The Missing 18 Minutes

Forty years ago, the Washington post hunted down and executed Nixon’s presidency over an 18 minutes of missing tape.

But now they have no problem with Hillary deleting 20,000 E-mails

ScreenHunter_1228 Mar. 11 20.45

Did I ever mention that progressives are complete slime bags?

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15 Responses to The Missing 18 Minutes

  1. nielszoo says:

    Don’t forget the 100’s of thousands missing emails from Lois Lerner and the other 10 or 12 IRS folks (all of whose computers crashed at once) that got subpoenaed over the 501(c) TEA and Conservative targeting scandal… that are still “missing” even though they’ve been “found.”

    Remind me again how many Americans died as a result of somebody picking a lock at the Watergate and looking for donor lists… ummmm none, right?

    Welcome to the USSA

  2. bjc70 says:

    I don’t recall you mentioning it, but if you want to just go right ahead.

  3. JJ Reuter says:

    She would only send safe, sanitary emails through the .gov system. What about the emails to her criminal co-conspirators, foreign governments and slime bag organizations doing her bidding? Those were the personal emails she blathers about. In the corporate world you would get fired and possibly prosecuted for sending business emails through a non-approved server o account. No wonder our foreign policy is such a wreck. Not only incompetence but the server was likely hacked. And this wants to be president? Oh wait, she is female and its her turn. PC is going to kill us.

  4. Owen says:

    Scum is the word I prefer when describing progressives, but slime bags is just as good.

  5. mikegeo says:

    When the US Ambassador to Kenya was fired, it was noted that by using a personal email account for govt and classified transmissions, it revoked his security state dept clearance and he could no longer be part of govt. So i’m waiting to see what excuses they find for Hillary to be exonerated. She’s lied at every turn. Its a sickening condemnation of US politics, and governance.
    Barrack emailed her. What address did he notice? He let her do it.

  6. David A says:

    They both broke the law, conducting official state business over private e-mail, and thorough a personal server, poorly secured, if secured at all.

    Nations have won and lost wars, based on intelligence leaks. This is not tantamount to some CEO conducting company business involving millions or billions of dollars. It directly involves the security of the United States of America. It is not forgivable. There s little doubt that enemies of the US knew all about every communication she had.

    • GeologyJim says:

      But Hillary answered all that at her “news conference”
      Her server was secure because it was in her Chappaqua house, guarded by Secret Service

      By contrast, G.H.W. Bush was ridiculed for not knowing about barcode scanners

      “Smartest woman” my a**

  7. chuck725 says:

    Yes you have! Agreed!

  8. Tel says:

    They can’t even be bothered pretending any more.

  9. Libsarenavelint says:

    I used to use the moniker Libsarepondscum until I realized that pond scum may actually serve a useful purpose.

  10. ralphcramdo says:

    30,000 emails was reported by local Fox news.

  11. gator69 says:

    It is being reported on FOX that even Slick Willie says he had no idea that Hillary was running all of her State Department business on his server.

    I think Willie is hoping for jail time, so he can enjoy a new intern.

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