrokee, the five nations..

      The idiots fail to mention that since the industrial revolution the USA has a lot more trees. My farm is 90% trees but after the civil war it was cattle pasture. You dig in the right spot and you can still smell the manure even though the trees are 2 feet in diameter. New England has forest full of stonewalls that used to be farm fields. The EU is the same. After coal became popular the trees grew back.

    • nielszoo says:

      Very few. There were the Mississippian cultures that did some farming and a few tribes on the East coast but most were hunter gatherers. Even those that did “farm” only used agriculture to augment h/g subsistence. Central and South America were different as better climate allowed enough growth in population to make “traditional” agriculture necessary.

  12. chick20112011 says:

    I have commented there, on the FB feed. I am not welcome anymore apparently. They don’t embrace diverse thought and Science-based criticism.

  13. mikegeo says:

    Rather nonsensical article isn’t it. For starters, the estimates of natives pre Columbus range all over the place. I guess the authors simply threw a dart at a number, but more importantly, they seem to believe that the pre-Columbian natives were all farmers whose fields then regenerated trees. That’s nonsense too. Most populations were split between hunter gatherers and farmers, but the latter with hand methods simply did not produce much, and didn’t till much soil.
    But a quick check for the authors might have been to take today’s 400 ppm and subtract 7 ppm and ask themselves where our ice age was just last century.

  14. gator69 says:

    Just who was measuring CO2 levels in the 17th century, to an accuracy of 7 ppm? No error bars again?

    • dikstr says:

      It’s just their rampant speculation. Convenient for their absurd hypothesis precisely because it wasn’t measurable.

  15. dikstr says:

    Scientific American has been a wasteland for scientific information for decades. Now its just a propaganda tool for hyperactive environmentalists. The magazine has not been either scientific or American for a long time.

  16. So temperatures fell in the LIA because of this, and have recovered since.

    Seems to explain everything then!

    In fact its rather more complicated!

    The LIA started around 1200 AD, when the Vikings found things getting a bit cold in Greenland.

    One of these days, junk scientists might actually pay attention to the facts!

  17. chick20112011 says:

    Have the CO2 alarmists calculated the amount of CO2 we add by drinking soda? (yet? i’m joking, hopefully) 😉

    • Calculated? Why would you calculate anything when you can just make it up?

      “Billions of tons of carbon released into the atmosphere by Big Cola are responsible for the deaths of 50 million innocent and non-violent Native Americans who had no diseases until the evil pale face Cola pusher Chris Columbo came with “The Real Thing”, the natives had no weapons and did not know the meaning of warfare, they lived in harmony with nature and drank only pure water until they were forced by the evil invaders to become part of the Pepsi Generation, living on reservations and forced to make millions of dollars in casinos selling rum and coke to the conquerors.”

      • dikstr says:

        Ha! ha! Hilarious post. Well done. Have you considered going into the stand up comedy trade?

      • gofer says:

        Americans drink 6.3 Billion gallons of beer every year releasing a lot of CO2. Assuming rest of world consumes the same amt, how much CO2 was released from 12.6 Billion gallons of beer., factor that out to 2100…….its the end, but cheers……

  18. bleakhouses says:

    This article explains EVERYTHING.
    It not just human who have destroyed the earth.
    It is white Americans and proto-Americans.
    No wonder why every deal our President is all about screwing America over.
    I will sleep better tonight.

  19. Edmonton Al says:

    SciAm Has to keep feeding the idiots. It is a political rag that keeps the lie going. After all, don’t forget, these subscribers to SciAm’s crap will be voting in 2016.

  20. JeffK says:

    They’re crazy if they think the population then was anywhere near enough population to affect the climate. We know today’s pop has no effect, so how could a tiny fraction back then?

  21. GoneWithTheWind says:

    “50 million native Americans”? Even the wild eyed estimates were about 25 million native Americans in pre-columbian times. Many did indeed die from smallpox and other diseases. What is often missing from that discussion is smallpox and those other diseases were equal opportuinty killers. There were as many immigrants who died from small pox as there were native Americans who died from smallpox.

  22. At least they posit a Little Ice Age, as others have already noted. I wonder how this got past the Hockey Team? 🙂

  23. jamzw says:

    The population of America in 1880 totaled fifty million. Whatever small fraction of that total the American Indian had once attained, it was greatly reduced by factors unknown–possibly through a failure to vaccinate–before Columbus stumbled upon the Caribbean. And speaking of forests, the noble savage burned them to the ground in order to have more buffalo roam long before white men improved the real estate. Indians burned the plains too when it suited them, which was often.

    Best thing about the natives–men hunted, fought with other gangs, stole their women, told stories, played golf, and slept. Women did all the work and liked it that way. Ben Franklin warned that if you had a boy kidnapped for ransom, a common occurrence in that time, you needed to get him back before two years passed or he wasn’t going to want to come.

  24. emsnews says:

    One of my ancestors, a Bard, was kidnapped from the Hudson Valley region and carried off to what became Ohio back in the Leatherstocking days.

    Her father had money and offered a reward for her return and a trapper named Pettit went off to collect her and he did find her through his connections on the frontier. He then began to paddle back via the Great Lakes to take her home only she got pregnant with him. 🙂

    So they married and had quite a number of children. All of whom went to the frontier to live.

    Any town named ‘Peru’ or ‘Lima’ are founded by my family. This was in memory of the founder of the clan who was a pirate. 🙂

  25. Tel says:

    Presumably the Romans were a bit errr “warmer” with their slaves. Just a guess.

  26. Herve D says:

    Former Scientific American is dead for having betrayed basic science rules. It should be called from now on “pseudo-Scientologic & anti-American”

  27. wow — this is certainly settled science; this is nonscience nonsense — wonder why the Black Death that wiped out 1/3rd of Europe’s population 150 years before Columbus did not affect world CO2 levels?

  28. chick20112011 says:

    I missed this article last year. Will Mines, Tunnels, and Drilling SCAR the Earth?
    New word proposed by the author of the paper published in the Journal, Anthropocene.

    • gator69 says:

      No need to go past the first paragraph…

      The future will know us through our mines. Unlike many of the changes humanity has wrought on the planet’s surface, which will disappear in geologic time, some of our underground doings have left permanent scars. So argue the authors of a new paper examining such human impacts on Earth.

      Any real geologist knows there are no permanent features on the Earth. The mantle and core are as close as you can get to permanent, but given infinity, I wouldn’t bet on them either.

      Science-fiction American should be their title.

  29. Bruce says:

    I’m going to report Sci Am to OFA and Google for acknowledging the Little Ice Age. The science is settled …. climate was benign and unchanging before the 20th century. Michael Mann won a Nobel Prize for proving this beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    OK, just kidding.

  30. Tlaloc says:

    The Nature article only brought up forests that regrew due to colonization, without considering the loss of forests in other regions of the world where farmland was expanding. The global population estimates that I’m seeing don’t show a decrease in population after 1492. The farms lost in Africa and the Americas should have been offset by the increase in farms elsewhere.

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