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God Is Watching Us

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The Arrival Of Spring

John Denver was born in Roswell, and died in a UFO. Springtime always makes me think of Annie’s Song

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What Would Edward Abbey Have Said?

Edward Abbey was a radical environmentalist author who had a lot of influence on me as a youth. Like me, he fought hard for protection of wilderness and wildlife habitat. He wrote fictional books about blowing up green energy projects … Continue reading

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Reaching The Legal Thinking Age

Next month will mark 21 years since I shot my television. My quality of life vastly improved when I got rid of that piece of shit. “Listen lady, if I saw a TV out here I’d get out my cannon … Continue reading

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Experts Predict 1000 feet Of Beach Loss In The Next Nine Months

Here is a classic from 1986. Experts were certain of one foot of sea level rise by 2016, and 1,000 feet of beach loss.  SIGNIFIGANT RISE IN SEA LEVEL NOW SEEMS CERTAIN – NYTimes.com The beach at Fort Lauderdale is … Continue reading

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Engineers Have No Tolerance For Bullshit

Odds are you have a very fast Intel microprocessor in your computer. One of the main reasons Intel processors are so fast is because they have a very fast bus, called the QPI bus – which handles all the communication … Continue reading

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An Honest Liar

Before Merchants of Doubt, the E-Street theater had a trailer for another movie about a magician, with this great line : No matter how smart you are or how educated you are, you can be fooled. An Honest Liar Randi … Continue reading

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